Wednesday, 16 September 2015


I’m a Muslim living in Malaysia, but you people would not see me posting the Islamic Muslim stuff in this Tumblr / Blog. I would post metal rock, military and other interesting stuff, but not much about religion.

Do you want to know why?

Simply because in Malaysia, I see most Muslims in Malaysia being NATO (No Action Talk Only). Like the above video.

This evening, I went shopping at Tesco Kajang, I saw a Muslim family, the male  dressed in Arabic Islamic clothing, the female wearing Islamic clothing which do not shows their “aurat”, i.e. fully compliant with the Islamic teaching.

But they parked their car in a parking lot reserved for handicapped people.

Today, while Malaysia celebrates Malaysia day, two important news happened.

One is Anti Bersih Red Shirt Rally, with the above video a Muslim lady (religion deduced from her name) saying shit about other races living in Malaysia, (implicating people with pigs, really) and ending up her speech with “God is Great” in Arabic.

The other news was early this morning, Malaysian police found the body of a Deputy Public Persecutor, went missing previously, in an oil drum filled with cement.

So much for the image of a good Islamic country of Malaysia.

When I think about it, I wonder why Syrians refugee went to Europe but not to their own Arabic neighbours which shared a similar belief.

NATO. No Action Talk Only. That’s why.

Malaysian leaders say we’re an Islamic country, what good is the label if this shit happens?
All lengthy preaches, but still people behaving like idiots.

Nowadays, I just reserve my religious belief and opinion to myself, in my private life.

I just believe there’s no need for me to talk/preach lengthy verses, just enough for me to act decent and not like an idiot.

This is my personal opinion. If you hate it, then sorry. Ok I want to listen to the new Slayer record. Bye.

from album Repentless (released on Sept 11, 2015)
Voice is a weapon, bombs are away
Mind's a trigger, fire away
World's in a crossfire, of panic and fear
The war is upon us, I say it starts here

We will take control
Of this abortion called society
I despise the mediocrity
Inject the system with something new
A social terror to lead the few

Why call it the land of the free?
Political banter - If you ask me
Diffusing a problem, the question is how
With imminent conflict, the answer starts now

I can say
We're not the answer to the world's decay
Here to stay
We're just the ones who won't go away

We will take control
Of this disaster called society
I despise the mediocrity
So now I'm going to introduce
A social terror that's on the loose

[Lead: King]

I am the propaganda war machine
The face of fury and obscenity
So when society has gone astray
I'll be the one to pave the way
They'll never fuck with my reality
'Cause this right here to me is unity
When all is done we'll have always shown
A domination that was never known

We will take control
Of this abortion called society
I despise the mediocrity
We are the torch that lights the fuse
A social terror with nothing to lose