Thursday, 27 February 2014

why i continue working in construction line

maybe i told u, maybe i did not.

After coming back from Dubai in 2009, I wanted to apply for Master Programmes in UM, under Dept. Of Mech, Faculty of Engineering.

During the "informal" interview, I was told :-

"Anyone can become an engineer, but not anyone can become an academician".

Coming back from UM, I cursed the Malaysian academician world, and that June, I was in Bintulu, working for a project inside MLNG2 Refinery Plant.

I never bother to step in to UM, even to see old friends who actually became lecturers there.

I'm glad in not being an academician in Malaysia. I rather be doing actual work in the industry, seeing my contributions physically.

I worked under Japanese and Chinese, and even once under a management from Mainland China.

Racist? They were more money-minded and result-driven than racist.

See what is the latest product UM came up with.

To be honest with you, when I was in Dubai, I met few professional guys who decided to immigrate there than serving in Malaysia.


The same answer "resonates" here. The same complaint, only in different sentences. But truth resonates as always.

Even though I graduated from Mech. Dept, Faculty of Engineering in UM, I decided not to step into back into a  place which produces engineers annually, but spritually they felt:-

"Anyone can become an engineer, but not anyone can become an academician".

I am Chinese. My husband is Indian. Both of us are qualified in the medical field and teach at local universities.

Recently, my husband’s contract was not renewed. His speciality is quite rare in the region. He was replaced by a younger person.

Of course, he was disappointed but felt new blood was needed to bring in the latest methods and medicines into the picture.

His former colleagues call at night and he does the work for them on the quiet, minus the fee, so that the patients will have a fighting chance!

You see, dear people in authority, the moral majority in this country are keeping us going. Selfless people who take the humiliation and abuse and to ensure that there is a sense of balance and sanity still operating at critical areas.

One day, my husband entered a lift that was filled with professors of one race from a different department. After moment of silence, someone asked him, in a condescending tone, if he taught English at the University!

Without batting an eyelid, my husband replied: “Quantum Physics!” There was a jaw-dropping silence and an audible “aiyoo” coming from the rear of the lift.

We could not pin this scenario down to a lack of education. All of them were senior members of various faculties. And they were educated.

Instead, we have come to the conclusion that racism is not just institutionalised in Malaysia, but is a given. And that you must expect it as “normal” because it is encouraged from the top.

By purposely not taking action against such incidents, the message is clear: we do not want you here.
Today, as I write this, I am reading that another news portal’s office has been splashed with red paint, and a package with a duck carcass inside was left outside its office.

How can this happen? What is going to happen to those who strive to bring us the truth and the unbiased stories?

But we are powerless. The ballot box has been sabotaged. We do not have any avenues to vent our grouses, frustrations, and broken hopes and dreams.

We look to the next generation. But that is a big task. The young ones have imbibed the toxins of bigotry and racism, and do not know any other way of thinking.

Logic and common sense is as alien as Mongolian lamas and models.

How can we readdress the situation? There cannot be any short-term solution, unless there is a paradigm shift in the composition of those who are in power.

Thanks to web news portals like this, the silent moral majority can give voice to our pains. – February 27, 2014.
*Dr Janet F. Lee reads The Malaysian Insider.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

hook in mouth

i got a hook in my mouth lately. busy doing CAD drawing for fire protection system (sprinkler and fire alarm)
u might find me online but not speaking to your hi's and hello's. sorry.
i am tempted to post a thing or two on blog and Tumblr, but not in communicating with people.
forgive me for having a hook in my mouth.
I'll always believe :
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” - Bernard Baruch
Take care, folks :)


drawing tu nampak cincai cilaka, even ada basic knowledge CAD pun buleh lukis.

yang buat pecah kepala tu ialah sizing, routing dan segalanya.

basically, kau kena tahu for each area, berapa ceiling level, dan paip kau boleh lepas ke tak, dan whether size dia nanti "cukup air" tak untuk each sprinkler point. (1 inch pipe boleh cater 3 point je, dia ada rule utk sizing sprinkler pipe size)

untuk 1st drawing, selalunya satu RPPU (Remote Programmable Processing Unit) tu boleh cater untuk many points dalam satu floor, so kalau floor terlalu besar, dan banyak smoke detector, breakglass, bell, yang nak kena connect, takut tak cukup point pulak RPPU tu nak cater.

so lepas ko da indicate mana smoke, breakglass, bell semua, ko kena kira blk point2 my case aku kene order additional RPPU. dan nak kena pikir mana nak letak RPPU additional tu.

dan bila benda baru, nak buat Variation Order (VO) dan sebagainya, etc....

