Thursday, 22 June 2017

cold forgiveness

Albrecht Dürer - Praying Hands, 1508
Source : Wikipedia

I ask for forgiveness to everyone reading this. Happy Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin.

For this year's Raya, my wife and I will be travelling south.

Wish you guys luck and happiness.

Yeah, I want to travel south this year
Won't prevent safe passage here

Why you act crazy
Not an act maybe
So close a lady
Shifty eyes shady

Tears that soak a callous heart

Why you act frightened?
I am enlightened
Your weakness builds me
So someday you'll see

I stay away

Why you act crazy
Not an act maybe
So close a lady
Shifty eyes shady

I stay away

Sunday, 18 June 2017

fire woods

William Simpson - Charge of the Light Brigade,1895
Source : Wikipedia

Malaysia 1MDB

First of all, I'm not pro or against any political parties, neither against or pro to those in power in Malaysia now.

The US Department of Justice made a second press statement on 15 June 2017.

Now, at that time, there were few comedic political issues which I think, were caused by the Malaysian government politician themselves, shooting themselves in the foot....Felda Global Ventures spat between Isa Samad and his appointed CEO, and the fiasco between Nazri Aziz with the ministers from Sarawak.

But what I see, Malaysia Today (a pro-Government blog) made more blog entry about US DOJ issue more than those 2 issues. And my intuition (hati kecil in Malay language) made me question, why with all these defensive measures, if it wasn't true?

If the issue of 1MDB is like what the pro-Government wants us to believe, ie. US DOJ is just doing an investigation based on an allegation which is still not conclusive,

then their Media advisers and pro-Government guys will just "play down" the issue. But instead, I think, their defence only heightens the exposure.

Maybe they want to defend, but in the same they want to indirectly ask those who are involved to "come clean".

That's what I think after reading all the news, entries, and the slots at TV3 Buletin Utama. If it was "nothing", then too much hype over "nothing" might cause citizens like me to wonder "why?".

And at this moment, I do pity RPK and his daughter Sara, and all those people of the so-called clever Boffin Boys, because they did their best, but in the end, the politicians they supported, keep shitting in their pants, and these Boffin Boys had to clean their mess.

What a pity it is, being that clever and that good, and to do so much good, but in the end, are as dispensible as fire woods.

Islamic posting in FB 

I was sickened to the core when I read the following in Facebook.

"Ustaz Sampah, bagi kuliah pun macam sampah. Fitnah dah jadi benda yg disukai. Baik dia bagi pencerahan pd orang hadir tu bab Hudud, ruu35 sebab ramai lagi yang masih kabur atau tak tahu especially Hudud"

The comment from someone who criticised someone about religion stuff., because the latter criticised someone from Islamic political party who commented on religious stuff.

These things happen, I think, because of politics.

But the fire between those who are knowledgable about Islam. usually are made more rapid and wide by those "fire woods", aka, the supporters.

And then they wonder why people like me sometimes couldn't see the beauty of Islam. The beauty is sometimes obscured by the fires made more glittering and more hotness by these fire woods.

These fire woods thought they are doing something good. 

But I think, in the end, everybody is at loss.

Yet the fire rages.

Richard Caton Woodville, Jr - Charge of the Light Brigade,1894
Source : Wikipedia

This song was written based on the "Charge of The Light Brigade" of the British light cavalry led by against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava on 25 October 1854. The assault ended with very high British casualties and no decisive gains.

You'll take my life but I'll take yours too
You'll fire your musket but I'll run you through
So when you're waiting for the next attack
You'd better stand there's no turning back.

The Bugle sounds and the charge begins
But on this battlefield no one wins
The smell of acrid smoke and horses breath
As I plunge on into certain death.

The horse he sweats with fear we break to run
The mighty roar of the Russian guns
And as we race towards the human wall
The screams of pain as my comrades fall.

We hurdle bodies that lay on the ground
And the Russians fire another round
We get so near yet so far away
We won't live to fight another day.

We get so close near enough to fight
When a Russian gets me in his sights
He pulls the trigger and I feel the blow
A burst of rounds take my horse below.

And as I lay there gazing at the sky
My body's numb and my throat is dry
And as I lay forgotten and alone
Without a tear I draw my parting groan.

