Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Shortest Way with the Dissenters

Madam Maznah Mohd Yusof, 38, was arrested, for a video she posted 3 years ago.

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Now, it's an open secret, or should I say, common perception of the public in Malaysia about the application/implementation of Sedition Act.

(Download the Sedition Act here

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 to those who complained of Madam Maznah and that dog video, please read this.

It is written in the same style as the Tory publications that attacked Dissenters, and was assumed by some people to be a genuine vindication of their view. The pamphlet raised embarrassing questions about the handling of the issue by the Tory ministry, and led to Defoe's arrest for seditious libel. His imprisonment, during which he fell into bankruptcy, was to have a lasting influence on his subsequent writings. In the years after his release, Defoe published several pamphlets that attempted to explain its purpose and his own views. - Wikipedia source

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Now, I'm not saying Madam Maznah is wrong, or whether her arrest was wrong.
You got the brain, you decide it yourself.

Just that, during my upbringing, there was a curriculum in schools focusing on Critical Thinking.

But then, in the same time, we can't really question things, or present things that differs from the gesichtspunkt (viewpoint) of Malaysian people, especially the Malays.

We got a cynical culture where our people get so sensitive over an issue, jumping here and there, without asking why. Why is she doing it? Why is Alvivi doing it?

Attention seekers? ok, but then our politicians also did the same approach, like Perkasa NGO, yet nothing happens to them?

We never gave a damn about why, yet we preached about Critical Thinking at schools.

Be careful where you stand.
be careful especially when we don't practice what we preach.

Today, somebody who is a commoner is arrested, yet the politicians didn't get "touched".

But what happens at the future?

Nevertheless, I believe in the monotheist God that is perfectly Brilliant, yet I know the God also acts in Justice.

Justice will be served.

I just worry of 2 things.
First, I worry that all this ironies will further lead to a dumbing down of the society, especially the kids who will be the foundation to our future.

The society who never bothers to think outside their weltanschuung (world view), and somemore our society are consumers not inventors, what will happen to this society in the current and future world of globalisation?

I have a friend, an Oil and gas Engineer, with salary more than 5k per month, and yet he truly believe that Karl Marx is a member of the Illuminati society and communism is one of the Illuminati's effort to deviate this world, enabling the Jews to conquer the world.

I kept quiet to him and felt a waste of time if I told him about Ukrainian jews who were sent to Gulags during the Stalin during the forced collectivization in the Soviet Russia during the 1930's, which also results in famine in Ukraine and other parts in Soviet Russia..

You see, if you asked the Muslim guys in Malaysia who believe in Iluminati's stuffs, usually they will lead you to dubious orthodoks Catholic's website who blames "others" instead of themselves for reasons of world value depreciation.

I blocked that friend from my Facebook, not of hate, but of pity of ignorance, I felt very much sad when I see them arguing of this and that.

I wonder if that Malay Muslim professional also could think like that, what will happen to our kids?

My second worry, is because I knew God acts in Justice. When his wrath finally comes down to a our society due to injustice, I don't know where I could stand.

We can learn, and usually in Quran mentions that, if you want to see how God acts to injustice, we can ponder to history and sees what happens, and from there you can deduce it.

Instead of talking about Islamic stories of civilisations been swept of God's wrath, i will share with you guys a story in Chinese culture instead, taken from Feng Menglong's Gems of Chinese Wisdom.

Muslims invoke God named Allah, but in Chinese culture in Feng Menglong's time, the Chinese invoke Tien or Heaven, yet nevertheless we are calling the same essence of God, only differs by names and cultures.

One day, the King of Qin asked his advisor named Shi Yang., about another country, Jin that he intends to attack and conquer.

King : Tell me, whom among the officials in state of Jin will be destroyed first?

Shi Yang : The Luan family.

King : How come?

Shi Yang : Luan Wuzi  treated the people so well that they even worshipped the tree outside his house. This shows much of his benevolence.

King : ?

Shi Yang : Because of his benevolence and kindness, this ensures the safety of Luan Wuzi's son, Luan Ya.

King : So?

Shi Yang : However, Luan Ya, getting an easy path to his rise in Jin, became a corrupt official, and I predict that his son, Luan Yin will be the unlucky one.

King : ....

Shi Yang : Luan Ya survived and had a meteoric rise because of his father's deeds. But Luan Ya became too corrupted, and so from then onwards, the Luan family sowed only hatred, and not gratitude among the people, and so I predict the consequences of the public hatred will be beared by Luan Yin.

King : I see, even the fate of a country lies in the hearts of its people. What's more of a family?

Henceforth, be careful where you stand.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Hari Ini Bersama Ibu di Kubur Ayah

Article is Malaysian in Nature. For comedic reason, the writing shall be in Malay, as per my actual dialogue with my mom this Sunday morning.

Jumaat 28 July 2013

Emak Comel menghantar sms “Gentle Reminder : Ada makan2 buffet ini sabtu. Sabtu ni balik rumah, pagi Ahad mak nak melawat kubur abah kau..”