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Animal Farm

Video above : some Islamic preacher in Indonesia who went on to slap a poor fella and proceeded to call his parents "dogs"

Automatically, within seconds, the novel Animal Farm came to my mind.

Animal Farm is an allegorical and dystopian novel by George Orwell, published in England on 17 August 1945. According to Orwell, the book reflects events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and then on into the Stalin era in the Soviet Union. - Wikipedia

But after seeing the video above, I realised that Animal Farm is still everywhere.

"Years pass, and the pigs start to resemble humans, as they walk upright, carry whips, and wear clothes. The Seven Commandments are abridged to a single phrase: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others". Napoleon holds a dinner party for the pigs and local farmers, with whom he celebrates a new alliance. He abolishes the practice of the revolutionary traditions and restores the name "The Manor Farm". As the animals look from pigs to humans, they realise they can no longer distinguish between the two." - Wikipedia of Animal Farm

choice is yours

1. I read the blog few hours ago, while scanning my Testing & Commissioning reports of my project, somewhere at Klang.

2. Mind you, I live in Kajang, therefore I travelled daily Kajang - Kl - Klang. (a bloody 50 km route back and forth)

3. The reason I emphasise this is that, my life ain't no better than most of you folks out there, who is struggling to make ends meet in this depressing economy of our motherland.

4. Somehow, we, the Gen-Y folks, ended up being old during the downstate of Malaysian economy. But let me ask you, what are we gonna do about it?

5. I decided quite long time ago, that politics will never change anything in Malaysia. Because we still live in the politics of superheroes, we ask of others to clean this country of its mess.

6. During my lunch and dinner time, (I usually took my dinner by stopping by at PLUS RnR somewhere at Serdang, if viewed from the roadside, the stalls usually sells fruits) I spend time reading (while eating) books of history warfare and stuff like that. Quite recently, I re-read "33 strategies of War" by Robert Greene, which is more like a history book rather than war. More about politics of power, Machivellian stuff.

7. Looking back at modern pre 1900 -2000 history, our Malaysian Gen Y are like the folks in USA during the Great Depression during the 30's. Before the Great Depression, the Americans enjoyed significant wealth, like the Malaysian generation before us.

8. None of them folks wished to be born during the Great Depression. None of the folks wished to be there during World War 2. But they did, some become heroes, some become victims.

9. If you look at a wider perspective, you'll realise, this world is shit. The utopia does not exist and will never exist. Even religions admit this. Buddha with its suffering concept. Even Islam also teaches that utopia only exist at the hereafter. Islam also says that even though you followed the correct teachings, you will still suffer some turmoil because life is a state of test. Read second verse of Surah Al Mulk if fellow Muslims disagree.

10. No matter what conflict there is, heroes and victims are born on every second. The world keeps turning. Technology keeps progressing.

11. Therefore, do something about it. Don't just talk about it. Do it. That's the reason I block the comments at this blog because from what I seen at Benz Ali's blog and most political blog, people just talk. At least Hishammuddin Rais give free food to people in the street. Action counts. Your word is nothing.

12. Do something. Plant a tree. Get a job and make yourself better. Donate. Smile. But do something please.
Don't just preach, practice it. The choice is yours.

13. Talk but no action only makes more noise in this world. Like the noise of hundred chicken voices in the morning, every chicken gets competitive over food in the morning, as if the food is not enough, but you know the food is there and wonder why the chickens are still noisy and you realise, they want to look competitive, they want to be heard competitive.

14. The actual reason of blocking comments
I didn't care what kind of job it was, though. Just so people didn't know me and I didn't know anybody. I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes. That way I wouldn't have to have any goddam stupid useless conversations with anybody. If anybody wanted to tell me something, they'd have to write it on a piece of paper and shove it over to me. They'd get bored as hell doing that after a while, and then I'd be through with having conversations for the rest of my life. Everybody'd think I was just a poor deaf-mute bastard and they'd leave me alone . . . (Catcher In The Rye by JD Salinger)

“Among us was heard neither raging nor cursing, nothing that would imply a trace of warmth,” the aide continued. “We had hardly enough strength left to pray. Most of the men fell without a word of complaint, silent either from weakness or resignation; or perhaps because men only complain when they have hopes of moving someone to pity.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Membaca dan Macai-ism


Apa itu macai?

Maksud asal macai ialah "budak suruhan", namun dalam konteks Malaysia kini, macai telah berubah makna dan penggunaan, hasil dari "too much politicking".