Below is the famous poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson about the Charge of the Light Brigade

Half a league, half a league, 
Half a league onward, 
All in the valley of Death 
Rode the six hundred. 
“Forward, the Light Brigade! 
Charge for the guns!” he said. 
Into the valley of Death 
Rode the six hundred. 


“Forward, the Light Brigade!” 
Was there a man dismayed? 
Not though the soldier knew 
Someone had blundered. 
Theirs not to make reply, 
Theirs not to reason why, 
Theirs but to do and die. 
Into the valley of Death 
Rode the six hundred. 

Cannon to right of them, 
Cannon to left of them, 
Cannon in front of them 
Volleyed and thundered; 
Stormed at with shot and shell, 
Boldly they rode and well, 
Into the jaws of Death, 
Into the mouth of hell 
Rode the six hundred. 

Flashed all their sabres bare, 
Flashed as they turned in air 
Sabring the gunners there, 
Charging an army, while 
All the world wondered. 
Plunged in the battery-smoke 
Right through the line they broke; 
Cossack and Russian 
Reeled from the sabre stroke 
Shattered and sundered. 
Then they rode back, but not 
Not the six hundred. 

Cannon to right of them, 
Cannon to left of them, 
Cannon behind them 
Volleyed and thundered; 
Stormed at with shot and shell, 
While horse and hero fell. 
They that had fought so well 
Came through the jaws of Death, 
Back from the mouth of hell, 
All that was left of them, 
Left of six hundred. 

When can their glory fade? 
O the wild charge they made! 
All the world wondered. 
Honour the charge they made! 
Honour the Light Brigade, 
Noble six hundred!

Richard Caton Woodville, Jr - Charge of the Light Brigade,1894
Source : Wikipedia

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Grenfell tower and some stories

(this was actually from my Facebook post, but with addition)

There were so many incidents in Malaysia and the world.

Malaysian stories involves some artist and their infidelity and affairs, FGV, Harumanis mangoes that were said to be burnt by farmers, the world's on fire with Saudi-Qatar disputes,Trump and his surprising words, in all which I never commented because I don't want to be trendy, hipstery, political.

I knew nothing about farming mangoes except HayDay, and I don't want to be a smart-ass commenting on world politics, and Trump..ok no comment.

One thing though, the Grenfell Towers fire.

(and below is the translation of  posting, originally in Malay language

Since I was involved in fire fighting services installation, this news is something.

A 23-storey building on fire at midnight around 1am local time. The building was constructed and completed on 1974. As per the time of writing, 12 were confirmed killed.

A little background story on Grenfell Tower
Grenfell Tower is situated nearby Notting Hill, which is an exclusive place in Greater London.

This area and the actual flat was seen in the popular movie Notting Hill starring Hugh Grant/Julia Roberts. There were few luxury flat nearby, hence the idea of installing building cladding which is speculated to be the reason why the fire spread quite fast.

Recently in Iran pun a similar incident happened, Plasco Building, 17 storey. Due to the fire, the building actually collapsed, killing 20 firemen working to stop the fire.

BS9251 Sprinkler Systems for residential and domestic occupancies.…/2011/09/BS%209251-2005.pdf 

However, I believe that this Standard came out around 2005, but I might be mistaken on this. 

BS5839 Part 6 : Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings - Code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and fire alarm systems in domestic premises
BS5389 came out around 1995.

Grenfell Towers were not built with sprinklers and fire alarms during its 1974 completion.

Before BS Standard came out, contractors refer to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association, US based), FM (Factory Mutual) and LPC (Loss Prevention Council) for standard of sprinkler installation in residential. 

USA, by its active body NFPA, released standard NFPA13 (Sprinkler on Residential) on 1975 by a report made in 1973 which stated that about 8000 people died annually in USA due to structural fire.

UK and Ireland, before the release of BS Standard 9251 and 5839, referred to Building Regulations (England and Wales) which were then lead to the formation of  Loss Prevention Council (LPC) which later went on to develop a certification body called the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) on 1984. 

The FOC technical documents became Loss Prevention Council rules and standards, and the approval schemes became Loss Prevention Standards (LPS).


Malaysia also have their own Building Standard in the form of Malaysian Uniform Building By Law. UBBL 1984 latest revision (the latest revision I have with me is 2013, but I believe there is later revision recently), which latest revision deals with scope of installation in service apartments, as current construction market favour mixed development type of building.

