Friday, 10 October 2014

CDR : What I learned during the Hari Raya Haji 2014

This post is long and full of pics I want to see and remember forever in my life, so in summary is "What I learned before, during and after Hari Raya Haji 2014 = CDR"

C = Compassion

D = Discipline

R = Responsibility
1. Sending mother to Kompleks Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya weeks before Hari Raya Haji

 My mom

 Kompleks Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya

 My Family, My mom is the lady in black

 8.00pm, mom got into the queue-ing line, and few minutes after that, the departure gate is opened, and so my mom was the lucky few who entered early for departure.

 Last photo of my mom before she went off to depart to Saudi Arabia for Hajj. Insyallah, she will be back again in Malaysia on 7 Nov 2014.

Lesson :
When we arrive at Kompleks Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya around 6pm, everybody waited but there were only few who went up to the Counter to ask. We were the lucky few Alhamdulilah.

By the time of Maghrib prayers, my mom already had her ID chain, and other Tabung Haji items. 

As just she finished her prayers, we patiently queue up in front of the departure gate even though there were not many people. There were no announcement by Tabung Haji or so. Might be they were experiencing problems or so. But then, we were lucky, truly lucky Alhamdulilah.

If we spend time arguing with Tabung Haji, there'll be no compassion for the staff and we could be late.

If we arrive late, and just hang around at the Kompleks Tabung Haji, my mom could've waited longer.

If we just waited for the announcement, my mom could've waited longer. We were lucky to respond.

CDR. Alhamdulilah.
2.Piles of work

 Material for works

 Damansara City Project

 Cables for Temporary wiring

 Drawings ready for submit

Lesson :
I was lucky to go to Office on Monday a day after Hari Raya Haji to prepare for work materials.

After office, I went to few houses to celebrate Hari Raya Haji.

Turns out that night, I felt unwell, and was shocked to found blood in the stools.

At 3pm, rushed to Hospital Kajang only to found out I had bleeding Haemmeroid.

Rushed few times this week to Hospital Kajang due to incredible pain and bleed.

The last inspection, there was abcess in the wound.

Yes, I'm blogging this while laying at the tilam on my house's Living Room.

 I blame this due to no CDR in eating. Should've taken care of eating.

 Foods taken days before incident of bleeding hammeroid
  Foods taken days before incident of bleeding hammeroid
  Foods taken days before incident of bleeding hammeroid
 Foods taken days before incident of bleeding hammeroid

Ok this is a book that I found at Masjid Jamek Kajang during 2013 "non-working" period. Was lucky to found it  few weeks ago during garage sale for RM3.00. I paid RM10. Always pay more during garage sale for books. CDR. But it was worth it.

3. CDR by other people who took care of me during this sickening period.

I thanked my dear brother who drove me to the Hospital, bought food and the main contributor "to the taking care of this bleeding-hammeroid-person" effort. My auntie Mak Ajiah too. But then they do not want their pictures taken so this is the little brat who took care of me as well by running around playfully and being a good boy.

 Before Hari Raya Haji
 Minutes before trip to Petshop Boarding, as I went to Tapah during Hari Raya Haji

Coming back to house happy

 Trying to cheer up his "Abah" who is in pain

 Taking care of "Abah" while on top of Abah's stomach

 Sleeping beside painful Abah.

  Sleeping beside painful Abah.(Photo's taken this Friday Afternoon)

 Sleeping beside painful Abah. (Photo's taken this Friday Afternoon)

Note : Abah means Father. That's what I called myself when I was with this orange kid. :P

4.Going back to Tapah to rekindle relationships with relatives from my father's side.

My uncle, who was from my father's side (who has since departed) called me a week before Hari Raya Haji, asking me to drop by to Tapah, Perak, as soon as he learned my mom went to Hajj this year.

At first, I wasn't sure if I could make it due to heavy work load of my current project. 
Alhamdulilah. I made it.

 Kampung Batu Masjid, Tapah, Perak

 My uncle's house

 Now I know why I'm a cat-person.

 Bunch of meows.

I went back on Saturday and was there the same day (It was a 2 and a half hour trip).

Sunday, had Raya Prayers at Kampung Batu Masjid's mosque before going to Gopeng to an auntie's house and going back again to Tapah the same day.

Monday morning 9am, going back to KL.

It was very heartfelt, as my uncle is 72 years old and my Gopeng's auntie was 83 years old. She still recognise me by the first look and this amazes everyone and made me feel very sad actually.

I'm glad I spend my time with them. It was not just a duty. It is what I call family.

5.Hospital staffs : Private and Government

C = Compassion

D = Discipline

R = Responsibility

This is my personal experience, so I will be responsible for this posting.

My experience favours the Government Hospital staffs more than the Private Hospital staffs.

I do not want to elaborate what happened, but I found the Government Hospitals staff have more CDR than those in the Private sector.

Simply because, they were understaffed, underpay, but they still serve because they can see and feel that this people that they served, do not have the financial means to afford more.

I seen with my eyes, how people lay down in the chairs of Hospital Kajang, how the babies cried, the looks of their frustrated but patient parents, this people who can't really afford.

I felt guilty actually when going there but I had no choice simply because you are sure you will be treated during those odd hours and those odd moments there, and because I was in terrible pain and bleed.

But I did not expect that my brother and I was going to be treated harshly at Private Hospital, simply because my brother didn't dress well and didn't speak proper English.

I laid helplessly feeling rejected, and getting heavily charged. The treatment was too mechanical. The people is mechanical. I felt that they were not doctors or nurses, they were hotel workers.

From my experience, I now know that CDR cannot be bought with money. It has to come from something called dedication. If you want to be good with your profession, you have to be dedicated to it. Then CDR will come. Higher salary will not promise good CDR.

6. Social Media : Blogging, comments, Tumblr. and Life In General

Me. I'm just an Mechanical engineer in construction.
I like music a lot.
In the same time, I like studying Islamic knowledge, and I'm more towards the "academic" part of it.
I have my preferentials and dislikes.


I remembered this during my times at Melaka Matriculation College. It was the words of Tuan Haji Yaakop Haji Idris.

 It is translated to English into something like this

"If you play, play hard, play the best you can.
If you study, study hard, study the best you can
Be the best in that field that you currently do and dont mix it up with other things, just be the best in that field"

And so,

When it's time for Work, then work hard.

Do not discuss other stuff other than Engineering in a Construction Project meeting. 

Do not discuss Islamic Religion in a Construction Project meeting, one because it is not proper, two, because people are making sure people are abound by Contract terms and Safety so none of us went to Heaven during working time. 

When you are in Praying time, or in Praying mode, then do the maximum and the best you can.

There is time and moment for each things in life.

 The problem with social media nowadays is that one person might want to adverse to many topics in life and giving their shit opinion about it.


We forgot about the lessons of Adam Smith in Wealth Of Nations, advancement of wealth and knowledge is made by "specialisation"

By Dedication and specialising with the trade and skill you know best.

If you are not the expert of it, then keep quiet.

Only talk of things you are expert at.

Doing this, you are contributing to advancement and not just idle talks.