Sunday, 30 November 2014

Profits in the name of God

I’m a Muslim residing in Malaysia, and I listen to Metal stuff, I don’t feel sinned about it, I felt these songs enlighten my world perspective.

Now read this article with a critical mind.

Wonder why Muslim countries all over the world involved in un-ending wars? Is it really religion? Why so much hate when their religion preach “peace”?

I once said, all this labelling, Wahabi, Syiah, Sunni, communist, liberals, are just simply rhetoric labels.

To me, it’s similar to labels in a sardine tin can. No matter what labels, it’s red-blood inside.

To understand why, you need to read the above article, and reflect on history.

I take one example, Gulf Wars between Iran and Iraq during the 80’s.

It’s the Western Allies that sold the chemicals to Saddam Hussein to wipe out the Kurdish, which happens to live bordering with Iran.

US supplied weapons to the Iraqi’s thru arm-dealer Sarkis Soghanalian.

But secretly, US also provides weapons to Iran by ‘black money’, in a scandal called Contra Affair.

The bloody reason why the Muslim countries fought in endless wars, is actually not really so much about Israel, religion, sectarian issuesm racism. Not really.

What happens is actually US & Russia profits from selling military arms to Muslim countries.

The profiteering of military trades.

Tell me what’s the best well known export of Russia? 

You cannot name me name of cars or economic materials, but you can name AK-47 gun, SCUD missile, the Migs and Sukhois.

All you need to do is to sell fear. Let them be afraid of each other.

Let them be insecure with Israel. Bomb small childrens in the name of collateral damage.

And fuel the rhetorics, the labelling in religion. Give funds to people who thinks killing innocent people is jihad.

Fuel the rhetorics, fuel the fire, and keep the military trade running and greased for profiteering.

If you’re Malaysian, you’ll understand why I’m so sick about the recent General Assembly of UMNO widely televised.

It’s because it’s all rhetorics. And what rhetoric usually does, is nothing but fear.

And Fear keep the economy growing. Keep you consuming more.

Usually, the easiest way to provoke fear is by using God’s name. If you’re not afraid of that, a bullet will.

Profiteering in the name of God.

Notes :

If you understand this, then know that if any one or any party threatens you, actually they are trying to sell you fear. For profits.

That’s why you see in most countries, the dominant political party will televised their General Assembly. Whether North Korea or Malaysia.

The conflict has been compared to World War I in terms of the tactics used........and extensive use of chemical weapons such as mustard gas by the Iraqi government against Iranian troops, civilians, and Iraqi Kurds. At the time of the conflict, the U.N. Security Council issued statements that "chemical weapons had been used in the war." U.N. statements never clarified that only Iraq was using chemical weapons, and according to retrospective authors "the international community remained silent as Iraq used weapons of mass destruction against Iranian[s] as well as Iraqi Kurds.