Saturday, 14 October 2017

few lesson I learnt from 8th to 13th Oct 2017

Uberfall Hochkirch 
 Hyacinthe de La Pegna - 1760
Source : Wikipedia

There was this engineering project that I got involved for a couple of years, and somehow I resigned from that project almost a year ago.

Back then there was a new batch of staff coming in, and the new senior guy decided that I was not a competent person for the project. And so he told the main con, the client, the consultant, everybody, including myself on quite a daily basis, before he told my boss about the incompetence after I resigned.

I was pissed, but then, life has to go on, and since he's more experienced, and when the company already decided to play the dice on his part, you know you are somehow "not needed" and it's best that if you go gently and quietly so that the new team can move on progressively without hindrance.

In life, at my age, you don't linger on with sadness and melancholics. You just move on.

Adolph Menzel - 1856
Source : Wikipedia

When I was un-employed back then, I did few things and started some ventures.

There was this dearest friend back from my university days, somehow contacted me for a chat over a cup of tea.

When I told him, I was un-employed, (I didn't told him about the ventures, the business and CAD drafting works), suddenly he became a bit critical, and sometime after that, he went "invisible".

I knew he was online, because the things that he "likes" keep appearing on my FB timeline, but whatever I "hi!" or "hello", it turned into un-answered echoes.

Carl Rochling - 1900
Source : Wikipedia

Surprisingly, last week, I received a call from someone, from the previous project, for a chat over a cup of tea.

As I had bad experiences from previous chats over a cup of tea, I decided to cut straight into the points. No running around the bushes.

I just told him I was busy, and just state what he wants to know, and see if I can help.

He asked me "what is the actual pipe level installed at this bla bla area at this ___ level?"

I could just answered I don't know. That wouldn't be wrong, as I had resigned for almost a year from that project.

I asked him what pipe, and for which mechanical services. You don't simply ask a general question and expects people to give a direct correct answer. Or maybe he ask a general one first to see if I'm interested for the conversation or not,  whether it's worth buying cups of tea for this chat.

He then told me the pipe.

During the early phase of construction, mechanical installers usually installed this sleeves during the formwork phase.

Looking at this photo,

So sometimes this sleeves is installed, so that later these can be used either for the same size or smaller sizes pipe to run. And I kept the record of each, and I remembered it, simply because,

during the early phase of the project, when there weren't many staff and workers, I myself installed those sleeves, while the Bangladeshis formwork workers looked as they had to install additional rebars around the sleeves.

So I told that guy of the value to "what is the actual pipe level installed at this bla bla area at this ___ level?"

Somehow the conversation then got long and boring, and I do have my own things to tend with.

So along the line, I just told the best answer. "Sorry I don't know".

Not to criticize, but, in practice, a competent senior, should do a thorough paperwork and recording of documents. Otherwise, it will haunt everyone when problems arise later.

So taking these stories, plus the arrest of Zamihan and death of Kassim Ahmad,

Lesson 1 : Sardine tin-cans

We are all sardine tin-cans in a way. We have labels, or have labels forced upon us, but inside all of us are just all red.

People can just label you of they dislike you. And people got into shit after too much labelling others.

Based on the labelling, some sardine tin can got dented and thrown away.

We just live in the world of sardine tin can labels.

Lesson 2 : People from the past

People from the past, your dearest friends, schoolmates, university friends, colleagues, everybody changes.

Everybody changes with time.

The thing is, some of your dearest clumsy friends, might now hold senior important positions, or might have "jump over" the "social status". 

At the present moment, with their important present people, present aura, power, position, you can't help but maybe just became a pure embarrassment to them.

So, just let go.

 I have my own loved and important ones at the moment, treasure them. There's no need to cry melancholic shit over those who no longer treat you the same. 

In summary, you got your own life, they got theirs, so live it.

Lesson 3 : Silence might be the best mercy, given onto you.

Previously, when somebody died, people will just give respect.

Nowadays, it can't be helped, that when someone died, people might just be "cynical" about it.

And so, even dead ones, can't escape from shitty criticism and bad mouthing, or as Lesson 1 says, sardine tin can labelling.

Hence I think, if you're forgotten or not needed or heeded, when people doesn't care much, actually then there's no ill speak to you, and it might be that blissful mercy blessed upon you.

You don't have to feel ill over those ill words. Just find peace with your loved ones and God.

Poppy fields

Anyhow I go for an upbeat song, about people, life and labelling haha.
Just that sometimes people who resort to labelling are like the kinds of girls, sung in this song.

Street's like a jungle
So call the police
Following the herd
Down to Greece
On holiday
Love in the nineties
Is paranoid
On sunny beaches
Take your chances
Looking for

Chorus /:
Girls who are boys
Who like boys to be girls
Who do boys like they're girls
Who do girls like they're boys
Always should be someone you really love

Avoiding all work
Because there's none available
Like battery thinkers
Count your thoughts
On one-two-three-four-five fingers
Nothing is wasted
Only reproduced
You get nasty blisters
Du bist sehr schan
But we haven't been introduced