Sunday, 31 July 2016

Listening to Understand Crisis by Max Seigel

from Max Seigel : Know What Makes Them Tick

Mahathir, Phone Bugging and Fresh Water Tanks

If you read between the lines,
and interpret very carefully the articles,

you would have realised that someone did bug the phone line of Tun M.

Examples of use

  • Someone should be clever and pretend, like what Sima Yi did, and deal with the bloody traitors that leaked the info. \

Someone should have checked the cybersecurity of infos going in and out.

And screen out personnels.

This RPK guy thinks he's very clever.
But then,
that's why becoming political tool (either pro government or pro opposition) will one day made you look stupid.

The blunder of RPK is that he talked too much.

Talking too much. And leaking out details.

I remembered one story regarding the World War 2, the battle of Midway.

The US at that time already broke the communication code of the Japanese Army.

And they were certain that the Japs are planning an offensive somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (this happens some time after Pearl Harbor).

The US knew the target was an island which was given the code "AF" by the Japanese.

US then analysed the map, and suspected that AF was the island Midway.

But they could not be certain.

So US concoct a clever plan.

They knew the Japs was also listening to their radio communication.

And so the US transmitted an info, mentioning that that Fresh Water Tanks are to be ordered as Midway had no natural water supply.

The US listened after transmitting it.

2 days later, US listened to a Japanese radio communication saying "AF has no water"

Then the US was certain.

They prepared and they won the Battle of Midway, as 4 Japanese carriers  sunk after air attack by the US.

The above story is at 22 minutes 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

life today - 26 July 2016

Photos : Cooling Tower Works

Photos : Cleaning works for FRP Water Tank Plinth

Sunday, 17 July 2016

my heartbreak today

Heartbroken watching this.

The full video of other children

That moment after she says "In Hadabah", you can literally see the gears in her mind turn into the realization that her father his gone, she's been forced from her home, and is alone.

For that fleeting second, she feels alone. She feels hopeless. She's too young to understand it, but she's a human being and feels the pain.

The way her smile drops. The way her brow drops and her eyes convey every ounce of pain she's feeling. 

And then someone asks when she last ate. She's at a refugee camp. But suddenly someone, in this evil and unfair world that took her home and her father away, SOMEONE, shows her compassion, and asks about her well being. Someone else cares. And at almost the exact moment she begins to break, compassion finds her again. That smile at the end may be to cover her pain. But I'd like to think it's the exact thing she needed to realize that there's still good in her world.

These are human beings. Little girls losing their fathers and homes. 

All in the name of war, religion, and hatred. Sickening. Absolutely sickening. 

  Géo Michel - La fusée éclairante (the flare), 1915.

Taken from

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Happy Hari Raya 2017 Happy Hoildays

That's my dear wife~

Happy Hari Raya and Happy holidays to Malaysians out there!~

The first Hari Raya (6 July 2016) was spent visiting folks from my family's side.

And today, my wife already starts working.

And I will start working tomorrow.

My project is in the critical stage now hence everybody is chasing for completion.
 Below photos of mock-up corridor area explains the construction stages for Mechanical and Electrical features for a corridor area of a Hotel Project.

Photo 1 : beginning
Photo 2 : middle (ceiling tee)
Photo 3 : completion of ceiling.

Photo 1 : beginning

 Photo 2 : middle (ceiling tee)

 Photo 3 : completion of ceiling, installation of sprinkler rosette, lighting fixtures, HVAC/ACMV grilles/diffusers, etc.

Theme song for this week, the album Axe to Fall is great.

from Wikipedia : -
Axe to Fall is the seventh studio album released by American metalcore band Converge.
It was released on October 20, 2009, through Epitaph Records and was released later on in the year through Deathwish Inc. as a vinyl record. 

The meaning of “dark horse:-
  1. a candidate or competitor about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds."a dark-horse candidate"

Sunday, 3 July 2016

in silence or rapture

Think again before debating or pleading your case with people in Social Media.

Think again before saying others is stupid.

Excerpts from " The Art Of Thinking Clearly", page 201-202 by Rolf Dobelli.

“When people mistake unreliable introspection for genuine self-knowledge, the result can be an illusion of superiority over other people, for example when each person thinks they are less biased and less conformist than the rest of the group. 

Even when experimental subjects are provided with reports of other subjects’ introspections, in as detailed a form as possible, they still rate those other introspections as unreliable while treating their own as reliable”

The phrase "introspection illusion" was coined by Emily Pronin. Pronin describes the illusion as having four components:
  1. People give a strong weighting to introspective evidence when assessing themselves.
  2. They do not give such a strong weight when assessing others.
  3. People disregard their own behavior when assessing themselves (but not others).
  4. Own introspections are more highly weighted than others. It is not just that people lack access to each other's introspections: they regard only their own as reliable." 
Excerpts in italic are from Wikipedia

what are you chasing for in life?

Popularity doesn't pay your bills.

Wanting sympathy from others can be likened to child-like need of appreciation.

Book bought this week after after finished reading "David and Goliath" by Malcolm Gladwell.;

1. "The Art Of Thinking Clearly" by Rolf Dobelli
2. "Think Like An Engineer " by Guru Madhavan

And today I learn a new word : theorycrafting
from this lowyat kopitiam entry :

Cognitive errors, there's lots of them., from cherrypicking to heuristic bias, and others; 

maybe these faults plus our desire to be famous and liked,

leads us to debate, write and argue,

or maybe, like writing in this blog,

ideas and words trying to reason something, but it is just faulty errors.

When I went to bookstores buying the books, I saw a lot of Islamic books of "Sentap Dakwah".

In English means, 

Sentap = provoke
Dakwah = preaching

The authors felt the need to provoke for preaching Islam.

I just sigh my head.

 Last 2012 when I resigned, and when I went unemployed until Sept 2013,

I did thought about going to be a serious writer.

Book-writing or article writing,

But then,

When I start back in the construction business,

I felt the effort is more honest.

It is just more direct.

You work your ass off, and you get paid. 

There's no need to be famous or trying to make people like you whatsoever.

And this blog,

Mostly people who come across just ignore,
Sometimes there are people who read it and gave good reviews and followed you,

And then chatted or emailed or became Facebook friends,


And so,

in the spirit of Hari Raya,

I ask all of you forgiveness.

And I keep repeating this to myself,

This blog is nothing, but just like grafitti writing on walls.

Just something that I do on free time.

Kirsty Hawkshaw ft. Tenishia - Outsiders

Take a look at yourself
as an outsider
do you like what you see
you can't see what your thinking
you can't feel what your feeling
you could be anyone

i feel safe to fall
in silence or rapture

I knew this song when I bought this CD around 2006 when I first started working.

Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance Yearmix 2006