Thursday, 5 September 2013

Anugerah Sasterawan Negara Malaysia

If the Anugerah Sasterawan Negara Malaysia can be revoked, then what is so priceless about that Anugerah in the first place?

A minister said it.

Somemore, that minister holds the Malaysian Ministry of Communication and Multimedia.

If it really happens, then I shouldn't bother writing good things in Malay. Because every writing in Malay seems to be "lower" than the power of politics in Malaysia. 

You know what? 

Go read about Tan Twan Eng, a Malaysian, and his novel The Garden of Evening Mists. 

His books sold like hot-cakes in UK, prompting him to be shortlisted for Man Booker Prize 2012.

Because of his English book, he won Walter Scott Prize for historical fiction 2013, and Man Asian Literary Prize 2012.

Malay literature do not succeed the same heights as The Garden of Evening Mists, purely because it has to stoop so low to Malay politics, which in turn generates Malay weak-minds.

And then you guys keep wondering why Malaysian language is not being revered so much even in its own country. Go and figure it out now.