Sunday, 15 December 2013

a difference of mindset btw malays and chinese

both talk with profanity but with different mindset
But you will see, malays usually talks of comfort and religion, when chinese talk of money and progress.


I reached home at 12 in the morning as I came out from my site office around 10pm midnite.

Yes no life.

But I will try my best to persevere because in life, no pain, no gain

Sometime on my way back from Klang to my house in Kajang just now, I stopped for a while at a 7-E I used to stopped by, because I needed to withdraw some cash.

I had none in my wallet, and traveling with no money is dangerous. And ATM machine usually do not operate after 11pm.

A Malay guy working at the counter, who knew me as a regular, then started a conversation.

G for Guy
M for Me, myself.
60k = RM 60,000 or Ringgit Malaysia Sixty Thousand

G : Abang ni contractor ke? (Are you a contractor?)

M : Ha? Tak lah, saya macai je..kenapa?  (Emmm no, but I am employed by one, but why?)

G : Oh saya nak citer, kalau abang minat nak beli lesen. (Nothing, just that if you are interested in buying a licence..)

M : Ha? Lesen apa? (What licence?)

G : Lesen kontraktor kelas F. (Licence for Class F Contractors)

M: Ha? (What?)

G : Kalau abang nak, abang bleh apply kt member saya, abang cuma perlu bayar 60k je, nanti dia uruskan. (If you want, I will help you with the help of my friend, you only need to pay 60k, he will arrange the rest).

M : Hahaha aku macai je, mana ada duit banyak tu (Hahaha I am employed by others as I don't have that much money )

First thing, there's no such thing as buying a licence.

Licence, like your driving licence, is some qualification that you have to apply for in order for you to be given a permission to do something.

Now, I will use the analogy of a driving licence to help you understand, then I will explain my point.

You don't sell your driving licence to others. Unless, that guy who's buying your licence has to become you, the same fella in the picture in the driving licence.

Otherwise, if you buy your driving licence from someone who already possess a driving licence, you need to change the photo with your photo, but you can't really change the name inside the driving licence.

You can only fraud so much.

Nevertheless, replacing the name and  the picture in the licence is a fraud.

Ok, so how about the story behind the Class F Licence contractor?

Actually that guy, is trying to sell me a COMPANY which already possess a Class F Contractor licence for 60k.

With Class F licence, you can apply for government contracts, but under the name of the COMPANY that is registered under the licence.

And so, you think, who is in the right mind to sell you a profitable company for 60k?

1. The profit is too small that he had to sell it for 60k.


2. The company has too much loss that he needs to cover it by selling it with the price of 60k.

And so, if I'm stupid enough to pay the friend of 7-E  cashier, 60k, the best I can get is a company which is not profitable, or worse, had debts of much money which liability is now transferred to me.

Worse case scenario, I will get cheated.

Anyway, the 7-E guy is a Malay.

It pains me to think of Malays making quick money doing this kind of thing. Because they are Muslims, like me.

But then, Chinese also cheats, Malay also cheats.