Saturday, 29 March 2014

Crown Of Worms

and so last 28 March was my 32nd birthday.

There was no celebration, the day was tiring and mundane for any celebration at all.

so i guess i just  share with you some views gained thru out my 32 years of living.

A. Blogging.

1. Blogging is about saying things that you want to be remembered with. And words you feel at peace when saying to people whom you didn't know, and whom knows you (employers, colleagues, clients, etc.)

Therefore never mention things too privately. If too private, never mention names either.

2. Comments section.

It's like a board at a classrooms full of kids. It's fun but it's a tedious job of keeping it in discipline.

If a fella agrees with you, you need to say no more.

If a fella disagree with you, since your post is not agreeable, chances are further explainations won't help so why bother with all the troubles?

If it's about people wanting to know you, then get in touch personally thru mails or whatever medium which just between you and that fella.

3. Updates.

Do it honestly at your own convenient time. Nobody died if you didn't post. If you didn't post, chances are you are serious with your personal life, job that pays your bills, or you do not have the mood.

If you do not have the mood and still want to post, it's like forcing to speak softly to people when you are not in the mood. They'll soon hate you.

3. Always put visuals in your blog no matter how irrelevant. It serves as a "breaking point". When you read something, your brain needs rest, and so those pictures serves to relax your mind before you get to your next point.

B .Life

1. Keep quiet most of the time. If you do, people assume you're too dumb to speak, or you're too clever that you hold the secret keys to the gold vaults at Bank Negara.
Statistically you look 50% smarter.

2. Do not teach Form 5 Physics stuff to 5 year old. It's useless.
   Do not teach Form 5 Physics to a Physics professor. You'll offend.

And so, the only time you can share your knowledge is when you were asked by a proper person. Evaluate before you answer.

Or you can just write it in a blog.

You know what, most senior engineers, when asked by a junior, will usually answers "Uncle google knows better".

Simply because, in construction, there are "consultants" who get paid consulting clients.

Advice is precious. Keep it precious by following economic "demand and supply" law. People put more value to things that are scarce.

C. Work and Career.

1. Never go back to the office place where you had resigned. You can keep in touch with old colleagues, but not necessary to meet them at the old place. If you did, there'll be some moments when you remembered why the hell you left them in the first place.

2. ALL engineers mostly refers to Drawings for work. At some moments he is required to play
around with test forms, Tender documents, claims, etc. Nevertheless, never put
"good at paperwork" at your resume. You're an engineer, you're expected to be good at it.
Those who claim "good at paperwork" are usually not so good in "reading" drawings, they
spent too much time in non-engineering work.

3. Separate your working life and private life. Reason is simple, everybody hates it when
your family member turns out at your office during working hours. 

You probably hate it as well when you saw your colleague while spending time with
your loved ones. There are colleagues, buddies, personal friends, etc, each with their own
space and time. Never mix it.

.4. Stupid question exists. Stupid question are those when answered, won't give any benefits or help to progress the work. Engineers fear stupid questions because it's wasting precious employment time, which they get paid.

And last one,

4. Talk technical engineering stuff ONLY during office hours. Do not talk technical engineering stuff while at Mamak place. Especially with friends and colleagues. You disrespect your friends, and you disrespect engineering as well.

You won't look smart either. Nobody held seminars at a Mamak place.

The reason why people is suspicious of MLM people are because they discuss at a Mamak's
place. If it's too important, people will discuss it in office.

Never sign any forms or trust any important discussion at Mamak's place.

And so, to commemorate this 32nd birthday of mine, here's a song.

Megadeth - Crown Of Worms

I am the author, dream up your pain
Drink as did Bacchus, rebel just like Cain
Lord of the city, I shall remain
All pandemonium, I shall reign
Sit in my fortress up on my hill
Drinking the wine till I've had my fill
Building up high, my castle walls
Oh, to veil my splendid fall

I present you, I present you
I present you this crown of worms

Surrounding myself with misery
Drawn curtains heavy of my hitory
Exquisite I am perfect unity
On my left hand is false majesty
I feign affection, refute the true story
Dispute with creation, the lie is my glory
I care for no one, my gospel is death
For me the light's gone, only darkness is left

I present you, I present you
I present you this crown of worms

As black in deed, as cold as stone
A commandment of one, as proud as gold
As neglected in spirit, as time is old
As legion is numbers, as legend is told
I am alone with the agony of truth
My power of will, my judgement and chain
My end is knowledge and conscience of guilt
My final confusion hidden from me till I'm done

Music - Mustaine
Lyrics - Mustaine/Sean Harris