Sunday, 15 June 2014

think for yourself

I would like the dearest readers of this blog to ponder upon this.

1. I work in construction business. As far as I know, this "hostile architecture" idea has not yet been picked up by Malaysian architects / engineers alike.

2. But I think, sooner, it will happen. Why? It is because here in Malaysia, construction is not driven by the need to provide housing / area for the people. It is driven by the idea of "Ringgit per square feet" or how much money can you make per square feet of space.

3. You do not have to read George Orwell "1984" to understand fear. Just understand that freedom is not only in the minds, but is about space as well. And space is getting scarce. Space is now being contested.

4. And since human behaviour abides by economic law of supply and demand, remember this, your space is becoming a scarce resource. Ask them Palestinians and Israelis.

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That is how cities are summarised not by words but by emotions.

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