Sunday, 20 August 2017

walk away

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Just now, as we came back from work, we had our dinner at nearest Mamak food stall, then straight back home to cuddle with each other in front of TV.

Guess what? There was no ASTRO signal reception, which was quite surprising, since there was no rain and the sky was clear.

Further check with ASTRO customer service, and after few technical checkups, I was convinced that the ASTRO dish, or the wiring was damaged.

The suspect?

We felt angry and screwed, and went to sleep in anger and bitching about the bloody neighbourhood.

That's why, if you followed my blog, I kinda hate Islamic preaching. Because most mis-happenings in my life are due to Muslims. You can call them Malay or what.

I remembered on my last project, where the main contractor's and consultant's engineers, sometimes keep asking for favours, either asking for meal or dinner dining, sometimes asking monetary favours, which did fall under bribery, but then, as subcons, we had no choice but to oblige,as suddenly then our work or approval to do something is made "difficult".

All of those "shitholes" are Muslims.

That's why, for me, religious is personal kinda thing, because people are abusing it and are "abused" themselves. You keep harping about Islamic beauty and all, but then you are not helped by what you see.

So I walk away from these people. 

I go to my surau and prayed, but then, I don't hope much for the Muslim as there are times my slippers got stolen and I had to walk back from the surau to my house barefooted.

I do feel like being in a crisis of faith, like understanding the atheist view, the Epicurus, the agnostics, and in the same time you see all this shit Muslims. 

But then, there are good ones.

There are good people.

There are good Muslims.

 And there is goodness and the only thing to go on, in this life, is to move forward, walk away and focus of the good ones, while trying to footdance in the pathway to avoid those little shits in the walkway.