Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Greed Killing

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The photos is about the Police and Local Authorities who went on to demolish poor people’s house at Kg. Chubadak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

They been living there from ages, only to be labelled as “squatters” due to recent development by YTL Corporation on the area.

To be fair on both sides, actually the poor residents was given a “good” offer to move out. But they resented, and authoritative force was applied to get the job done.

What was the good offer?

The poor residents are offered by the Local Authority for a new small flat house, which they have to pay RM 450 for new electric and water installation, and rental fees of RM125 every month.

And they are ask to pay Rm1500 to bill the Local Authority for “goods transport fees”, i.e., money to move all their belongings to their new home.

Imagine you are a Palestinian.

Then one day an Israeli chopper bombs your house for security reasons.

Then the Israelis force you to pay rent for the new house in exchange of your demolished house.

They ask you to pay upfront for the electricity and water as well.

Oh before that, you are asked to pay transport fees as well.

All in the name of Development.

Don’t preach about religion for this kind of thing.

Religion-talk is just smokescreen in the name of capitalist oppression.

The wrong time, the wrong place
Our smiling face of distrust
Buried, the sand deep in all our hands
Prepared ourselves for the fall

The greed killing!

Instinct to mistrust
Instinct - the lust
Their butchery of feelings
Geared for the greed killing

The greed killing!

Not now, then when?
Not now, then when?
When? [x4]

The lust denies the need [x5]

Existence is the steady flow,
The moulded image grows
No care, no faith in what you are
The pressure builds right from the start

Could it be just sour grapes?
Or have we failed to fit their shape?
It's always give, and never take
How much more can we give?
How much more can we take?