Saturday, 30 May 2015

be honest

Understanding Chinese Business Behaviour: A study and interpretation of the Three Kingdoms novel

A lot of Chinese wisdom and philosophies were based on this Chinese novel : Romance of Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong , which describes in great length the Three Kingdoms era, when warlords fought for supremacy in China.

The Three Kingdoms period is the bloodiest period in Chinese history, even is considered the second bloodiest period in mankind after World War 2.

There’s the 2010 film version of the novel.

I personally recommend learning this Chinese philosophy.

Europe only grasp some of this war philosophy much later by Machivellian book The Prince.

Religion, riches, technology, political system is much better but still we shed bloods in battefield.

Result is important, words don’t matter.

And humans are born competitive. We should be, if we were to survive in nature.

I personally feel this kind of philosophy is more honest than religious and political preaches I read.

People preach and preach, but in the end, man in the higher echelons will use power, guns and suppression to make others obey. Let’s not deny it.

walls of confinement

Before my eyes I see a wall
Twelve thousand miles high
And the same amount wide

Within that wall are faces of people
To whom I once could relate

Now communicating seems hard
When there's an ego barrier to break through

Opinions of self opinion cloud a new horizon
The vision a mere illusion

Biased in conclusion, trapped in seclusion
To the outside, exclusion

When an attitude is so biased
What can you expect to change?

Banging your head
But the wall's not moving
It's enclosing

Burning so much energy
Enthusiasm burning
Is change the real obsession?

Or with a sense of pretension
Do you merely strive
For credible attention? 


My country, Malaysia,and most of its people are now gossiping and whispering about recent loss of 42 Billion Malaysia Ringgit (11.48 Billion USD). This tune fits perfectly with this sentiment.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

the best advice this week

From December 2014 up until now 16 May 2015, it's been 5 months I've been a Project Manager for a construction project.

As I lay down in my bed this afternoon, down with flu, I reflected on my experience and realised two main lessons to be learnt.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

From Great Heights

Just sharing with you guys, my views from such great heights at my site today during internal site check for installations.

Somewhere in KL.

Simple Note : there's a certain Shaqeem Shuhaimi who used the same ID firdaus9898 for his
I wonder why the hell there's a need to use the name firdaus when you have a different full name?
Only God knows.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Follow this

Some learning stuff in Internet I share to you guys in this blog.

Note :
the earlier writing of this entry had a lot of grammatical mistakes.

i felt like bird shit had been glued to my face.

the earlier writing was done in one shot.

oh hell whatever nevermind 

I took Internal Combustion Engine course in my Uni days

ICE course stuff
I = Internal
C = Combustion
E = Engine

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Saturday, 2 May 2015


To be honest, I cried today while reading Yotsubato.

Yotsuba is a 5 year old orphan, living with his adoptive father, and this manga are just about simple life she lead with her neighbours, grandma, etc.

I understand now, what Azuma Kiyohiko tries to portray, is that there are happiness in just simple things in life.

I cried at the moment when Grandma soothes Yotsuba's hair (photo above), 
it was that exact moment when I realised how blessed my life is.

Those who knew me personally, knew some details about my life which I'm not sharing here.

You might cry over heart-breaks, empty life, short of money, and infinite number of other shits.

But, truly, happiness is there in your life, in whatever minute particles, whatever occupied space, it's there. 
It's only whether you sees it, or too pre-occupied to realise it.

Thank you to all, whoever you are for making mine a simple blessed life.

Pharell Williams - Happy

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Friday, 1 May 2015

ok ok it's holiday isn't it?

Note :First things first, this is preachy religious stuff. 
If you don't like it, then sorry, I couldn't help much.

Now rock is rock, metal is metal, fun is fun. and it's holiday.

Just a reminder to my own bloody self, since I am the greatest reader and follower of this blog.

Since it's holiday, and further more, how fortunate it is to have a holiday on Friday,

so you should................

go to Subuh congregation prayers on Friday

Normal practice that I know of is, on Friday morning prayers, usually the Imam, (the commanding figure to lead the prayer) will recite Surah As-Sajdah and perform the Sajdah-verse-prostration (Sujud Tilawah or some call it Sujud Sajdah but since Sajdah means prostration I prefr the term Sujud Tilawah since you prostrate due to "Tilawah" = reading, in this case reading the Sajdah verse)


Try your best on this holidays for prayer congregation (Solat Jemaah) on your holidays.
Since normal working days are hectic and full of busyness.

Ok that's all. Preachy stuff should be kept simple.