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A watch belonging to one of the bombing victims stopped at 8:15, the exact moment of the explosion, Hiroshima, Japan, the August 6, 1945 - 1985

Once upon a time, there was a Malaysian student who got a scholarship to study in UK.

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Within a month, this young Malaysian student on his first visit to London, locates the red light district and enters a large brothel.
The madam asks him to be seated and sends over a young lady to entertain the client.

They sit and talk, frolic a little, giggle a bit, drink a bit, and she sits on his lap. 

He whispers in her ear and she gasps and runs away! Seeing this, the madam sends over a more experienced lady to entertain the gentleman. 

They sit and talk, frolic a little, giggle a bit, drink a bit, and she sits on his lap.

He whispers in her ear and she screams, “No!” and walks away quickly.

The madam is surprised that this ordinary-looking man has asked for something so outrageous that her two girls will have nothing to do with it. 

She decides that only her most experienced lady, Lola, will do. 

Lola looks a bit tired, but she has never said no and it doesn’t seem likely that anything would surprise her. 

So the madam sends her over to the Malaysian student.

They sit and talk, frolic a little, giggle a bit, drink a bit, and she sits on his lap. 

He whispers in her ear and she screams, “NO WAY, BUDDY!”, smacks him as hard as she can, and literally runs away too!

Madam is by now absolutely intrigued, having seen nothing like this in all her years of operating a brothel. 

She hasn’t done the bedroom work herself for a long time, but she did it for many years before she got into management. 

She’s sure she has said yes at one time or another to everything a man could possibly ask for. 

The challenge is irresistible.She just has to find out what this man wants that has made her girls so angry.

And she sees a chance she can’t pass up to show off to her employees how good she was at what they do. 

So she goes over to the Malaysian student and says that she’s the best in the house and she, herself, is available.

She sits and talks with him. They frolic a bit,giggle a bit, drink a little, and she sits in his lap. 

And then the Malaysian student leans forward and whispers in her ear ….

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Source: Reuters

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 6, 2015:The ringgit has continued to slide against the US dollar to close at 3.9005/8035 today.

Sentiment towards emerging Asian currencies deteriorated in the last two weeks, a Reuters poll showed today, as expectations grew that the US Federal Reserve will begin raising interest rates in September.

Short positions on the ringgit hit the largest since early January as the country’s political crisis deepened, according to the survey of 22 fund managers, currency traders and analysts conducted between Tuesday and today.

The ringgit fell to a level last seen during the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis, when the country subsequently pegged it to RM3.80 to the US dollar.

Malaysian anti-corruption body points to $US700m in PM Najib Razak’s accounts

Date :August 5, 2015 

Kuala Lumpur: A political storm around Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak has taken a new twist as the country’s anti-corruption body confirmed that almost $US700 million ($962 million) had been deposited into his personal bank account.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission said in a written statement the money was a “donor’s contribution” but did not reveal who the donor was nor its purpose.

The commission said the money was not from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), a state investment fund headed by Mr Najib that is $US11 billion in debt and the subject of several investigations in Kuala Lumpur.

Earlier the fund denied transferring money to the Prime Minister.

Mr Najib has threatened to sue the Wall Street Journal over a July 2 report that claimed Malaysian investigators had traced almost $US700 million of deposits into what investigators believed were Mr Najib’s personal bank accounts after the movement of cash among agencies, banks and companies linked to the fund.

The newspaper reported that the original source of the money was unclear.

Mr Najib, who has denied taking any money for personal gain, made no comment on the commission’s statement.

Allegations swirling around 1MDB are the biggest threat to Mr Najib’s credibility since he took office in 2009 and have bitterly divided his long-ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO).

The Prime Minister has refused to resign pending the outcome of the investigations, saying the allegations are part of a malicious campaign to force him from office.

Last week Mr Najib dismissed four ministers and his deputy prime minister who had urged him to respond to the allegations involving the fund. He reshuffled his cabinet in a bid to shore up support.

At the same time, authorities in Kuala Lumpur have widened a crackdown on Mr Najib’s critics, forcing the shutdown of newspapers and arresting several dozen people.

Several UMNO officials suggested recently that, as party president, Mr Najib is authorised to handle political donations.

But former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, who has led calls for Mr Najib’s resignation, wrote in his blog on Monday that hundreds of millions of dollars seemed far more than necessary for any campaign expenses.

Dr Mahathir said when he was prime minister he never had election funds deposited into his personal accounts.

The anti-corruption body said it has referred its findings to the Attorney-General and urged people to be patient while investigations continue.


As a normal Malaysian, I feel tired and sick with what happens.

That's all.


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