Sabtu 29 July 2013

Pukul 4 pm, sampai di rumah Emak Comel. Actually, rumah mak aku hanya 1 km saja dari rumah aku. Taman perumahan sebelah je.

Adik aku sebab x ngam ngan bapak tiri aku, maka tidak menyertai program makan2 besar bersama family.  Kebetulan relatives ramai datang, including friends of Emak Comel dan ayah tiri.

Bila mereka tanya mana adik, aku cakap “Ntah, dia pergi tabligh kot”.

Lepas abis function makan2, kami sekeluarga pulang, dan aku meminta izin pergi ke CyberCafe utk bermain Age Of Empires 3 dan memberi alasan nanti terus sahur kat mamak. Ibu aku berkata “sukahati kau lah, kami sahur pun makan roti je, kang kau pengsan lak sahur takde nasik”

Maka malam dipenuhi dgn aktiviti riadah per-game-an seorang diri, ber fesbuk sambil menengok noobs main DOTA ngan kecoh. Bersahur di kedai mamak sambil melihat perlawanan Bayern Munich.

Ahad Pagi 28 July 2013 : 6.45 pagi

“hoi hoi bangun, mcam ikan paus terdampar kat pantai je mak tengok ko baring tak berbaju atas lantai, tak senonoh! Pantas mandi!”, ujar Emak Comel yg nampaknya telah siap bermekap.

Setelah mandi2, bersiap dan menunaikan subuh, aku dan ibu bertolak ke rumah aku untuk pick-up adik aku untuk aktiviti rekreasi di kubur.

Ahad pagi 28 July 2013 : 8 pagi

Ibu aku bising2 tengok keadaan dapur rumah sebab sinki penuh ngn pinggan tak basuh.

“korang makan atas lantai ke apa ni?” ujar Emak Comel dengan nada hot.

“Pasar Ramadhan kan bungkus makan pakai polysterene” aku menjawab dengan bijak.

“Patut engkorang ni mak belikan pinggan kertas je makan” ujar Emak Comel.

Hati beliau menjadi lebih panas setelah adik aku gagal bangun pagi tu.

“Mak ingat nak baca yasin je, nasib baik yasin tak bawa tadi, ko nak ikut ke tak ni?”, ujar Emak Comel yg men-sound adik aku yg masih di alam mimpi dengan pintu bilik terkunci kebal.

“Mak gi dulu la”, ujar adik aku dgn nada longlai di balik bilik yg berkunci itu.

Dengan perasaan fed-up, kami meninggalkan rumah dan proceed terus ke kubur ayah.

“Buang duit sms aku je info adik kau” ujar Emak Comel ngan hot.

Ahad pagi 28 July 2013 : 8.15 pagi

“Ya Allah! Apa hal kubur abah kau ni, lalang tinggi, pokok pun daun2 mati da, adoi” ujar Emak Comel dengan hot dan kesedihan.

“Eh ok apa ada lalang2. Kan tumbuhan2 ni bertasbih kat Allah, lagi banyak lagi bagus”, aku menjawab dengan bijak.

“Banyak la kau, sebelum cangkul tu bertasbih kat kepala kau, kau cangkul lalang ni semua, mak alihkan batu2 kecik ni”, ujar Emak Comel.

Aku pun proceed cangkul lalang2 ngan buang semua pokok2 yang ada kat situ.

“macam mana eh, ni nanti saudara2 belah ayah kau tengok ni mesti sound mak tak jaga kubur abah kau, korang la ni.”. ujar Emak Comel dengan kesedihan.

“Camni mak, kita beli pokok la kat kedai pokok, kita lalu laluan pergi ke tesco ikut laluan ke penjara kajang ikut saujana impian, sebelum simpang 4 saujana impian tu ada kedai nursery pokok situ”, cadang aku sambil diikuti dengan langkah ibu ku yang sungguh progressif untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan.

Ahad pagi 28 July 2013 : 9.00 pagi

“Uncle, kami mau cari pokok untuk tanam atas kubur punya, ada ka?” soal aku kepada uncle kedai nursery pokok.

“oh banyak ada, ada itu melur pokok, Rm3 satu pokok”, jawab apek.

“Mak, tanam pokok ni mak, cam best je”, ujar aku sambil menunjuk ke satu pokok yg tampak menarik di mata.

“kah kah kah, itu pokok pandan la woi”, jawab Emak Comel.

“Mak apa kata kita tanam aloe vera ke cam best je.”, ujar aku

“baik tanam durian je kalau camtu, tgh2 baca yasin kat kubur boleh kopek buah durian sambil makan” ujar mak aku ngan bijak.

“eh eh betul jugak, kalau boleh tanam betik ke, keladi ke, menarik jugak tu”.

“Kau ingat kubur abah kau tu batas sayur?  Kau sanggup makan sayur yang ber-baja-kan abah kau?, sound mak aku.