Camille Pissarro : The Boulevard Montmartre at Night, 1897
Source : Wikipedia

A story

Reflecting back, somewhere on 2009, I proposed to do a Master by Research di UM about building services, but I was told by a lecturer at Engineering Faculty UM, that if I were to proceed with the topic, I would have to go to a different faculty, Fakulti Alam Bina.(Faculty of Built Environment)

Since I knew no one in Alam Bina and it had to take time then to get a supervisor, I just drop the whole idea. Anyhow there is a paper I found in Net about Malaysian Fire Safety on PHD level. (link below).

One of the suggestion the Engineering Faculty lecturer did was to change the Research topic, which I was asked to do a research about energy efficiency untuk refrigerators.

I was sceptical as Malaysia is not a refrigerator-maker country.I did not see the rational behind his suggestion and thought of it being silly.

Refrigerator Exports by CountryBelow are the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of refrigerators during 2015:

  1. China: US$7.9 billion (19.8% of total refrigerator exports)
  2. Mexico: $4.7 billion (11.7%)
  3. Italy: $3 billion (7.5%)
  4. United States: $2.9 billion (7.3%)
  5. South Korea: $2.7 billion (6.7%)
  6. Germany: $2.2 billion (5.5%)
  7. Thailand: $1.8 billion (4.6%)
  8. Turkey: $1.7 billion (4.3%)
  9. France: $1.4 billion (3.6%)
  10. Poland: $1.2 billion (3.0%)
  11. Singapore: $743.9 million (1.9%)
  12. Austria: $724.2 million (1.8%)
  13. Sweden: $561.8 million (1.41%)
  14. Netherlands: $546.3 million (1.37%)
  15. Japan: $516.5 million (1.3%)
 Among the above countries, the fastest-growing refrigerator exporters were: Poland (up 44.7% since 2011), China (up 19.1%), Mexico (up 14.5%) as well as Thailand and the United States (each up 4.6%).

Thailand? Yeah Thailand produces lots of refrigerators.

However, on 2015, Malaysia by Suruhanjaya Tenaga released MS2574 : Minimum Energy Performance Standard for Refrigerators, and so I was wrong about it after all.

Somemore, the initial report on Grenfell Tower incident mentioned that the source of the fire might be from an exploding refrigerators.

Oh my.

Camille Pissarro : The Boulevard Montmartre at Morning, Cloudy Weather, 1897

Another story

I ask you guys to read on the comments section of each entry.

Ar. Badrul Hisham is not only a practising Architect, but also a Lecturer, and so he has a tendency to explain things, and I think he is a person with good honest intent to share and explain things.

But look at the comments. Some asks for free consultations, which is actually highly charged in the market, some asked stupid questions that shows they are not really in construction industry.

Worse, some asked where they can get a copy of UBBL, which should not be asked at all.

Imagine you go to your lecture, and then asking your lecture, "which shop can I get those book from?"

The question does not give respect to the one questioned.

You have to understand that this person shared for FREE the knowledge which came from skill and practice that cost years of hardwork, and in real life, people would actually charge with a high price for a consultation.

But this guy did it free, and I guess he felt honest about sharing it, and by writing it in his blog, will somehow became notes for him to remind of so and so.

The problem is people don't appreciate free things.

I remembered one time when I was asked by someone on some technical issues. I just answer to my best knowledge, and guess what?

This guy used my answer to screw other guys, and if I didn't tell him, he wouldn't be the smart-ass he was, when he screwed the other guys.

Camille Pissarro : The Boulevard Montmartre, 1897

Don't become info-bit**

Sorry if my writing here is vulgar. But when thinking of this jerks, one couldn't help themselves from feeling vulgar and miserable.

I have some friends from the old days, whom turn out to be jokers in social media.

These people thought, one of the best ways to learn things is by asking and debating.

Their modus operandi is simple. They will heighten your emotions by psychological "soft-bullying" and in turn, your rage drive your passion to delve, learn and note on the "knowledge" so you can present it to shoot them back.

The problem is, somehow you end up became their info-bit**. It is because you give time and effort to scour for knowledge, but they just read on what you present to them.

