Sunday, 28 December 2014

Red Riding Bubu

1. Red Riding Bubu

Bubu the little kitten of mine, will be 1 year old by next January.

I met this fella on 20th January 2014, he was very small indeed at that time. He was found alone inside a Pump Room in one of my projects. His mom couldn't be found, so I took care of him since.

Went to Vet on May 2015 for vaccination and castration, and the Dr. told me he was exactly 5 months old.

(Note : I saw one documentary of National Geographics on TV about abandoned cats, and after reading articles from pet-association,  i went ahead with the castration, thinking it was good)

Anyway, it's just few days before new year, and Bubu being 1 year old.

Since it's raining season in Malaysia (it's flooding in most states in Peninsular Malaysia now), the night was cold and so I gave Bubu a red blanket for him to sleep and cuddle on.

It was a way for getting him to sleep on time (I mean to sleep on the same time as I sleep). I  practically wrapped him with the red blanket and soothe him until he sleeps.

The best way is to cuddle him by my arms, with him being wrapped by the red blanket. As his eyes slowly closing, I put him down beside me in the bed, until he sleeps. It'll take around 20 mins, as sometimes he wants to play with my fingers.

In the morning, usually he'll be there munching my fingers, ears, slapping my face to woke me up for food.

With him wrapped in red blanket, reminds me of the story Red Riding Hood.

This is how he actually sleeps despite being wrapped earlier

2. PM

This is not about politics. PM here means Project Manager.

I written before about how I was kicked out from one of the projects few months ago.

Guess what, I was called back for that project again.

I couldn't reveal much about why and how due to work complication. But then now I was asked to hold on as temporary PM until a new boss comes in. with the same pay.

I didn't agree (it was more like forced-on or instructed to, there was no increase in my mere salary also), but I just go on and do as situation requires.

There was no shaking hands or making ammends with the people I disputed with before, it was all about meeting deadlines now.

Things that I learn is that PM is a post for engineer, who now had to take care of the business side of the job (cashflow, claims, profits) and the management side of the job as well (people issues)

And so, if one intends to be a PM, you still cannot neglect the technical aspect of the job and just focus being the boss. You might think skill of delegation is all that is needed. Nope.

Reason is people are people and people shits all the time. A good engineer cleans their shit themselves but most of the time, shit had to be clean in teamwork or being pushed to someone.

And so, if you do not understand the technical, you basically couldn't clean the shit no matter what. Even if you push the shit to others (in English we call it delegate the job), if the fella couldn't handle the stress of it, he will just pull the handbrake and just disappear.

People also obeys Hooke's Law. Past a certain limit and they could not go back to the same sanity level again. Their once iron-will has now been plasticised.

Yes, in this line, especially youngsters nowadays (Actually I did it before), if they couldn't handle it, they just resign and disappear.

Guess what, by then shit smells but you couldn't know where to look.

And so a good PM with a good team are those who cleans shit as fast as it can be done in fair and reasonable time.  (meeting deadlines).

But most of the time, when there is work, there is shit. The higher you are, the smellier it stinks.

3. Women

When I was a successful insecure a**hole engineer in Dubai before,  one of my Chinese senior once told me how insecure I was and said, if I was to be controlled by someone, they'll just use women and I will be gullible by that.

The Chinese call it the beauty trap (honeypot trap). It is one from the 36 strategy-idioms in the Chinese culture.

I remember before, in one of the companies, I was asked to help on certain confidential matters with the company.

The boss will always ask some pretty lady to assist me in my job. And in doing so, the boss achieves two things :-
1. he can keep an eye on what I do.
2.  to slow down any friction of all parties if anything screws up. You know the ladies usually will go on soft approach on things. So any tension can be slowed down. Especially if you dealing with confidentiality, you need to soften things up so that silence can be maintained.

Because when friction happens, people tends to raise voice when being defensive. The accumulation effect of voice raising creates tension and risk for noise. People able to hear what you doing, even though it supposed to be confidential.

As time goes by, and still being unable to land myself a girl, you started to think very slowly nowadays about women. Especially when you are as old as mine with a job as shitty as mine.

There were a few moments when that "opportunity" arises, someone who wants to know you better.

Then I thought about Why. Who. How come. All this thinking made it screwed up.

For most of the time I found out that those women who got "interested", was somehow broke off with someone else, not long before knowing me.

Then there are those who like being friends.

Being an a**hole, I like to push buttons and irritate people. To me, one good thing about it is, those who stick through will always stick to you no matter what.

Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.

With guys, it's easy. With women it's not.

Anyway, what happens recently was, there was someone, friend-relatives to my mother, whose daughter somehow expresses her wish to know me better. As per informed by my mother.

And my mother gives me her phone number. Up to this day, I do not know why my mom did this.
Surprisingly what happen was. during the get-to-know period, this girl was already thinking about marriage.

After 2 weeks of knowing, she was expressing her thoughts of getting married by 1-2 years after this.

And she did mentioned that her's sisters dowry was 10k.

When I info my mom, my mom had a great shock, she didn't expect it to be so fast.

"Well there must be something you guys had been talking to her or to her parents that made her thinking like that, was it?" , I asked my mom with a solemn tone at Sushi King.

My mother never answers my question up to this day.

I now know the girl for a month or so. She told me (and my mom told me this as well) that she is sending sms to my mom on daily basis.

Oh god.

There are two lesson to be learnt here.

Point No. 1 is, no matter what, women loves marriage more than they love the men.
Weddings, beauty, status of being married, the security, etc.

Point No 2., if a man intends to get married, especially if he don't look like Brad Pitt or have a jet-liner for transportation, pretend that you do not know Point No. 1. Just pretend and go along. Play dumb for godsake, keep your thoughts to your self and shut the hell up.

If you intend to get married.

Anyway, I'm writing this after finishing this "Romance of the Three Kingdom" 2010 series. 

This writing is a collection of thoughts on the character Sima Yi and her wife Jingshu. 

This is the episode that actually caused this "Women" writing. 

Focus on the character Sima Yi and Jingshu, and you will understand what I meant.

Three Kingdoms 2010
(Patiently follow the story and you will know what I mean)

(The End)

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