Sunday, 20 March 2016

Married Life

Cooking with wife. Yup seriously. Since both of us quite competent with our kitchen skills, each of us had our task. And we completed all this in 2 hours. (after shopping the goods at Mydin Kajang of course)

I had a very busy schedule throughout last fortnight.
Marriage life + my work which is now about handing over our Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) portion to the Main-Con for the ID guys to come in and takeover.
And since it's a Hotel's project, the stress is tripled.

The Main-Con pulled off a Cao-Cao "borrow your head" tactic to my company last week, simply for forcing us to increase manpower.

Out of a sudden, the Main-Con issued a memo asking me to be removed from the Project, and pass the words to our Consultants/Clients and my boss of course.

And a panic meeting was held to discuss all issues related to our work.

Actually during the site walk, the Korean boss who issued the memo, blink his eyes coyfully to me when he mentioned to remove me from the site in front of all the bosses.

That's when I knew what his intention is.

His intention is merely to force our Company to increase manpower, and using the issue to remove me, as an advantage to force my Company into some sort of "submission".

But my boss was quite clever that he pulled off a few tricks, and a very confident presentation, that causes "win-win" situation to all parties.

And I still remain in the project.

And today, Sunday, I have to go to work. After I finished writing this entry.

What I meant by "Cao-Cao borrow your head" tactic can be explained here.

Human Head for a Loan
Cao Cao was engaged in a prolonged campaign, and there was a shortage of food. He asked the commissary what to do. The latter suggested that the food ration be cut by using a smaller measure so that the existing supply could last long enough until new supplies arrived. Cao Cao agreed.

Soon there was much complaint in the army. The soldiers accused Cao Cao of cheating them out of their food. The atmosphere was mutinous. Cao Cao summoned the commissary.

“I want to borrow something from you,” he told the man.

“What do you want?”

“Your head.”

“But I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“True. But if I don’t put you to death, there will be a mutiny. I’ll take good care of your family after your death.”

The commissary was executed.

Cao Cao told his soldiers, “The man stole grain and used a smaller measure for your food ration. But supplies are coming. Please be patient.”

The soldiers accepted his explanation and a potential crisis was averted."

Anyhow business/ construction/ working world is cruel. 
All you can do is taking new perspective to things. 
And understand things.
Because if you know the reasons and the intentions, 
You can plan wisefully.
I might have resigned under pressure, but luckily I didn't. 

I guess mental toughness required by those army Commandos is actually to stay positive despite all shitty things that might get you killed, in order for you to carry out the job.

Life is shit but you don't make yourself shitty.

 Morrissey - Jack The Ripper
Even though the lyrics is about murder, but I think the words perfectly captures my mood about this marriage...