It is easy on their part because they learn things effortlessly, only by playing on emotion.

That is why, I hate debates because one way or the other, someone will open books, sometimes holy books and end-up as info-bit**. Stupid game.

You see, knowledge takes years, efforts, experience of mistakes and good ones, and you gave it all away like giving flowers to monkeys just because of heightened emotions.

I did block some of my best friends from the old days due to this. No regret.

NEWS (notable events, weather, sports?)

My answer to all this is easy. If you have something good, and you felt like sharing it, treat it as if you are a newscaster on TV reading news.

You never allow the feedback, even though it is nice sometimes to have good warm comments, but from years of reading social media content, I feel much more content presenting whatever I write here like a newscaster on TV reading news.

If the content is good to them, they feel good about it, but I don't need to know, my concern is just that I just finished updating/writing to my best knowledge.

If the content bores them, they can just flip the channels.

Nirvana - Very Ape

I am buried up to my neck in
Contradictionary flies
I take pride as the king of illiterature
I'm very ape and very nice

If you ever need anything please don't
Hesitate to ask someone else first
I'm too busy acting like I'm not naive
I've seen it all, I was here first

Out of the ground
Into the sky
Out of the sky
Into the dirt

If you ever need anything please don't
Hesitate to ask someone else first
I'm too busy acting like I'm not naive
I've seen it all, I was here first

Sunday, 11 June 2017

one day you'll walk alone

Portrait of Young Woman with Unicorn - Raphael - 1505 or 1506
Source : Wikipedia

This drawing came out after Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Unicorn in images meant chastity and purity, as it is said that unicorns can only be captured by virgins.

However it was revealed by radiography in 1959 that actually Raphael drawn a dog, a symbol of infidelity, ie "being a bitch", but later Raphael altered the drawing to be unicorn.

Might be that the lady was holding a dog during painting, ie. honest mistake, but we will never know.

Sistine Chapel ceiling drawing by Michaelangelo

I had the idea of this writing last week, when my wife and I visited my parent-in-laws. whom taking childcare responsibility of my cute niece Sabrina and his beautiful baby sister, Chayra (pronounced as Khairah), as both Sabrina's parents are busy at work. By the time they got back from work, they were quite tired, but they are assured with Sabrina and Chayra being well fed and groomed.

I didn't post any recent photos of Sabrina and Chayra as I don't want their parents to become disturbed.


I realised that Sabrina is not just envy of her sister, but also kinda despise her baby sister a bit.

I always saw that Sabrina likes to squeeze her baby sister hands a bit too rough, sometimes when taking photo her smiles looks fake, I knew that Sabrina is confused as she do love her baby sister.

The reason of this? Attention.

And Sabrina is naughtier, but her naughty-ness is more rough nowadays. Even her grandfather, whom always favours her and was patient with her tantrum, nowadays acts more stern towards Sabrina.

And that makes her more hateful of the situation I guess.

I noticed all of that, but I didn't really think much of it.

It was only when I heard Sabrina with her finger pointing towards her babysister Chayra, said this to her tired mom :-

"Mak, tu si gemuk dah bangun!" (Mom, the fatty kid has woke up).

Chayra is just three months old.

Sistine Chapel ceiling drawing explanations

Hopefully my wife and I will have kids of our own soon.

I hope, one day I will be able to teach my kid/kids of these words.

"One day, you'll walk alone".

And I hope they will understand and not feel abandoned. I hope they can still stand up straight proud of themselves.

But then, maybe they will probably feel like Naruto, the character in Naruto comics.

They will cry and feel desolate at times. But if I am there, I would like to say "hold on buddy, that's life".

Cardinal and Theological Virtues by Raphael, a fresco at the wall of Stanzae Vatican, Vatican City, 1511

Ignorance is bliss

Quite recently. I sent emails to few people I knew online on certain matters and interest. Somehow I never get a reply back.

Then I realised, I didn't felt irritated or disturb. It felt light.

If it happened 10 years ago, I must have thrown stupid tantrums over it, and I realised it was all because of insecurity.

Now, being married, for sure, the insecurity level is different compared to when I was single.
And getting old also might make one more mature.

By then, I guess that those who didn't reply, have their own thing and we just crossed paths, but never interweave. And you gotta respect that.

