Monday, 7 September 2015


 PRV = Pressure Reducing Valve

Notice that for previous blog entries, I do not write much, I just shared with you what I see and read.

Today I will write long-winded.

Before I talk about PRV, let me talk about cut-in/cut-off features for Pumps, especially found in Fire Fighting Installation.

For an example, for a water pressurised system, then the pump will activate (cut-in) when the pressure drops to a certain extent, as per required setting.

The pump activates, and the pressure in the system increases.

When the pressure reaches certain extent (set by the engineers as per requirement), the pump stops (cut-off).

Even pumps cut-off when excessive pressure occurs.

But a man, when facing numerous pressure in life, we couldn't simply afford to "cut-off", call it quits, resign. etc, due to whatever commitments they have in their life.

For those who can, you are lucky.

I couldn't. And most people don't have that luxury.

For those working in the military and sports, they are familiar with the term "mental resilience".

Go and google it yourself.

For me, and most of the people working in the harsh construction industry,  there's a certain "Pressure Reducing" method, that most people in this business do, they realise it, but they do not talk about it.

The method is by saying "I don't know" when people give you problem and saying "I don't care" when people give you excuses.

Been there, done that. I've seen people doing it. I've seen engineers shutting off their phones when being screwed by contractors/clients, I've seen it in the industry. I even did it myself.

It's due to nature of the business, i.e. construction and engineering business are complicated in their own web of technicalities, budget, etc, but with forced time constraint.

And so people just do their job and just mind their own bloody business.

When a boat sinks, most passengers just think about saving their own self.

The same happens when a country is in a mess.

I was dumbfounded when I read this.

In the same time, I was listening to Islamic preach in Youtube.

In Facebook, there are "discussion-ers", those friends who likes to debate issues, and they were debating about Aylan Kurdi. Some sympathises, but there were some who had the idea that this Aylan Kurdi issue is being popularised too much.

No matter how many thousand words were debated,  Aylan Kurdi laid dead, and those Orang Asli lost their home.

No matter how many thousand preaches I heard.

When a society being so downfully corrupt and hopeless, I think it's best for me to lay low and turn on my PRV.

(I ask forgiveness for telling you guys about the pump shit, this engineering construction thing, this writing was done a in one take-no edit style..simplifying things now requires advanced editor writing skills which i do not possess, sorry guys)

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