Monday, 9 September 2013

Poster Boy

1. Before you start criticising, let it be known that the brand name Fathul Bari is a title of a famous book by Ibnu Hajar As-Qalani, which discusses all the Hadith Sahih stated in Sahih Bukhari book.

2. Then, as usual, famous brand names will result in names being applied to children, and I believe the father of the Ustaz as per link above knew about Ibnu Hajar and that famous book of his.

3. Go and find that Fathul Bari book, it's a good book. You can request the book personally from me through my email.

4. I don't care about that Ustaz. However, let's look at that issue academically.
If you ever read Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, you will understand the concept of "invisible hand".

5. However, after the collapse of Wall Street in 1930's resulting in Great Depression, it resulting in this:-

6. That Ustaz's view, if viewed from the Non-Islamic view, is pro-capitalist.

7.  The study of mechanistic in pricing, is there being studied by economist around the world. If Newton was still alive, he too would say that pricing is like gravity, it's a mechanism designed by God, but it is there to be studied.

8. The problem with that Ustaz thinking is that, asking the masses for a total acceptance of economic pricing without study and understanding, and saying it's part of that taqdir. (pre-determination from God).

9. That Ustaz alone will bear the weight of his statements, either here in this world or in the Thereafter (for those Muslims).

10. Economist around the world study price mechanism, from the point of economics and psychology.

11. I'm not an Islamic academic. But there is a common practice by Malaysian Muslims, when they buy things at the pasar malam, they will always say "Beli ye kak" (I buy this) and that Kakak (Sister) will say "Ye kakak jual". (Ok I sell it). Why do you think they say that?

12. Because they are practicing akad. In modern terms, contract. Because on each side, saying that is by practice, mentioning an acceptance by each and everyone during the handover of goods.

13. That's why in modern days, we have delivery order, receipt. A documentation of transaction.

14. But, if a government decide to increase the price without notice, or the people only knew it in just a short time (short notice), what is the value of acceptance of the transaction? Is it legal in Islam?

15. Go and ask that genius Ustaz this question.

16. Nevertheless, I think, most issues in Malaysia are deviated by this way. One poster clown will come out with a statement, then everybody instead labelled him and attack him directly, resulting in everyone forgetting of the whole issue, and focusing on that poster boy instead.