When you are denied attention, yes you might be wondering why, but at my age, I would advice not to think much about it.

First, there are other major and pressing things in life that need that brain power.

And, as the Raphael's fresco "Cardinal and Theological Virtues" as you see above there suggest, there is a higher purpose of things in life.

When you think of it, you'll tend to ignore most gossips and idle talks, or small things in life, or, rather work with what you have rather than bitching about what you don't have.

So one idea to let yourself, to be able to walk alone one day, is to look things in a bigger perspective, to look at your life as if you're on top of a hill on a city, where all those cars, people and noises look small.

Religiously, if you somehow are able to treat your life as a traveller in a desert, religiously it felt like being closer to God. If you're an atheist, you might disagree to this statement, and it is your own right.

The School of Athens by Raphael,  a fresco at the wall of Stanzae Vatican, Vatican City, 1511

School of life in desolation

I would like to tell my kid/kids, that most first steps in life, are those steps where you have to walk alone.

I remembered on the day I took off to Dubai for my first job. I was on the plane alone.

Most of the mega beautiful things that I saw and experience is when I was alone.

I guess everybody living in this revolving earth experience loneliness as much as I did, like a traveller on a Lonely Planet.


I think one of the best thing a dad could offer to his 3-4 year old kid, when they ran happily and suddenly stumble and fell down, is;

To tell the child to relax, not to cry and try to get back on their two feet back standing proud.

It is because everybody falls, whether you're young or old, naive or gifted, everybody falls but what matters is the standing back again after the fall.

And after that, to be able to do that, alone.

Death of Ananias, drawing by Raphael, 1515

Attention and Disconnect

The problem nowadays and might be of the future to come is, attention becomes more like a drug to people.

I've seen recently in my FB, a former colleague "liked" few posts, of a bereaved mother being sad over her dead baby.

There were a some post from the same person, that somehow I start wondering, "shouldn't death be a private thing?"

She might got her own reasons, maybe she didn't have a reason ie. didn't think much of it, just simply post whatever she felt heavily at that time.

But then seeing her dead baby wrapped in cloth, with thousands of people watching, giving sympathy FB likes, and commenting with prayers...

I don't know the "cure" to this "addiction", and it is tragic somehow, to realise that actually, one day, you will die and be forgotten yourself.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

- In Flanders Field by John McCrae

Megadeth - Addicted to Chaos

Only yesterday they told me you were gone
All these normal people will I find another one?
Monkey on my back, aching in my bones
I forgot you said "One day you'll walk alone"

I said I need you, does that make me wrong?
Am I a weak man, are you feeling strong?
My heart was blackened, it's bloody red
A hole in my heart, a hole in my head?

Who will help me up?
Where's the helping hand?
Will you turn on me?
Is this my final stand?

In a dream I connot see
Tangled abstract fallacy
Random turmoil builds in me
I'm addicted to chaos

Light shined on my path,
Turn bad days into good
Turn breakdowns into blocks, 
I smashed 'em cause I could
My brain was labored, my head would spin
Don't let me down, don't give up, don't give in

The rain comes down, cold wind blows
The plans we made are back up on the road
Turn up my collar, welcome the unknown
Remember that you said
"One day you'll walk alone"

Who will help me up?
Where's the helping hand?
Will you turn on me?
Is this my final stand?

In a dream I cannot see
Tangled abstract fallacy
Random turmoil builds in me
I'm addicted to chaos

Note : All photos here, the sources is from Wikipedia and WikiCommons 

Monday, 5 June 2017

Assumptions and conjectures

The Effects of Good Government by Lorenzetti Ambrogio, year 1338
Source : Wikipedia

The Triumph of Death by Pieter Brueghel the Elder , year 1562
Source : Wikipedia

The idea behind this two drawings, is the first is considered from the period of "medieval art" while the latter is from a Renaissance period. One important quality in Renaissance period is about the idea of perspective in drawings.

One good lady in Internet once taught me a good lesson, never assume things, because ASSUME is making an ASS out of U and ME.

Back then, I guess I was quite an idiot before I got married. 

After I got married, I guess the illusion of becoming wiser comes from restraining your speech and ideas most of the time, the "enjoy your silence" theme,  You become wiser if you don't show much of your stupidity. As in the new urban Malays proverb, "Bodoh tu simpan sikit, esok hari nak pakai."  
(Don't spend/keep your stupidity to your self because you might need it in the future, yup it is sarcastic remark).

