Sunday, 17 April 2016


You might notice that I seldom blog in nowadays.

I'm fighting my wars on few fronts.

I'm off from work today because I couldn't move.
Dear doctor gave some muscle relaxant pills.
I might be off tomorrow of the intense pain.

One good thing about not blogging is learning not to be too vocal.

I sometimes wrote in this blog about "Enjoy the silence".
 A recurring theme in this blog.
Yesterday at work, 2 things happened.

1st, an Assistant Mech Manager of the Korean Main-Con argued with my boss over some scope of work.
The problem is, which is the most irritating fact is,
this Korean guy didn't study the Contract,
and simply making assumptions.
Although engineers are prone to making assumptions,
but one must know that
ASSUME means
making an ASS out of U and ME.

Because of his senior position, his argument ends with "I don't know, I don't care" 
and it looks irritatingly silly.

Study. Read and Learn before you want to be vocal.

The problem of people nowadays, 
they didn't put much effort
Learning and Studying
they depend too much on asking and arguing.

I've seen this in Social Media
and frighteningly
at my work place.

Everybody want to speak.
Everybody thinks its their freedom of speech.
In the end,
it is just
chicken noises.

For engineers, especially young ones.
Keep your mouth shut often. 
Study and Learn first.
Read documents and study drawings.
 You will see old Engineers
like that Korean guy
who simply assume things
and making an ass out of himself.

2nd thing, a worker of mine got into shit
when he posted this photo
on his Facebook.
Because he didn't get his salary.
Apparently his boss, which is my Sub-con,
throw him out of the Project.
It is silly.

But silly things happen,
when people got emotional.

Whether about the world,
about Malaysian politics
about Zakir Naik,
about whatsoever and whomsoever.
Try your best
not to be vocal
when you are emotional.
Even professional people,
engineers and lawyers,
look silly sometimes.

A photo of Pelton Wheel 
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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Royal Thailand Marine Recon

Royal Thailand Marine Recon | World's Deadliest Special Elite Forces | Military Documentary Channel 

In the previous post, I told u guys I was about to resign.

My boss told me, not to give up as he wasn't giving up on the team yet.

And so, I go on.

No, there was no talk about increase salary, getting petty cash, allowance to compensate.

There was no compensation.

The work is just about us completing the Project.

Just persevere, my boss told me.

People will say i'm stupid.

The video above, is what I'm trying to be and feel.

On not giving up.

My wife's getting a job herself, since I could not be with her on holidays.

Life is shit. But living is about tolerating those shit.

Friday, 1 April 2016



I had a serious fight with the Korean Main Contractor last Thursday.

Despite executing my job, I was ashamed in the meeting in front of Clients and Consultants, whereas the Korean Manager and his assistant, complaint that we delayed in doing a coring job (basically making holes for pipes to punch thru floors).

Basically the Korean Manager threw paper to my face losing his emotion.

I replied in a dumb-looking face and said “ Well sir, we already marked on site all the points, and we sent inspection forms on 22 february but nothing was coming from your side, no inspections arranged and we waiting for approval before proceeding”

He threw a tantrum in front of the Consultants and Clients, thinking my reply is shaming him, and instruct his Assistant Manager to check with me the “marked points” on site right away. He basically told everyone that I lied just to save my ass.

Well, that 6pm, I went with the Korean Assistant Manager.

I showed him all the marked points, took pictures in Whatsapp and forward it to the Whatsapp groups.

Basically I screamed back at the Korean Assistant Manager when I showed him the points because I was really pissed off.

“Why you simply say things without checking?”

We had an argument up there at site, when we realised, there’s nobody there at site at that time. It was 6.30pm.

Suddenly he looked frightened. I guess he realised if I lost my logic, I might do something to him then.

Some fight, some accident, some killing incident might have happen.

Both of us quickly went down.

In the driveway, it was raining. both of us sat in the concrete kerbs,

He asks me why I lost my mind. It was a job, for God’s sake.

I told him I give 100 percent to this project and yet I’m treated like an asshole. We did our job.

He told me it’s a job. What he meant is that since it’s a job, you shouldn’t expect compliment if you did good. If you did bad, you’ll be screwed.

I told him I don’t expect thank you words or those compliment shit. But if you screwed people like this, people are people, even animals bite back if you try to screw it.

Then I look into his stupid eyes and realised something.

This Korean guy is trapped in a corporate world mentality. No wonder this guy, despite older than me, doesn’t know much shit about Mechanical. He doesn’t bother to learn. He just executes and get paid. If blamed, point others.

Koreans are different than Japanese because in Korea, the conglomerate companies rules. 

All the small medium companies (SME’s) are swollen up by these conglomerates as subsidiaries companies.

These results in the workers being in a huge hierarchy.

The Koreans would rather kill themselves in suicide than resigning because if they resign, their names will be blacklist among the conglomerates subsidiaries. 

That’s why you will hear stories about abuse and bullying in Korean companies.

In Japanese, due to Just In Time culture, the relationship is vendor-big companies. The Big Companies will sub or buy parts from vendors / sub-contractors. But there are conglomerates in Japan, and more and more workers in Japan everyday behaving and getting mentally trapped in a big-conglomerate-hierarchy system.

The problem is, when this happens, you are valued as numbers.

Nothing but numbers.

Honestly, I wrote this post after typing and printing my resignation letter. But I guess I will discuss with my boss first before doing anything.

(Life preferred to stronger)
When (wings gather at the site)
In the mirror of eternity
Different colors different (lives)

And we're never gonna find the answer in a normal way
Staring at the walls of life, soon they will decay
Is our life just decadence or selfish style
Are we just numbers in a forgotten file?