Tuesday, 21 July 2015


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………He underwent emergency surgery and was then placed into an induced coma, and remained comatose until his death on 17 July 2015.[4] Bianchi is the first Formula One driver to be killed as a result of an accident during a race event since the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.[5]

- Wikipedia

I actually thought of this a couple of years back, I ain’t sure I had it written, and so here it is. To be cast into these stones of electronic signals of Tumblr / Blogs.

I learned during Hari Raya 2013. that my grandmother died at the age of 32. By then she had 12 kids, the youngest was few months old. Learnt it during visit to her grave on Hari Raya holidays.

She married young, but she achieved much. I remember my bones were shivering because I was actually 31 years old then.

And so today, I reflect back, being 33 years old, on what I have achieved.

Life is short. If we died, we didn’t leave supernovas like when the stars died. We died, most of us are forgotten, and those who were remembered, are remembered by their deeds.

And so, I told myself, life is bloody short that I don’t have to think so much on unnecessary things, i.e. what other thinks.

If I lived, it shouldn’t matter, if I died, what good are praises to my decaying bones in the forgotten earth?

From that time, I truly believe in the wisdom of “those who matter, don’t mind, those who mind, don’t matter”

B. Baruch, who entertains so many notables, was recently asked by Igor Cassini how he managed the seating arrangements at his soirees. “I suppose it’s really very difficult to put the guests in their correct places.” commented Mr. C. “Not at all,” stated the elder statesman. “Those who matter, don’t mind. Those who mind—don’t matter!” - http://quoteinvestigator.com/2012/12/04/those-who-mind/

Do not argue.

Do not worry so much.

Just leave it the f*** alone.

Get your results done.

You never know when you’ll be dead.
Get alive. Breathe.

Slayer - Dittohead