Saturday, 4 June 2016


There was no update on this Tumblr/blog for quite some time.

Reason being, if I wasn’t working on Sunday, I would bring my wife to cybercafe near our new house in Subang, and we would shoot each other in CounterStrike : Condition Zero for hours.

Its unfortunate she couldn’t play Defense Of The Ancient DOTA but that doesn’t matter much.

We would start shooting each other in the de_dust map for few rounds before playing in other maps.

With 32 bots accompanying us, of course.

One tip playing games with your wife is, don’t teach her all the tricks.

My cheeky wife likes to buy the heavy 5000 dollar machine gun, hence she will lose a lot of money on earlier rounds, resorting to AK47.

I never told her my weapon though. Never.

When we got tired, I would surf, she would play either The Sims or Need For Speed.

Then we would wrapped up our session with food splurge at Mamak Stall (it is basically a food stall, where you are served by Indian Muslims ie, Mamak) nearby.

Yes we have relocated from Kajang to Mutiara Subang U5 area. 

No photo of her playing because she slapped me hard, angry for trying to expose her photo.

She's playing Track Mania now as I write this.

Hate, hate your enemies
Save, save your friends
Find, find your place
Speak, speak the truth

Update 4/6/2016 10:00pm at Cybercafe with wife :-

Continue the session after break for prayer

She's watching Malaysian drama Mak Cun on Youtube

I'm watching this.

Dittohead - Slayer (Instrumental Cover)by Mithun Poonjari

Himouto! Umaru-Chan Ep. 10-11-12 English Sub. HD