Untuk aku, macai adalah sesuatu yang berbahaya tetapi cara untuk "handle" seseorang macai ialah hanya satu.

Ignore. Peduli-tahi-kan.

"The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one." - Wilhem Stekel"

Quote ni famous setelah keluar dalam sebuah novel epik "Catcher Of The Rye" (Cikgu Antollini sebut ayat tu kepada Holden Caulfield bila Holden terlalu obses dengan being judgemental).

Cara2 untuk mengubat / mengelakkan diri sendiri dari menjadi macai ialah banyakkan membaca.

Tapi biar aku jelaskan dahulu.

Bukanlah dengan membanyakkan maklumat itu yang mengubat macai ini.

Macai itu diubat dengan timbul perasaan yang selalu dapat kalau kau membaca sesuatu yang kau tidak tahu selama ini / perasaan waktu dapat ilmu dari pembacaan.

Perasaan itu ialah rasa humble dengan banyaknya ilmu/benda yang kau masih tak tahu.

Apabila kau melopong mulut terpesona (astounded) dengan suatu ilmu/maklumat yang kau baru tahu, pada aku, itu tanda kau sedang di sinar dengan cahaya ilmu/maklumat tu. 

Cahaya, An-Nur, jika dalam agama selalu dikaitkan dengan Tuhan, Malaikat dan benda2 baik.

Tapi, kalau setakat kena cahaya ilmu sahaja tak cukup.

Hati / otak kau perlu terima cahaya ilmu tu baru lah ilmu tu "masuk" dalam nurani.

Cawan yang separuh penuh dengan teh, kalau kau isi air jernih, kau hanya akan pudarkan sahaja teh itu.

The only thing untuk kau dapat isi cawan itu dengan sejernih mungkin, ialah kau buangkan segala isi kotor atau isi yang berwarna dalam cawan, dan isi balik semula dengan air jernih itu.

Maka, untuk kau masukkan ilmu/maklumat itu, hati kau kena clear untuk masukkan maklumat baru tu.

Bila kau terima rela suatu ilmu tu secara ikhlas, ia sama lah macam kau mengisi air jernih ke dalam cawan yang dikosongkan itu.

Maka, sepatutnya, the overall act tu menjadikan seseorang itu humble.

Sebab kau terasa betapa tak tahunya engkau dengan ilmu itu, dan betapa luasnya ilmu/maklumat itu.

Dan bila kau humble, aku yakin, kau bukan lagi seorang macai kerana pandangan kau yang betul itu, kau sedar mungkin ia tak cukup, tak penuh.

Dan kau akan tenang dengan apa yang kau baca, walaupun ianya hanya suratkhabar politik.

Kau akan sedar, kau menyokong sesuatu atas pengetahuan yang kau ada sahaja.

Pengetahuan yang kau tidak tahu, mudah mudahan kau terlepas dari bahaya-nya.

People who do not understand themselves have a craving for understanding — a thing which is rather surmised and never spoken than known and clothed in words. 

Wilhem Stekel -Marriage at the Crossroads (1931) 

Note : Politics and most things in Malaysia can only be better if politicians and people practices humbleness, macam Tuan Guru Nik Aziz.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine Day 2014

Happy valentine's day 2014 to Dik Bubu (male, orange) & Kak Comot (black, female)

reason for posting is here:

  • xxxxxx Dear Felixia, kalau hanya ready utk pakai tudung n belajar membaca buku buku agama dan selesa berpakaian tutup aurat dan masih belum bersedia convert maka janganlah post post perkara perkara yg sensitif terhadap agama Islam ye Felixia...ia seolah olah menghina... Dalami sesuatu perkara sebelum bertindak drastik, ofcoz Felixia yang cantik manis ni ramai peminat, x dinafikan...public figure.. apasja post anda akan mendapat pujian kutukan dan tohmahan, elakkan kan lah yer kalau x bersedia lagi... Tak perlu ujub', sekadar satu sen saya..tq.

  • Felixia Yeap Apa yg saya postkan ni menghina? Which one? Posting a rose picture is menghina? Really? 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

aurat, UG dan satu alatan mekanikal

1. Aurat
Aku tgh ber-chat waktu menulis ni, so it's spontaneous writing.

Someone bagi tau aku ada kes di mana few girls mati terbakar dalam rumah, sebab dikurung kerana time kebakaran tu tak tutup aurat so tak dibenarkan keluar dari rumah = mati hangus

Pengalaman aku memberitahu berita ni fake.

