Sunday, 31 July 2016

Mahathir, Phone Bugging and Fresh Water Tanks

If you read between the lines,
and interpret very carefully the articles,

you would have realised that someone did bug the phone line of Tun M.

Examples of use

  • Someone should be clever and pretend, like what Sima Yi did, and deal with the bloody traitors that leaked the info. \

Someone should have checked the cybersecurity of infos going in and out.

And screen out personnels.

This RPK guy thinks he's very clever.
But then,
that's why becoming political tool (either pro government or pro opposition) will one day made you look stupid.

The blunder of RPK is that he talked too much.

Talking too much. And leaking out details.

I remembered one story regarding the World War 2, the battle of Midway.

The US at that time already broke the communication code of the Japanese Army.

And they were certain that the Japs are planning an offensive somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (this happens some time after Pearl Harbor).

The US knew the target was an island which was given the code "AF" by the Japanese.

US then analysed the map, and suspected that AF was the island Midway.

But they could not be certain.

So US concoct a clever plan.

They knew the Japs was also listening to their radio communication.

And so the US transmitted an info, mentioning that that Fresh Water Tanks are to be ordered as Midway had no natural water supply.

The US listened after transmitting it.

2 days later, US listened to a Japanese radio communication saying "AF has no water"

Then the US was certain.

They prepared and they won the Battle of Midway, as 4 Japanese carriers  sunk after air attack by the US.

The above story is at 22 minutes