Sunday, 29 June 2014

1 month off

this blog will be off for 1 month.

well wishes to all of you. Take Care

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

think for yourself

I would like the dearest readers of this blog to ponder upon this.

1. I work in construction business. As far as I know, this "hostile architecture" idea has not yet been picked up by Malaysian architects / engineers alike.

2. But I think, sooner, it will happen. Why? It is because here in Malaysia, construction is not driven by the need to provide housing / area for the people. It is driven by the idea of "Ringgit per square feet" or how much money can you make per square feet of space.

3. You do not have to read George Orwell "1984" to understand fear. Just understand that freedom is not only in the minds, but is about space as well. And space is getting scarce. Space is now being contested.

4. And since human behaviour abides by economic law of supply and demand, remember this, your space is becoming a scarce resource. Ask them Palestinians and Israelis.

A. And you can follow this Tumblr

That is how cities are summarised not by words but by emotions.

B. One stuff I found at 9gag

Sunday, 8 June 2014

practice stuff during weekend 8 June 2014 (edited 11am) and bla bla bla

1. guitar practice during holiday. 

good guitar practice stuff

Doraemon Intro Guitar : Acoustic

Doraemon Intro

There are two types of playing style for acoustic, one is strumming and another is called plucking.
Check Wikipedia for further info.

This Doraemon song is a good plucking song. 

My first plucking lesson is Morbid Angel's Desolate Ways as per below.

Morbid Angel - Desolate Ways
The way to play it is actually quite easy and serves as a good foundation for playing basic plucking.

Tutorial Desolate Ways

As at this time of writing 11am, the kittens were sleeping peacefully.

2. As usual, there were voices of critics towards UITM students who were now labelled as stupid and unmarketable, due to the recent "dodol record breaking logo" news.

I would not touch on this issue, instead, I will share with you of actual incidence I've experienced in construction life.

As far as I'm concerned, for new graduates starting to work in this industry, no one cares about which university you come from.

Well, coming from a good university may look good on your resume, but the real test comes within months after you were employed.

For example, I had the personal experience, twice with working from grads from University Teknologi Petronas (UTP). At different times, at different companies.

One turn out to be well, the other was not.

What was shocking, was the difference of maturity level between the two fellas. The one who was not good, simply do not have what it takes to work in construction. The fella was clever, but this fella didn't have the correct mindset and was punished severely for his mistakes.

My honest observation was, it didn't matter which university you came, what matters sometimes is the social background.  The fellas from "orang susah" (lazy Malay translation for poor folks) tend to be more matured than the "orang senang". (vice versa for orang susah).

In my opinion, the hardships thru which one was brought up is more important as it prepares one for maturity and responsibility.

I have worked with juniors from UITM and UMP (University Malaysia Pahang) and found these guys to be much better than the folks from elite universities, even oversea graduates.

It is because, during work, not all employers have a leisure time to give training or lectures to spoonfeed the juniors, what is normally done is to pass some responsibility and let that fella think for him/her self.

My honest observation is, those from poor background are more adept to working life, if they made mistakes, they repaired it humbly and tend to be more responsible towards job execution.

The elite ones, tend to have more layback mindset and approach towards work, and so they were seen as "not serious". And so, employers have dilemma in passing over responsibility to them.

Just my two cents, and a general observation though. Everybody is unique in their own way.


Sunday, 1 June 2014


even though my job is tiring and very much time consuming,  I know very much that I don't earn much for my efforts, as much as other fellas in this construction line.

but I guess the money's earned, I could feel the effort given, the time sacrificed, the pain suffered, the hardships and conflicts felt, which makes it an honest work.

i'm glad to say it's an honest work.

At this time, at this moment (1st June 2014), Look at Malaysia. Look around you.

You will feel the same tense that I feel. There is a certain tense and pressure points in Malaysia nowadays.

You can put it in any word you like. Racism. Weird politics. Hate.

Now, tell me. 

Since when in Malaysian's politics, things have to get so intensifying-ly hate-ful as it is happening now?

Then I remembered of my kittens.

You see, the orange-coloured Bubu was bitten by a cat over some fight over food. 

Since I have to hurry to work in the morning, I fed Bubu outside tthe house then speed out to work.

That fine morning, while I was locking the gate while rushing to work, I saw the intense fight.

The cat bite and hurt Bubu with its paws so that it can reach for the food I gave.

Now, is it possible that all this hate and racism in Malaysia's politics, is simply because somebody got paid for this, and that losing it all might made them lose their income?

Actually, Hishamuddin Rais ( was right. Politics is about getting into power to control resources. Economic resources. It was never about religion, race, monarchy or whatever sloganeering thrown at us. It was a struggle to control resources.

And so people become pure animalistic, fighting tooth over tooth, eye over eye with people who disagreed, over politics.

I'm glad I do not have to be an animal to earn my living.

Honesty really makes one a full human being.

New Order - Vanishing Point
Grow up children, don't you suffer
At the hands of one another
If you like a sleeping demon
Listen can you hear him weeping
Tears of joy and tears of sorrow
He buys love to sell tomorrow

My life ain't no holiday
I've been through the point of no return
I've seen what a man can do
I've seen all the hate of a woman too

Feel your heartbeat lose the rhythm
He can't touch the world we live in
Life is short but love is strong
There lies a hope that I have found
And if you try you'll find it too
Remember why I'm telling you

My life ain't no holiday
I've been through the point of no return
I've seen what a man can do
I've seen all the hate of a woman too

And they gave him away
Like in 'Whistle Down The Wind'
By the look on his face
He never gave in
This is a wonderful song and its lyrics were partially inspired by 'Whistle Down The Wind' movie, where a group of children help a thief man to escape from the police on confusing him with Jesus and he, of course, uses their innocence for getting to be free from the prison. Therefore who talks at 1st person in this lyrics is a person that is warning kids about a 'sleeping demon' (in that movie the kids saw the thief at the 1st time when he was asleep) or a man who doesn't deserve the compassion that they are used to give it to him, since he just manipulates them for getting what he needs or wants.

This one who talks at 1st person seems to have suffered a similar experience when he was a kid too, probably in the hands of his father, who treated badly his mother too. And this terrible situation just came to an end whe he grew up and found real love to his life. Then, in the second part of the lyrics, he presents love as the solution to heal the emotional hurts caused by any bad man when you were a kid.

In the last lines, the kids accidentaly release themselves from the cruel man just like in the mentioned movie, despite he has never got tired of being cruel.

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