Saturday, 4 June 2016

pravda vitezi

Photo of pressure test

Ok time to write something serious than the previous post.

This writing is inspired after I read few entries from here:-

I remember back during 2013, when I was "lost"

I quit the job. Ended a relationship with someone. Found serious shit with family life.

During those time, almost daily, I read Imam Ghazali "Ihya Ulumiddin".

And I read mathematics, particularly Godel Incompleteness Theorem.

I remember that time, I discussed with someone named about it
Read the comment section of this entry.

And I felt reading maths and religion, well in a way, relieves the tense and pressure.
In a way.

Just my take on why it does.

Because pravda vitezi = truth prevails

The photograph on the front cover is of Czechoslovakia's first president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

 As the principal founding father of Czechoslovakia, Masaryk was regarded in a way similar to the way George Washington is regarded in the United States. 

(Even to this day, Czechs alike regard him as a symbol of democracy.)

The liner notes for the album jacket depicts the funeral of an old man, with the words "pravda vítězí" (truth prevails) adorning the coffin. The statement is the motto of the Czech Republic


My leg is still in pain, but I continue to work on project site.

The project is in delay, pressure mounting, overbearing crisis, stupid sarcastic mouths, etc.

Recently boss removed 1 of the site staff. Discipline issue.

And throughout this 2-3 weeks, I had numerous argument with my boss, the Koreans, basically everybody.

I think just last Friday, when my boss was criticizing and angry at me over something, I just whatsapp personally to him, to just let me resign.

He screwed me back saying that he was just commenting.
 "Tegur saja tak boleh?"

Basically working life is shitty and full of pressure.

I didn't read religion things nowadays, as I felt really pissed off with the logic of religion during this shit hours

Well here I am getting screwed in life while those people are getting better life than mine.

And what I did was,

Since the pressure test that I'm doing is a 6 hours test (but with higher pressure than the one in picture),

I scheduled the time to start at 3 pm and ends at 10pm (other shit had to be done in the peak hours),

And during the time after 7pm - 10 pm

I waited alone to wait for the end readings,

and read about Archimedes.

This is the thing I actually read.

You can download it and print it.

I just go through slowly abou this book, I'm still in the early chapter, "Archimedes in relationship with his predecessor".

I just forget about worklife, those religion people who just noisily preach, all other shit things,

and just focus about understanding the maths.

Because maths, is all about a certain truth.

Only philosophers say 2 + 2 = 5, math does not twist and try to give excuses.

Only that

Truth is like maths.

Its tedious and have to be understood step by step.

Its hardship resembles life's hardship as well.

But in this world where people bullshits, reasons with excuses, talk sarcastically, screwing with unjustified reasons,

Truth is a relief.

Its a relief to know at least something in this life is truthful to you.

Its a relief to know pravda vitezi.

That's why Ihya Ulumiddin by Imam Ghazali is a success, although a lot of the haditths inside is not authentic.

If you read one, this Imam Ghazali handles religion like maths.

Step by step and logical.