“Eh apek, apa itu?” ujar Emak Comel sambil menunjuk ke sesuatu.

“Itu rumput karpet Jepun, kak, Rm6 satu”.

“tanah,  you ada jual?”, Tanya mak aku lagi.

Nampaknya mak aku sedang berfikiran seperti seorang landscape architect.

Ahad pagi 28 July 2013 : 10.00 pagi

Maka pada pagi itu, team ibu dan anak telah berjaya menanam rumput karpet Jepun di kubur ayah aku, berserta dengan 2 pokok bunga kecik yg cute.

“Yang batu2 kelikir tu, kau susun2 kat sekitar batu nesan, baru cool” suruh ibu ku dengan gaya2 seorang arkitek landscape.

“Abah, kubur u lawa, bah.”, bisik kecil ibu aku yg dapat ditangkap dengar oleh aku yg sibuk melakukan aktiviti agrikultur penamaman 2 numbers of pokok bunga, rumput karpet Jepun dan menyusun batu2 kelikir sekitar  batu nesan.

“ha, baru la tersusun sikit, nanti mak da mati esok, korang buat la camni, bagi senonoh sikit sedara mara aku datang nak melawat aku besok” ujar Emak Comel yg kelihatan riang setelah selesai tugas.

“Eh ko wat apa tu?” tanya mak aku.

“Amik gambar, nak masuk dalam Facebook”, jawab aku.

“Tak payah, kasi surprise sikit kat sedara yang nak datang hehehe” ujar mak aku dengan penuh senyum.

Note : Emak Comel is not fictional. In real life, I really did call my mom Emak Comel (cute mother), starting from the time of their divorce and eventual death of my father some time later.

After my mom remarried, my step father didn't seem to mind a bit about me calling her wife Emak Comel. haha.

 "Of course I am" is the proud expression on my mom's face, whenever I called her Emak Comel (Cute Mom)

WWE Wrestling Match

People in Malaysia will know or somehow watch a WWE wrestling match (b4 it was called WWF, World Wrestling Federation) at least once in their lifetime.

Look here.

Agama (Religion) itself has become some sort of WWE Wrestling match.

I am so dumbfounded.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Attitude Respect Walk

In my previous Tumblr posting,, I mentioned that people should  listen to Pantera's Walk.

I first listened to this, when I purchased The official Live 101 Album, released in 1997, when I was 15 years old.

I'm 31 now, so it's been 15 years this soundtrack has been stuck in my head.

It's not a melodic song, it's very monotone, the beat is not as fast as other metal songs, the beat is "walk-paced" beat, you might not be attracted to it during the first listening.

Nevertheless, this is nothing but pure common sense.

Life is about attitude, respect, walk.

Pantera - Walk
Soundtrack from Official Live 101 Album (1997)

Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistence
One step from lashing out at you...
You want in to get under my skin
And call yourself a friend
I've got more friends like you
What do I do?

Is there no standard anymore?
What it takes, who I am, where I've been
You can't be something you're not
Be yourself, by yourself
Stay away from me
A lesson learned in life
Known from the dawn of time

Attitude, Respect, walk

Run your mouth when I'm not around
It's easy to achieve
You cry to weak friends that sympathize
Can you hear the violins playing you song?
Those same friends tell me your every word



Are you talking to me?
No way punk

Pantera is:-

Philip Anselmo : Vocals
Diamond Darrell (Deceased) : Guitars
Vinnie Paul : Drums
Rex : Bass

Lyrics can be found at

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Problem Solving Skills - reedited 25 July 2013


This is how they "solve" the recent issues of non-muslims eating at a restroom.

The solution was : show that the Muslims also eat at restroom, wearing songkok, kopiah and baju melayu.

Oh very clever!

The actual problem :
  • The school canteen was facing problem in accommodating 350 students who go for recess at same time. This was happening since January 2013
  • The students were siting around the canteen (perimeter) as the canteen is small and could not cater all of them. 

 Go read here
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NEW NOTE : 25 JULY 2013

Eventually I'm glad that the issue was settled.

There, that's how you settle it, say that the FUNDS will be injected and somemore you can say PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION.

What the hell the people want to launch mogok and "tangkap the guru besar"? For what?

Push for money la.


Reopening canteen + FUNDS is THE SOLUTION.

in life, find solutions to problems.


the reason of writing this post is because of my article in Tumblr, of the recent issue.

Read it here

I kept asking my self, within inner self dialogues, why can't Malay Muslims be better?

They had Islam, they had Malay supremacy, they had UMNO, but still can't be better?

In the least, why can't they be better because of Islam?

Then I remembered Kurt Godel and his infamous Incompleteness Theorem.

I make it short. Bertrand Russell came across with Russell paradox, when Hilbert came out with his axioms. then there is a book made during this era (go wiki which era you lazy bastard) named Principia Mathematica.