How to look clever and progressive : by showing how other people look stupid

Nowadays there's a lot of so called "liberal" Malays who like to shoot other Malays down. 

And their favourite topic?  Religion of course.

First of all, before this, I am guilty as hell as these people, only that nowadays I no longer shoot and criticise Malays because I realised, by the end of the day, it's all nothing but stereotypes.

Every race, every people, every village have their own comical idiots.

Malays were dupes of scams, well recently we found out Chinese were gullible too of JJPTR and other rich scams.

And these liberal Malays sometimes have itchy fingers on Islamic religion, saying that nowadays the Islamic implementation is too Arabic, let's go back to year 1950's and 1960's where the aunties didn't wear tudung/hijab, some drank alcohol, etc.

Then they say nowadays, most of those who seems to be pious in Islam are mostly idiots, as they did do lots of silly stuff.

For me, they always focus their eyesight towards the clowns, but then it is human nature to always look at the bad side of things. It is evolution wired in the mammalian brain.

One good thing for me, I always saw good professional Muslims in real life.

For example, the bilal in my surau is a lawyer. Some of the surau comittee members were practicing architects and accountants. Some of the surau-goers (those who frequently found praying in the surau) were construction contractors, and engineers.

One guy whom I shared room with when I was in Bintulu, always woke up at 4.30am without fail everyday for Tahajud prayer, that was the year 2010, today he's an O&G electrical engineer who worked at the oil rigs at South China Sea every two weeks per month.

Most of the time there will be lecturers in every tabligh group that I found at surau. They did this tabligh things as much as some of you with your hobbies, ie they did it at their free leisure time and their own money.

And one thing about these so called social liberal commenters?

What did you do to improve on those Malays that you inclined to criticise upon?
Most of them did nothing.

 At least, if you want to be critical about Malays, please donate at the least RM10.00 to Dapur Jalanan. Do something good after you talk.

Kepada sesiapa yang mampu and ingin menderma, kami sesungguhnya amat-amat memerlukan. No akaun bank kami ialah 1479-0000917-05-1 CIMB. Di bawah nama SPKL Collective.

Suspicions : acting on conjectures

The video above is about this :-

I remembered stupid things that happened to myself when I was in UM.

I was one hell of a silly forgetful fella who always forget to lock my room when I went out.

The result, things got stolen often in my room, and shit is, my room is  at the ground floor, at the end corner of the building, easy getaway route for people to do quick grab on things and run.

Things happen quite sometime, that somehow people became suspicious of me.

And one time during holiday semester, I got into this college curriculum activity, that one guy who's in the same room with me, lost his handphone due to my silly forgetfulness. He got angry and asks me for money to replace his phone. 

Somehow, I paid him back, and my mother phoned him and say sorry, which somehow makes things look more shit and embarassing to me.

One day, I noticed one room wasn't locked and stupidly, I went inside the room to awake the people inside who were sleeping on 8-9am. It was stupid but I meant good. I really want to wake those people and hell I was stupidly naive.

Shit, they then thought I wanted to steal their shit. 

From then on, I kept a blind eye on unlocked doors because you cannot control people's assumptions, and it's not worth the shit at all.

One good thing about all these shit, is that, all these rejections made me feel uncomfortable with most people in the floor I lived with, and by 2nd semester, I hang around with different group of guys at the other college building that somehow became my friends up to this day.

On my 3rd year, I successfully entered the same residential college at UM, and somehow got the room at the ground floor, and at the end of the building, near the exit routeway out.

I lost my wallet this time, and somehow, the idiot that stole my purse, went to Pusat Asasi Sains UM and stick a photo of mine at one of the bulletin boards.

I didn't knew whether it was hate, or whatever motif why he did that shit.

The ending to these stealing is a stupid tragic story.

One day, I think my classmates and I had a very tough assignment, that somehow we spent nights and days completing the shit, and after submitting that assignment;

I went back to my room, took off my clothes, and wearing only towels with the intention of going to take a bath in the toilet, I relaxed first sitting at the floor of my room playing guitar. 

(It was said that taking a bath just after having heavy activity with those sweat is not good for skin, it's good to cool off first before taking a bath).

