Saturday, 3 January 2015


4 dies in motor accidents

By Sylvia Looi - 2 January 2015 @ 6:43 PM
KUALA KANGSAR: A 33-year-old man died while two other people were injured following an accident at Lebuhraya Kuala Kangsar - Gerik here today.

In the 3.25pm incident at the junction of Sauk, Mudzaffar Azrin Mohd Jaffar died on the spot.
The Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said the incident involved a Perodua Myvi and a Proton Saga.
"The deceased was pinned to his seat," he said.
The identity of the two injured, who were sent to Kuala Kangsar Hospital for treatment, has not been confirmed.
In Sitiawan, three people died following an accident involving three vehicles here today.
In the 9.40am incident at Batu 9, Lekir here, the victims died on the spot.
A Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said the accident involved a trailer, lorry and a Perodua Viva.
"All the deceased were from the trailer," he said, adding that the driver of Viva suffered slight injuries.



Someone I personally knew passed away on a motorcar accident. A close friend. We’re in the same batch in KMM and UM.

We were close during our early years in UM, yet somehow we grew apart and distant during the years studying there. I knew I haven’t met him since 1-2 final years in UM.

Someone whom you shared your room and cigarettes with.

I knew about his incident on Facebook by friends.

As I engulf in sadness, I scroll down and read few “fun” Malaysian FB pages full of troll and sarcasm, Sukan Star TV, Kongsi Gelap Melayu, etc.

There, people are debating about donated clothes being wasted, thrown away during the recent Kelantan flood.

I realised and felt deeply, our short life is really too short to be spent on sarcasm and useless debate noises of any kind.

I unlike those pages. I deleted bookmarks on blogs,which I deemed as sarcastic.

Or blogs which have lots of debates. Gossips. Things that I personally termed as ‘chicken voices’.
Those who thought debates and sarcastic comments could change the world.  

I called those things ‘chicken voices’. From Paranoid Android from the great album OK Computer. Accumulative noises which poisons you with paranoia.

Life’s too short to be spent with sarcasm and negativity.

God, if there is any pahala and goodness doing this, give it to Mudzaffar Azrin, let there be peace for him there.

To those I knew,whether in real life or in social media, I wish you people to be well and good, and at this moment I really mean it.

May God to bless us all. Take good care of yourself, folks.


Found a very weak kitten in a bad condition near my site project at Damansara City on 30 Dec 2014. 

From experience taking care of Bubu, I guess kitten's age to be less than a month.

I made a rescue mission, transported the kitten in a box by motor cycle to Kajang.

Kitten is now recuperating at my house, it'll take 3 weeks to got rid of its wound and skin disease.

I forgot to ask the Vet dr of  whether the kitten is male or female.

The kitten, with a black and white combination, looks like a Panda.

So I named it Cokobi, after the delicious panda-bear biscuit that manga-anime character Shin Chan likes to eat.

Welcome to the family dik Cokobi!