Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Entry 2 : Random Stuff in Life

A very funny packaging for rubbish plastic bag I found during shopping at Tesco Kajang.
Life must be depressing enough in Malaysia, for someone to have an idea to to put motivational quotes on rubbish bags.

 Kitten and mommy kitten at site

Kitten and mommy kitten at site

This cat family were found at 3rd Floor of the building. 

Recent photo taken at site (while not showing the site building, huhu)

Just taken from Bangi section Post Office, the delivered package of Buasirotak Komik Rev and Reloaded.

Factory Acceptance Test for Pumpset
Bought this for Fiancee's niece
Dinner at Kajang : Rice with mutton soup
Food shop :  near exit to SILK Highway
Its not a 24 hours food stall, its shown as a 22 hour food stall, maybe those 2 hours taken is to boil the soup...

 The delicious mutton soup

End result. And I eat alone.
Two bowls of mutton soup + two plates of rice + skyjuice = RM14.70

 Romantic dinner while waiting for Cinema, Section 14 PJ
Sometime during December 2015.

 Romantic dinner while waiting for Cinema, Section 14 PJ

 Somewhere in Kajang, near MIROS.
I took this photo for the video on next entry.