Monday, 26 January 2015

Bad Religion - How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

This was released on the year I was born.

Album: How Could Hell Be Any Worse? 
[Released in 1982]

01 We're Only Gonna Die

02 Latch Key Kids

03 Part III

04 Faith in God

05 Fuck Armageddon... This is Hell!

06 Pity

07 In the Night

08 Damned to be Free

09 White Trash (2nd Generation)

10 American Dream

11 Eat Your Dog

12 The Voice of God is Government

13 Oligarchy

14 Doin' Time

We're Only Gonna Die

Early man walked away as modern man took control.

Their minds weren't all the same, to conquer was his big goal,

So he built his great empire and slaughtered his own kind,

Then he died a confused man, killed himself with his own mind.


We're only gonna die from our own arrogance. (x4)