Friday, 17 January 2014

Malaysian Politics : What Najib did wrong and what Mahathir did best

First, I'm not Pro-BN or pro-Pakatan.

Read this with the intent towards opening your mind learning about politics and stuff, the same way I did when reading The Prince by Macchiavelli or other military stuff.

The problem with Malaysian politics is that both parties are not professional enough.

Whoever wants to win the next election, need to treat the other party like a guerilla to be out-played.

When you read there are extreme people like PERKASA voicing out, you will understand that BN side is not playing the game quite well. It's a stupid dumbing down strategy.

Stupidity makes people feel stupid and it'll cause anger, people can tolerate with loss, but most people cannot tolerate insult towards their intelligence.

When you ask people to be thankful for reduction of Kangkung price, and saying it's not fair, you sound like a children rather than Prime Minister.

Only children appeals for thankfulness if they did something, wanting to be praised. Adults do something to gain something, either money or whatever advantage in life.

When you appeal people to be thankful to you, you seem to be begging for mercy from your people.

Pious people beg for mercy from God alone. Non-pious adults do not beg for mercy unless they are totally outwitted.

Good leaders do not beg for votes and mercy. Instead they make sound arrangements and let people think.

When people choose you because of what they think rather than what they feel, the people will cling towards you more honestly because they know there are some advantage or goodness in choosing you.

The Pakatan Rakyat can only play along with the people's disgust towards BN for such short time. When economics are pressing and people are in dire need, people will become individualistic and they start to think in terms of "advantage" rather than sentiments.

To win people's heart is a professional job, and when you treat it profresionally, you will not need to go into dirty politics or stupidity to out-do the other party.

It'll make us, the people of Malaysia, more matured and professional. Seriously.

Actually these stuffs below are what is termed as COIN (Counter Insurgency).

Now you know why during the Mahathir times, the top guns in Bukit Aman are from the Special Branch, SB's.

Even Pakatan Rakyat, if they learn well of this, can implement and manipulate this points to their advantage.

I'm tired of dumbing down and emotional politics in Malaysia.

I like to see those players playing poker like professional, not like stupid kids.

from Wikipedia

Defeating Communist Insurgency: Experiences in Malaya and Vietnam

Certain principles of counter-insurgency warfare are well known since the 1950s and 1960s. The widely distributed and influential work of Sir Robert Thompson offers several such guidelines. Thompson's underlying assumption is that of a country minimally committed to the rule of law and better governance.

Elements of Thompson's moderate approach are adapted here:

1.The people are the key base to be secured and defended rather than territory won or enemy bodies counted.
Contrary to the focus of conventional warfare, territory gained, or casualty counts are not of overriding...........