Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Entry 3 : Beware of Genius and Smart Alecks



 Empty cans rattles the most.

I made the same mistake too, once I was called "Smart Aleck" by a boss in a company.

I offered advice, when not asked. Sometimes I fought back what I think was not correct.

One thing for sure, I talked too much.

Do not do those foolish mistake.

Just keep quiet and try to solve problems in a quiet manner. I learned this while becoming this "Acting PM" at this current project.

There was a story found in "48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene, about Sir Christopher Wren.

"Sir Christopher Wren was England´s version of the Renaissance man. He had mastered the sciences of mathematics, astronomy, physics, and physiology. Yet during his extremely long career as England´s most celebrated architect he was often told by his patrons to make impractical changes in his designs. Never once did he argue or offend. He had other ways of proving his point.

In 1688 Wren designed a magnificent town hall for the city of Westminster. The mayor, however, is not satisfied; in fact he was nervous. He told Wren he was afraid the second floor was not secure, and that it could all come crashing down on his office on the first floor. 

He demanded that Wren add two stone columns for extra support. Wren, the consummate engineer, knew that these columns would serve no purpose, and that the mayor´s fears were baseless. But build them he did, and the mayor was grateful. 

It was only years later that workmen on a high scaffold saw that the columns stopped just short of the ceiling.

They were dummies. But both men got what they wanted: The major could relax, and Wren knew posterity would understand that his original design worked and the columns were unnecessary.

The power of demonstrating your idea is that you opponents do not get defensive, and are therefore more open to persuasion. Making them literally and physically feel your meaning is infinitely more powerful than argument.

The story is also found here :-

(Source :
The two dummy columns at Windsor Guildhall, just stopped short from the ceiling.
It's the same as what Perlis Mufti Dr. Asri once said,
"We could gauge someone's intelligent,  just as he opens his mouth"

Don't show it. keep your stupidity for future use :)