In that book, it's all explained in "logic terms", it is up reading until few hundred pages, then you will understand EXACTLY why 1 + 1 = 2. Really.

Anyway, Bertand and Hilbert sought to put forth a complete axioms of Maths, so it'll be a foundation to a complete Maths and seek to solve many unsolved Maths problem.

Then in 1932, Kurt Godel stated in his Incompleteness theorem, that this is impossible. A system of axioms or reasoning, have to be consistent in the whole, but in seeking a consistency, it'll prove that the system will be incomplete.

In my own simple layman explaination,  to prove that the axiom/reasoning is consistent, you need to define the limit of its consistency,  but in proving that, you will prove that the whole reasoning has limits, thus incompleteness. <--- (my explaination might not be fully correct mathematically since I ain't an expert math guy, I only likes to read this stuff and understand it within the best limit of my understanding, thus the statement)

I felt very frustrated with what I read in the news, of  non-muslims were asked to eat at restroom, few Muslim girls asking why are they prohibited to join the beauty contest when Muslim girls wears bikinis in Olympic swimming event, and other ridiculous non-sense.

To those Muslim girls, let me tell you, the swimmers wear bikinis for swimming, you wear bikinis for showing your assets, that's the reason, why can't you think?

I had my own self-dialogue asking God this early morning, why why why. Isn't Islam suppose to be perfect? Or is it because religion are also like Maths, a foundation based on axioms/reasoning, that it could never be complete?

Why God why?

My inner dialogue with God then continues.

I realised then that I still believe in God. a monotheist God simply because two gods seeking at doing things at each own terms causes cancelling out each other efforts. So God must be one.

Anyway the prove of God mathematically is here.

And so I do not argue about the existence of God.

With atheists, I don't argue with them either. Because when you are relaxed, with air-cond in your room, coffee at your desk, you'll feel self-sufficient and it's easy for you to argue God does not exist.

For me, the matter's quite simple. I will ask the atheist to go on a boat trip deep into the wild oceans.

While the boat is being wrested up and down by waves, everyone, even animals, will surely hope for safety.

But it was helpless.

So the hope turns into a prayer. It's very automatic response in human, when in dire distress, men are easy to call and invoke God. because of that helplessness.

because men have the brain ability to understand the term "complete" and we realised, we men are "incomplete" and helpless.

And so in seeking completeness, we realised our limits, and we seek favour and help from a Form of "completeness", which in human culture, we called as God.

Right now, I ask for prayer to God and seek of His Wisdom to understand.

To me, so far, the faith that promotes a monotheistic God  is Islam, so I'll stick with it, because of my understanding. Not just faith, understanding.

Kurt Godel also said about Islam, "I like Islam: it is a consistent [or consequential] idea of religion and open-minded"

So, ok, Islam is a consistent faith. So it's not the problem of faith then.

I then think, is it because Malay Muslims people itself are inconsistent and incomplete?

It must be that this is the answer, because I could no longer find any logical explaination.

Malay Muslims should lay prostrate in humility to God,  because only after death, when they finally see God in its true form, then only their "nikmat" is completed.

Be humble, oh you servants.

To understand this photo, click here,

Be humble oh you servants

Saturday, 20 July 2013


I resigned from the construction line last december 2012, so now it's been 7 months I'm not back into the line.

This week, I'm busy "helping" a friend to do some corporate job, henceforth why I didn't bother to update other blogs.

For a two-day corporate seminar training, the consultants giving preach and talks actually got paid more than my monthly pay in my previous engineering consultant company.

2 Day job versus monthly job. But then but then, it all depends with whom you're helping with.

For corporate jobs, I stick my guns and always collaborate with the non-malays friends. Because their jobs get paid more, simply because they command more confidence from companies than Malays.

Many factor weighs in, English, corporate mentality, etc, which Malay lacks than non-malays.

The malays tend to give talks  motivational stuff, which tends to be preachy and sweet stuff but nonetheless, I find it useless, especially you are a positive-thinker, and believe me, to do business in corporate world, you need to be positive like the Navy seals/Marine that got trapped under fire from Iraqi insurgents.

Meanwhile, the non-malays focus more on the corporate stuff, talking about CSR, professional writing, those kind of programme that is worthwhile if you are walking up the corporate ladder.

Anyway, for all this "helping" job, I follow one rule which is I should play the "technical" part guy, never the superstar because that is the reason why I was asked to "help" in the first place.

Let the superstar deal with the clients and customers, I'll be the one preparing all the documents, and setting up stuffs, and keep my mouth shut behind the scenes.

This year's experience of doing "freelance helping jobs" teaches me the real reason why my previous consultant engineering boss once told me to drop off the "contractor" thinking line and use "consultant" thinking line, because consultants sells ideas, designs, or drawings, for business.

This is all about values.

Contractor mindset is different, the more you did, the more you got paid, the more OT, the more claim, the more VO job you do, the more money claimed from Client's office.

