Sunday, 8 December 2013

a disrespect towards Malaysian Islamic scholars

In Malaysia, two famous Malaysian Islamic scholars, Dr. Maza and Kedah Mufti once fought like kids over this wahabi syiah issue.

And now, slap your face, folks, and realise the wahabi syiah shit issue was nothing but science political.

Once, I've emailed to these Malaysian Islamic Scholars asking this question.

"In Malaysia, zakat income are in millions Ringgit, so, with regards to increasing house prices which many Muslims can't afford,  can this Zakat funds be turned to funds to build houses which are then rent/sale to Muslims?"

None of the Malaysian Islamic scholar answered this.

Then few months later, the Dr. Asri / Kedah Mufti issue comes out, with each other spunking each other like kids fighting over candy. One told another was deviant and that another reacts with "cursing oath". 

Seriously, it made me look upon Malaysian Islamic Scholars which such utter disrespect.

You shit upon issues of heaven and hell, but you cannot solve problems of the living, and even problem between your own kind.

How am I, a layman, are convinced of Malaysian Islamic Scholars when those guys behave like shit?


If we can't lower heaven, lets raise some hell!