Dulu, di Bangladesh, pernah terjadi gempa bumi, di mana aku dan rakan2 se-projek tengah duduk berehat lepas pulang dari kerja.

Waktu gempa terjadi, natural instinct ialah untuk lari.

Kau tak fikir agama, kau tak fikir lapar, kau hanya fikir lari.

Aku masih ingat, aku lari keluar ke jalanan, tak berselipar dan berbaju. Hanya seluar pendek sahaja.

Malu? Memang malu tapi itu lah naluri manusia, dan naluri ni yang menyebabkan manusia boleh survive di bumi yang hostile ni.

Aku fikir, time kebakaran, time kecemasan pun sama. Pikir nak selamat sahaja dulu.

It's your right to demand only female doctors to attend your wife during pregnancy, but,

kalau dah tak ada / tak cukup doktor,

anak dalam perut tak menunggu suasana ideal untuk keluar dari perut.

Manusia merancang, Tuhan menentukan.

Update 2.52pm, 9 Feb 2014 :

Yang member aku cerita tu kes ini rupanya.

Oh it's sheer stupidity.

Tgh kecemasan weh. Selamatkan nyawa tu bukan dakwah juga ke? Selamatkan dulu la, aiyoh.


2. UG (Youji)

Kisah kambing dan serigala.

Pada suatu hari, serigala telah menghantar perwakilan kepada pihak kambing, di mana mereka mahukan gencatan senjata dan pendamaian antara kedua2 pihak.

Lalu suatu mesyuarat di adakan secara sulit antara pihak kambing dan pihak serigala.

"Kita dah terlalu lama berpecah sejak dari zaman Nabi Sulaiman lagi", kata wakil serigala.

"Kenapa kita perlu bertarung lagi? Fikirkan untuk anak2 kita. Mereka tak perlu hidup dalam permusuhan!", tegas wakil serigala yang satu lagi.

"Sebenarnya, ini semua salah anjing pengembala. Anjing2 itu berniat jahat, kerana mereka lah yang sering mencetuskan api permusuhan antara kita, untuk membolehkan kita hidup bersatu tanpa prejudis, anjing2 pengembala itu hendaklah dijauhi dan di halau, baru lah kita dapat hidup damai semula", ujar wakil serigala yang mendapat anggukan dari semua pihak dalam majlis persidangan sulit itu.

Maka keesokan pagi, kambing2 itu telah menjauhkan diri daripada anjing2 pengembala.

Tengah hari itu, hampir kesemua serigala tidur kekenyangan setelah melakukan serangan terhadap pihak kambing pada pagi itu.

Nota :

Kalau kau selalu baca konflik Israel-Palestin, notice that

a) kalau dari pihak Palestin, gencatan senjata selalunya ditulis dalam English dalam bentuk "request" dan "plea"

b) kalau dari pihak Israel, gencatan senjata selalunya ditulis dalam English dalam bentuk "demand" dan "insist"

3. Alatan mekanikal

Kalau kau dalam bidang kejuruteraan mekanikal, kau akan berasa bidang ni sexist macam sial.

Pipe fittings ada yang nama nipple dan stopcock. Fittings baik mechy dan electrical ada yang male dan female dan cara nak bezakan ialah :

Male = fitting yang mencucuk, sebab pipe thread di luar
Female = fitting yang dicucuk. sebab pipe thread di dalam

Dan ada satu alat mekanikal yang nama Jesus Nut.

Dalam helikopter, nut ni yang memegang kipas helikopter dengan "keseluruhan" helikopter.

If the Jesus pin were to fail in flight, the helicopter would detach from the rotors and the only thing left for the crew to do would be to pray to Jesus. In addition, a person must have faith in the Jesus bolt to do its intended job without failure. Real examples of the Jesus pin failing are few and far between. However the pin must be checked before the flight.[3] Some more recent helicopter systems do not have a Jesus nut.
A helicopter's main rotor hub must sometimes be removed for maintenance and repair. This hub is held to the rotor shaft—and thus the rest of the aircraft—by a large, threaded, retained fastener. A nut, in other words.

This fastener must be securely locked down or else the vibrations from the helicopter's rotor blades can loosen its hold and potentially allow the fastener to work off. This would allow the main rotor to come free of the aircraft. If this were to happen in flight there would be, um, dramatic consequences.

American helicopter pilots and mechanics very early on dubbed this fastener the “Jesus nut" because He was likely to be make an appearance in the aftermath of the nut coming off.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Beware of Tools of The Trade and Slaves to the Grind

One of the way I learn English during my childhood days is by listening to metal.