But not with consultants. Because consultant work on Fees, whereas contractor work on Claims. the thing is, even if Consultants do more paperwork for the job, you only got paid the same fee even though you made more paperwork, design drawing.

And let me be frank, most consulting jobs in this world don't get paid. That's why consultants knew how to distribute their claims periodically, they make sure they got paid before they start, and just after starting.

This is because contractors build the actual physical stuff, which worth and value can be evaluated physically in units, but not so for consultants who sells "ideas" or in construction line, "design ideas".

If once you learn the "ideas", then it depends on you whether you want to pay the teacher or not. And most people are bad students, once they learn, they will tell the teacher to go to hell.

Teaching and consulting are very much the same if viewed in this manner.

My previous boss from the engineering consultant told me many stories, when our Client refuse to pay after we gave out all our drawings and paperwork, in which there's nothing much we can do.

When consultants do not get paid, there's really nothing much can be done.

Because if they "make noise" about it, then they will lose other potential customers, and people wouldn't want to hire them anymore (anything negative about you resulting an overall negative image of you, no such thing as pity in corporate world).

If the consultants pressed too much about payments, then Clients and potential customers will get afraid also.

Experienced consultants know this, so most consultant companies, don't pay big salaries to staffs, because they always allocate certain portion of funds to run the company in case of not getting paid, or not getting any job.

Experienced consultants also played a delicate game with Client/Customers, in which respect is a pillar in this game. Loss of respect will result in loss of profit, no matter how knowledgable you are.

It is all about value, and how much people are willing to pay you is a physical measure of value.

That's why sometimes teachers and lecturers, especially the males, no matter how great or smart the student is, we don't care and we don't give a flying F about the student, we usually draw a line on how close the student can get to you.

Because students are all are like migrating birds, they just be nice to the locals at each place they rested in, but once they had to fly off, they will just forget about the place they rested at.

That's why, do not get sentimental with people in the teaching or consultant line.

It is all about value.

Another example, for this Ramadhan month, there is a dish called Roti John which I like.

The bloody problem with Roti John is, the price of RJ depends on the location of the market. Not because of quality.

In Kajang, the price of RJ differs much.

In Taman Zamrud area, RJ sells around RM2.50 to RM3.00 but never more.

The price in "Kajang Prima" area in Friday wet-market, is around RM2.50-RM3.00, as well as the price of RJ sold in Ramadan market located near Penjara Kajang.

But, if you got to a Ramadan market located near to the Giant big supermarket, (near the Saujana Impian area), the same thick RJ sells at the cheapest price of RM 3.80 to RM 4.50.

The RJ have the same taste, same bread thickness yet  the price differs with location.

The reason is, the household near the area that sells cheap RJ, are household for the common guys (poor), but where RJ is expensive, the household in the area are more exclusive (more rich), so the rich guys don't mind paying more for the same RJ.

The Ramadan market near Giant, which sells the expensive RJ, are near to Saujana Impian area, which is where many exclusive people lives, even the actress Nora Danish grew up there, I believe.

That is Malay Muslim business for you. That is what the actual Malay Muslim economics for you. It's not the quality that matters.

It looks bastardly hypocrite, but that is what actually happens. They love talking of stories of Quran, and stories of the Prophet and his Companions, but they are willing to sell food prices at expensive prices just because of profiteering.

People are willing to pay more when they starve, in the end, the Roti John price depends on the how willing are the people in the area to pay for the same Roti John in the Ramadhan fasting month.

It's all about value.
"It seems that the lives of teachers have no value," Normala told Harakahdaily.

Friday, 19 July 2013


this flower, it's beautiful.

but if you realised, this flower is beautiful only, and only if, the background is dark in complete blackness.

if the background is white or full of colours, the striking red is pale.

maybe life is just as beautiful as this red striking flower in the deep depressing black background.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

What you give, you get back

Article : Malaysian in nature

I’m not so shocked by the recent scam using religion in Malaysia, as per photo above.

I commented to BEM / IEM about the misuse of the title Ir in the recent event and the revelation by them shocks me to the core.

 I’m truly shocked when I found out the guy in the picture is a  Professional Engineer in electrical with the title Ir.

I didn't believe it, until I went to Board of Engineers Malaysia website and searched his name.

(  and search in the professional engineer his name, fazli bin azmi).

I couldn't believe it. (and I think you too).

A professional? A professional Malay muslim? A professional Malay Muslim with Ir. in Electrical?

How come?

Then in this Ramadhan, I knew the answer.

Simple, what you did, you get back.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Yelling with my mouth shut

Aku tulis dalam malay kali ni.

1. tajuk entry ni, dari chorus lagu "A Small Victory" from Faith No More.

2. lately, aku rasa aku byk buang masa commenting, dlm, dlm Facebook, page Dr. MAZA la and others. Actually, aku sendiri rasa "anjing menyalak bukit", because in the end, no physical thing will happen out of it.

