Friday, 2 February 2018

paranoid android

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A friend of mine, a girl, was so stressful about the current issue in Malaysia, which is the suicide of Vasantha Priya, a 14 year old girl who hanged herself after a "dispute" over allegation from her teacher that she stole the teacher's Iphone.

Ok, the case is now under Police investigation. The teacher involved is now under Education Ministry supervision, and her fate will be decided after the investigation.

In summary, the issue is undergoing a process.

My question to that female friend, why you get so stress over this?

It's just like the case of that tahfiz fire who killed 23 students last year.

When it happened, most noises in the social media suddenly get emotionally heightened, blame "penunggang agama" / those who abuse religion for profit, blame tahfiz schools and imply that those tahfiz schools doesn't give much damn to the safety of students, only using religion to cash in as much as possible.

History of previous burning involving tahfiz schools, implying that the schools aren't safe.

In the end, the investigation proved it was an arson case.

And suddenly those who were emotionally heightened, became quiet. No more blaming.

I myself was also one of those social media bloody noises.

A fortnight ago, I was hell on Facebook making noises supporting #undirosak movement. Comments and noises.

Then the KLSCAH forum happened. And suddenly it made me to question things.

I asked the #undirosak fellas, why are you guys harping so much about Maryam Lee, and not Fahmi Reza?

I felt Fahmi Reza's case was more "oppressive" compared to verbal abuse to Maryam Lee.

The answer to my question, "why? Do you want to start donation for Fahmi Reza, is it?"

I kept quiet.

Then I was told "Relax mate, the case is still under undecided in Court. We see how to progress after the case is decided".

Look at the current news happening in Malaysia.

- KUALA LUMPUR: A man has claimed trial to 200 counts of raping his then five-year-old niece, at a Sessions Court in Ampang here.

- PORT DICKSON: Police have obtained a seven-day remand order against a couple over the death of the man's nine-year-old daughter.

- KOTA KINABALU: A man who was seen in a viral video jumping on top of a car at a roundabout in Likas here is a drug addict with a criminal record.

- KOTA KINABALU: He had a promising future ahead of him, but the 18-year-old Filipino has probably blown it for supporting Abu Sayyaf.

- KOTA KINABALU: Two more state government engineers with the Sabah Railway Department have been arrested, bringing to seven the number of people detained in a graft probe on suspected fictitious projects and claims.

- SUNGAI PETANI: The man who was caught on video fondling a young girl under her dress at a funfair and trying to kiss her pleaded guilty at the Sessions Court.

- PETALING JAYA: Teachers have been reminded to adhere to the standard operating procedure (SOP) when dealing with cases of theft following the death of a 14-year-old Penang schoolgirl who attempted suicide after being accused of stealing her teacher’s handphone.

Ok. The world is shit. We all take note of the news above.

But must you spoil your mood and stress yourself over those news?

Do all those news, demands your explaination and review in Facebook, and you feel like a Social Justice Warrior over an injustice world, and made you stressful after that?

Then, comments and reviews in your FB comment section, replying each other, sometimes shooting each other back, heightened emotions, and made you more stressful.

In the end, like the Fahmi Reza case, or the Tahfiz case, we still rely on the mechanism in our society, ie. police, Courts, even though most of us in Malaysia, mistrust the Government, or what you might term as the System.

It's ok and your democratic right to make noise, but I'm just concerned over your stress.

A heart that's full up like a landfill 
A job that slowly kills you 
Bruises that won't heal 

You look so tired and unhappy 
Bring down the government 
They don't, they don't speak for us 

I'll take a quiet life 
A handshake of carbon monoxide 

No alarms and no surprises, please
Silent, silent 

This is my final fit, 
my final bellyache with 

No alarms and no surprises please 

Such a pretty house, 
such a pretty garden 

No alarms and no surprises please