For instance, I know the meaning of the term "Tools of the Trade" because it is a song from grindcore band, Carcass.

I know the meaning of the proverb "Slaves to the Grind" because it is a song from Skidrow.

Yesterday I wrote “Hanya Kanak2 Mengharap Superhero”, and basically it was about me condemning the Kajang by-election. I didn’t bother to write in English because the issue was “local”, happening at my Malaysian hometown.

Basically, what I wrote was, political people are replacable. During the 60’s, two most powerful man in the world was Kennedy and Kruschev, who hold the keys to nuclear missiles during the Cuban Missile Crisis, that almost bring the world to nuclear apocalypse.

After Kennedy was shot, in less than 24 hours, USA made Lyndon B Johnson,as President, as he was the Vice President to Kennedy.

After Kruschev bang his shoes at United Nations, he was replaced by Brezhnev on October 1964.
And so I argued, depending on Anwar Ibrahim to solve the BN onslaught is childish, and asking CC Lee to resign and causing a byelection at Kajang to enable Anwar becoming the Menteri Besar is annoying.

But those who criticise, are labelled “in alliance with towkay lendir” (towkay lendir is a derogatory term for Chinese businessman).

Anyway, I was labelled and criticised too, even though I am a mere engineer eating on my paychecks working on construction.

Nevermind, I am a nobody. And we Kajang people are nobodies too.

But we are always beware of tools of the trade and slaves to the grind.

Skidrow - Slaves to the Grind (1991)

Carcass - Tools of The Trade (1992)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hanya Kanak2 Mengharap Superhero


Salam kepada Tuan TT, minta maaf pada teguran saya kali ini, kerana saya amat hormat pada Tuan TT.

Saya penduduk Kajang, dan sememangnya saya kecewa dengan apa terjadi. Ditambah pula saya diganggu selepas solat jumaat ketika makan di kedai tepi jalan depan Masjid Jamek Kajang oleh CC Lee yg mahu beramah mesra dengan saya ketika dia mahu mendapat undi pada election lepas.

Saya sangat kecewa dengan tindakan PKR, tapi saya lebih terkejut apabila membaca blog TukarTiub yang saya sukai ini, apabila 2-3 post cuba imply bahawa sesiapa yg menentang Anwar utk bertanding adalah mereka yg ada kaitan dengan towkay lendir.

Pada post ini, saya mendapat jawapannya. Tuan TT berpendapat Anwar sesuai jadi MB utk menghalang UMNO dari buat hal kes tanah, duit dan agama di selangor.

Maafkan saya, tetapi saya hairan pendapat Tuan TT kali ini sangat naive, apatah pula Tuan TT pernah duduk di luar negara.

Tuan TT hidup di era 60-an, maka Tuan TT mesti tahu siapakah 2 org yg terhebat di dunia ketika itu. Mereka ialah Kennedy dan Kruschev. Krisis Missile Cuba hampir2 menyebabkan dunia kiamat akibat nuklear.

Apakah nasib pada 2 superhero ini?

Selepas Kennedy ditembak mati, kurang 24 jam, USA telah melantik presiden baru.

Selepas Kruschev menghentak kasut di United nations, Politburo Soviet Russia terus singkirkan beliau.

2 org yang mampu menyebabkan dunia kiamat dengan nuklear, hanya di gantikan begitu sahaja.

Apakah Anwar Ibrahim lebih hebat dari itu semua?

Maksud saya, semua orang di dunia ini adalah replacable.

Maknanya, sudah lapuk idea untuk mengharapkan satu2 tokoh, atau seseorang individu untuk membawa perubahan, kerana everybody is replacable.

Pada pendapat saya yang hina ini, generasi saya yg muda dan yang akan datang, kami memilih kepada ideology, bukan pemimpin untuk membawa perubahan di Malaysia.

Barulah politik di Malaysia akan menjadi matang.

Mengharapkan Anwar Ibrahim utk menghalang UMNO di Selangor adalah seperti mengharapkan Iron Man atau Superman datang membantu kezaliman di Syria, Mesir dan negara Islam yang tertindas akibat politik.

Apakah tanggungjawab Adun Selangor lain yg elected? Bukankah PAS dan DAP ada lebih banyak kerusi? Adakah mereka yg elected itu tidak kompeten untuk menghalang UMNO dari buat hal di Selangor?

Sekali lagi saya memohon maaf kepada Tuan TT jika terkasar bahasa, maafkan pandangan orang biasa seperti saya ini.

Update Note 1:24pm 1 Feb 2014 :

Beware of tools of the trade and slaves to the grind.