3. But then, the impulse is maybe because, aku sakit sangat tengok what happens in Malaysia, socio-economic-politic-religion and so on. Issues yg tak mungkin jadi kalau people involved guna otak. Hearing/reading that issue itself insult people's intelligence.

4. Kalau nak tahu, before this, education system kita based on English, dan dulu ada MCE, tapi MCE ni ditukar kepada SPM pada 1980. Ramai orang masa tu mempertikaikan the change, orang tak puas hati (mostly Non-Malays) byk lari dan imigrate ke luar negara, dan jadi brain-drain sampai hari ini.

5. We Malaysian people regardless of race, are actually more intelligent than other nations, even japan, sbb Malaysians are "open", due to racial mix di Malaysia. Dan untuk mix, kau kena tahu lebih dari satu bahasa, for example, most Chinese kuasai 3 language, (Mandarin and each dialect, Malay and English), so level pemikiran pun jauh lebih better. Tapi sbb politics, yes politics, itu yg memundurkan Malay yang hanya mahu kuasai single bahasa dengan penuh degil, and it's one of the reasons Malay's mind level is never better than the non-malays (Bahasa jiwa bangsa maa, kuasai banyak bahasa, jiwa kau lebih open).

Malays yg hebat2 banyak terdiri dari golongan old-school yg English educated, atau golongan bandar (atau golongan yg dah migrate ke bandar) yang banyak mix dgn semua race.

6. So far, based on experience, aku dapati mmg malaysian breed ni disukai ramai org dari pelbagai negara for hiring sbb level of intelligence, hardwork, skill is highly respected. Dan aku pernah kerja di Bintulu, Sarawak, dan aku tahu level pemikiran org Sarawak/Sabah is much more open dari Semenanjung, that's why geng2 ni byk kerja line2 technical hebat sbb mereka boleh absorb cepat knowledge/idea.

Nevertheless, aku tahu juga, mereka ada resentment dekat org2 Semenanjung, sbb development tak equal. Mmg nampak sangat.

7. Nevertheless, the situation in Malaysia can be summarised as,  people of all races with potential to become intelligent are being dumbed down due to politics. Dan itu yg drive impulse aku untuk menjerit2 di ruang komen atau Facebook, walaupun itu satu tindakan yg bodoh sbb nothing will come out from it.

8. Dalam Malaysia yg hopeless, aku hanya mampu change apa yg aku boleh change, dan aku pula mmg jenis "kalau aku buat, aku akan pastikan jadi". Kalau tak jadi, maknanya aku mmg malas nak buat benda tu.

9. Di depan rumah aku, across the small road, area yg aku describe here as my front yard, banyak cilaka dah buang sampah2 bukan. And so bila aku balik rumah kali ni, lepas resign, aku settlekan kecilakaan di front yard tu.

10. What I did is, first, aku pungut sebanyak mana sampah di front yard tu dan masukkan dlm plastik bag hitam. Within 1 hour, aku dah kumpul 4 plastik bag besar (sial byk sampah!). Then aku dump kan aje di front yard utk bagi jiran2 tengok. Then, i park my car beside the dumpings to prevent any assholes from buang sampah there or interfering with the land.

11. The next day, both my left side and right side neighbour (rumah teres) keluar survey2 area di situ. Ngam2 time mereka keluar, aku bawak cangkul and some benih and buat kerja bertani kat front yard. Depan mata mereka. Then aku bawak motor aku (kereta still park outside beside the dumpings), dan beli 2 pokok rambutan yg baru nak tumbuh setinggi 2 ft and plant it at that area.

12. Lepas 2-3 hari, tiap2 hari aku keluar dan survey area tu sambil siram2 pokok dgn muka garang. Eventually org dah mula tak berani nak buang sampah di situ.

13. Then both jiran started warming up and chatting, tanya pasal kerja and so forth, time aku duk bertani tu. Entah macam mana, timbul issue longkang sumbat.

13a. Uncle Malay sebelah rumah aku bising2 longkang sumbat, dan marah2 Municipality Kajang sbb tak take action, then started talking politics, Malay power, UMNO, etc.

14. At that instance, aku terus ambil cangkul, melompat masuk ke dalam longkang  and shove all the shit up. Dan selamba buang sampah2 tu sebelah pokok uncle Malay sebelah rumah. By then, aku buat muka garang dan terus mencangkul.

15. What happens then, tiba2 chinese neighbours dari one of the houses tu datang menolong. The malay uncle senyap2 masuk dalam rumah. (ceh!), and after 10 minutes,  a few Chinese neighbours came and helped. Siap panggil 2 indon datang sekali. (aku suspek diorang upah indon yg tgh buat keje renovation at one of the houses)

16. What happen that day, we managed to clean half of the sewerage drain at Jalan 12, Taman Bukit Mewah Phase 1, 43000 Kajang, lagi halfway kami tak usik pasal ours is downstream, air mengalir towards our houses drain and straight to main sewerage drain. lagi halfway tu pandai2 la org2 sana korek. (mostly org melayu sana hahhaha).

