Sunday, 28 December 2014

Unite and Pray for our Countrymen

Dear all,

By now the news of another airplane of Malaysia, QZ8501 Air Asia which went missing earlier today is well known.

It's another shock after MH17 (crash in Ukraine) and MH370.

The flight, from Surabaya to Singapore was confirmed missing today. One Malaysian was in the missing person list. For info, AirAsia, a budget airline which owns 49% of AirAsia Indonesia, is based in Malaysia.

And right now in Malaysia, there's terrible flood engulfing some states in Malaysia, which Kelantan was hit the worst. Thousands were evacuated, where in one district, Kuala Krai, nearly 42000 people were evacuated.

Yup, politics in Malaysia is shit, but now is the time of grieve and lost for most Malaysian citizens.

I pray the best for my countrymen. I will off this blog for sometime out of respect for them.

Unite and Pray for our countrymen.