Sunday, 3 July 2016

in silence or rapture

Think again before debating or pleading your case with people in Social Media.

Think again before saying others is stupid.

Excerpts from " The Art Of Thinking Clearly", page 201-202 by Rolf Dobelli.

“When people mistake unreliable introspection for genuine self-knowledge, the result can be an illusion of superiority over other people, for example when each person thinks they are less biased and less conformist than the rest of the group. 

Even when experimental subjects are provided with reports of other subjects’ introspections, in as detailed a form as possible, they still rate those other introspections as unreliable while treating their own as reliable”

The phrase "introspection illusion" was coined by Emily Pronin. Pronin describes the illusion as having four components:
  1. People give a strong weighting to introspective evidence when assessing themselves.
  2. They do not give such a strong weight when assessing others.
  3. People disregard their own behavior when assessing themselves (but not others).
  4. Own introspections are more highly weighted than others. It is not just that people lack access to each other's introspections: they regard only their own as reliable." 
Excerpts in italic are from Wikipedia