17. In the evening, hujan lebat for few hours. After raining, aku boleh nampak longkang yg clear, bau busuk dah kurang.

17a. I learnt a lot that day. Uncle Malay sebelah rumah for half a year duk bising2 pasal municipality Kajang tak bersihkan longkang, and yet aku, dgn my Chinese neighbours, selamba bersihkan. I knew the Chinese neighbours pun harbours sentiment tak puas hati gak longkang berbau, tapi bila dia tgk their own Chinese pun dtg tolong aku time tu, diorang pun dtg join skali. So consider myself lucky je la.

18. Then 4 plastik sampah tu aku dump dekat tempat usual, di belakang rumah. Then something shit happen.

19. For two bloody weeks, none of the garbages are collected. And there are now 7 stinking black plastic bag full of garbage and shit di belakang rumah aku.

20. What I did is a ruckus. Aku bwk kereta aku, dump all the 7 stinking black plastic bag in my car (tgh puasa ni), drove to the Kajang Municipality Office, found out no guard is guarding the entrance, went it, and dump all the bags at the refuse place inside their parking space area.

21. Honestly, just nice dekat tempat refuse tu, ada jeep MPKj and aku ada intent nak letak plastik tu atas that MPKj vehicle, took a photo and put it in Facebook. tapi mungkin time tu puasa, so I did not do it, just campak je sampah kat tempat sampah di situ.

22. Nevertheless, I made a ruckus, took some photo,  then complaint facebook to MPKj, Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, and email it to MPKj, MB Khalid, TV3, TV1, NTV7 and even to jabatan perdana menteri.

23. It was stupid impulse rage, but frustration drives it, because I want something to be done and yes, I did something about it no matter how stupid, I want something to be done.

24. And yesterday morning 16 July 2013, the MPKj rep came to my house. (after a week), they apologised and assured things will be taken care of.

25. Actually by now, I don't care whether MPKj come to collect my garbage or not, because after the incident, aku dah mula dump all my garbage at a refuse chute behind Pasar Kajang. I did it twice weekly now, so that beg sampah tak besar sgt, aku naik motor je hantar.

26. After this incident, aku rasa, whatever change, how small and how stupid, is still a change. Dan aku rasa proud getting it done my ownself. It's stupid, but at least for me, I know something is done about it, and aku tak depend and wait for others to clean my shit.

27. About this blog, is more or less about getting something done. I got some idea in my head, no matter how Einstein that idea is, if it's not written, then it's the same value as the 7 stinking plastic bag behind my house. It's not done.

28. And so, writing it down is making sure it is embedded somewhere.

29.   but sometimes, when comes to the part of reading back my writings, aku selalu fikir, kalau aku mati besok, macam mana eh?

30. Henceforth, aku banyak edit dan mendelete postings aku, whether here, in other people's commenting area or in facebook.(for example, previous article Ghost In the shell tu, aku dah mula delete certain part yg aku rasa bodoh)

31. Sbb aku x mahu dililhat sebagai bodoh. Takda sapa pun mahu diingati sebagai satu kebodohan. Tapi in the same time, ada impulse utk yelling with my mouth shut.

32. Reason writing in English?, because I write and think in the mixes of Malay/English, and so to make sure I damn bloody edited the whole writing, I try to discipline myself and ensure that the finished product shall be 100% English. If you found my writing in 100% English, it means I edited the writings at least once.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Ramadan Offensive 1973

In Malaysia, sociologically, the Malay Muslims in Malaysia (3M) are at the end of the consumer line.

Thus explaining why the 3M's are mostly the ones badly hurt with any price increase in anything.

Let me explain this fact. Supposedly, by this moment, money is abolished in Malaysia, and everyone have to barter trade to get what they want.

The Chinese will outdo most because of dominance in business. 3M? Ok, the professionals in 3M will barter trade their "special services" like law or medical, but how about others?

Then you will realised most 3M and Indians have to work their asses off doing "something", and in return they get money, but this money will be "consumed" (only some will be saved by people who have sense).

So by looking at the big picture, most 3M will somehow felt that they are oppressed by others, since they could not escape being slaves for consumption, because they could not possibly make themselves progressively when inflation sets in.

Most 3M's feel this way, and if you are a 3M and you don't, then I suggest for you to try buying a house in Klang Valley.

And so, in this spirit of Ramadan, let me tell to the 3M's that all is not lost. Do not feel victimized.
Do not feel that the world is against you every time.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Great Principle In Life

Watch the 50 second video, and you will understand one of the great principle in life.


new blog : think

 my latest blog.

So now this blog will cover whatever science or maths fact that made me think.

As usual, I'm doing this because I like writing. Not for followers, Nuffnang income or socialising. Just for writing. Henceforth, since this writing is free, no comments will be allowed as always.