I woke up around 11-12 in the midnight that day, with blankets all over my body.

I was told I was found laying naked on the floor and I was too "problematic" to be brought to my bed.

There were no more cases of stolen stuff from our room ever since.

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, year 1486

Friday, 2 June 2017

hypernormalisation of islam in malaysia

Albert Cuyp - Cattle near a River , Source : Wikimedia Commons

This is written after I read of Maryam Lee, Siti Kasim and Farouk A Peru.

First of all,  a dry joke.

You know Adam?" Teddy asked him.
"Do I know who?"
"Adam. In the Bible."
Nicholson smiled. "Not personally," he said dryly.

- Teddy by JD Salinger.

And so of the 3 person I mentioned above, I didn't knew them personally. Other than their views of Islam which I dislike, I think they might be the nicest person in real life. They showed in their social media that they have good intention for wanting good governance in Malaysia. It's only that on their views on Islam which I found extreme dislike. But then some people had extreme dislike to some things in life, for example, of certain music, and it's their taste and their democratic right.

Fruits of Tree planted years ago.

I think what happened is a result of a political fight between two dominant Malay parties back in the 90's. One is the head of the governing coalition, while the other is an Islamist party.

Extremism in the Islamist party, maybe is caused by the extreme oppression by the government back then, fear of Internal Security Act, their ulama's being banned from mosque even for religion talk, Memali incident that happened in the 80's, etc. However, only a few were extreme. Most of them actually became more resolute.

And so, in the 90's, there were a certain movement of Anti-Hadith, some names involved were Kassim Ahmad and Astora Jebat, the latter whom had his Sunday column whacking PAS on Utusan Malaysia newspaper. Astora Jebat then, countering the ulama's, presenting his views on hadith and his own interpretation of Islamic things, which is very misleading from the mainstream understanding of Islam.

And what happened in the name of Maryam Lee, Siti Kasim and Farouk A Peru, are just fruits of this tree.

Why Not?

It is because, one cannot intepret Al Quran alone without referring to Sunnah, or doings and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

If allowed then, I fear of the day.

The day when Muslims prayed on Mosques, like Christians prayed in Church.

They will simply sit and prayed. in the sense of the Malay word Doa.

It is because, in Quran, there is no ayat that describes actually how to perform the solat. and the Arabic word of Solat have the near-equivalence of the Malay word "Doa" in the sense.

Muslims perform Solat as they do now, because of the Sunnah, ie following what the Prophet did, 
The Sahaba saw how the Prophet prayed and they did the same, hence the traditions follows.

Then along the way, some Ulama's wrote based on Sunnah how they prayed. hence the books and kitab that followed.

The ayat in Quran is more of instructing to Solat. And the need to Solat with Sabar (patience) and so on.


The problem with Anti Hadith, for me, is indirectly they are causing hypernormalisation of Islam.

What I meant of hypernormalisation of Islam in Malaysia is, creating a pressure to re-interpret Islam as so to suit the Non-Muslims fear to Islam.

It is because of ISIS, and extremism of Islam found everywhere in the world, that strike fear to everyone, Muslims included.

Maryam Lee recently made a FB sharing of Samina Ali, that champions Quraish Shihab's view that there's no need for Muslim women to wear tudung or hijab. It is not aurat.

This view is actually due to not referring Hadith and only interpreting Quran using logic of Arabic words, and disregarding the context of the ayat with the surrounding and the people's background when the ayat was revealed. The study of Hadith is needed to correctly interpret as per the requirement intended by God/

If you check this people's comments, mostly they get a good and well response from Non-Muslims, more than Muslims.

And somehow it reinforces the prejudice that the current Islamic teachings is wrong and causes the extremity, which is seen in ISIS.

The most sorry thing about this is, it is championed by Muslims of the likes of Maryam Lee, Siti Kasim and Farouk A Peru. What a pity.

Most Hindu's in Malaysia got mad at Dr. Asri of his scathing attacks regarding Zakir Naik issue. And now, we Muslims had to keep quiet watching people looking down on things we believe, simply because it was Muslims who did that and the Non Muslims giving their thumb of approval in the means of "like" in FB and their scathing comments.

What should I feel then?

Tell me now, how should I feel?

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