Ok, I have a dream to write about my music, but I guess music blog isn't worthwhile unless it's for downloading stuff, right? And so, let me learn one or two about 4shared and google drive and see how it goes.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

labelled and packt like crushd sardines

Once, I went to an interview in a consultancy firm, proposed by a close friend of mine.

I came early to the office,  and was asked to wait for the boss.

Then I waited, and just looking at the staffs (who later become friends), and as usual, everybody there just ignores you. It doesn't bothers me, because I'd do the same.

Then when the boss arrives, and he greeted me like a long lost friend.

So, this boss of mine, before this, we worked together in Dubai (together with that close friend of mine who's the staff in the office), so we practically knew each other.

Then after the interview, somehow, I was greeted warmly by the staffs and one particular guy.

This guy, I do not know him then, was a senior in the office, and somehow, started to chat and act cordially towards me.

The attitude is different before the interview and after the interview.

After I excused myself from the office, this senior followed me downstairs, and we had a chat.

Basically he asks me what I was doing in Dubai, and he then proceeds talking about his own experience.

However, many months in the office later on,  this senior started to act different. He started commenting about me, and most of the time, of personal things.

I was a gamer, and so after work, I used to spend the time at the cybercafe below our office for a game or two.

Even this fact was commented by this senior, and I was surprised, when my boss started complaining that I do not want to do Overtime because I was spending the time at the CyberCafe.

I was shocked, I never knew even my private life was being reported to my boss by this senior.
(This senior is malay, boss is chinese).

Eventually, by then, the work in Bangladesh was on, that I was transferred to Bangladesh. The project was on and off basis for 3 years, when the job was called off, I'll be back to local office supporting the local jobs.

Other than this, there was two girl, at different times, who started to act cordial and nice when they found out I have a good "resume", only to be dumped later on.

Recently, I met a high school friend, who then ask "What did you felt when you've worked overseas?"

With the previous reasons in mind, I don't know what to answer.

Then I told him, working overseas was like going on a trip to a museum.

"The best thing, though, in that museum was that everything always stayed right where it was.

Nobody'd move.

You could go there a hundred times, and that Eskimo would still be just finished catching those two fish, the birds would still be on their way south, 

the deers would still be drinking out of that water hole, with their pretty antlers and their pretty, skinny legs, 

and that squaw with the naked bosom would still be weaving that same blanket.

Nobody'd be different.

The only thing that would be different would be you"

- quotes from Catcher In The Rye by JD Salinger.

Then this friend of mine started asking two questions that made me "losing the mood"

1. How much is your salary in Dubai and Bangladesh back then?
2. How much savings had you made working overseas?

For me, the answer is obvious.

"Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." - Bernard Baruch.

Family members (trusted ones), closed friends, those who are "true" to you, respects you and don't ask this question, because what matters is your wellbeing. Not how much money you made.

I excuse myself from the conversation.

Sometimes, I just felt tired.

It's the same old thing. What happen is that your friend doesn't want to talk to you. He wants to label you.

He wants to group you under a category, rich, engineer, this label and that label, all are labels basically.

Go to a shopping mall near your house.

Look at a sardine tin-can. There are many brands, Cap Ayam brand, this brand and that brand.
Notice that people don't argue about brands while buying them in supermarkets.  They just buy the nicest or the cheapest according to their wants and needs.

Now look at a washing soap. There are many brands, Febreeze, this brand and that brand.
Notice that  people don't argue about brands while buying them in supermarkets.  They just buy the nicest or the cheapest according to their wants and needs.

Now look at current Malaysia, this argument about Islam, Wahabi, syiah, liberal, socialist, communist, karl marx is illuminati, all these arguments are based on labelling, right?

Just like 3-4 year old kids who fights and labels each other names, or mocking their father's name, everyone are just focusing on the labels on the sardine tin-can. Nothing more, nothing less.

This world are full of arguments, like traffic noises. The noises are deafening, but the car won't move an inch either.

 I'm just tired of people arguing. I'm just tired being labelled and packt like crushd sardines.

I figured I could get a job at a filling station somewhere, putting gas and oil in people's cars. I didn't care what kind of job it was, though. Just so people didn't know me and I didn't know anybody. I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes. That way I wouldn't have to have any goddam stupid useless conversations with anybody. If anybody wanted to tell me something, they'd have to write it on a piece of paper and shove it over to me. They'd get bored as hell doing that after a while, and then I'd be through with having conversations for the rest of my life. Everybody'd think I was just a poor deaf-mute bastard and they'd leave me alone.- Holden Caulfield, Catcher In The Rye - JD Salinger

 "That's just about people who're easily amused, people who not only aren't capable of progressing their intelligence but are totally happy watching 10 hours of television and really enjoy it. I've met a lot of dumb people. They have a --itty job, they may be totally lonely, they don't have a girlfriend, they don't have much of a social life, and yet, for some reason, they're happy. - Kurt Cobain commenting on the song Dumb

Note :- Packt like crushd sardines in a tin-box is a song in Radiohead's Amnesiac, released in 2001.