Monday, 12 January 2015


(The Star) – The acts of hugging and kissing tudung-clad female fans by South Korean K-pop band B1A4 at a recent concert may be a ‘hidden agenda’ to tarnish Islam, claimed a PAS leader.

PAS information chief Datuk Mahfuz Omar said he feared that the girls may be used by certain quarters to discredit the religion.

“I fear that the organisers may create an atmosphere deliberately to degrade Islam. I fear that the girls may be paid to wear tudung to do immoral acts on stage,” he told reporters here, Monday.

He then went on to compare the probability of the controversy taken place was akin to the theory where Israeli intelligence Mossad was behind the Paris shootings.

That’s my country, folks.

Malay Male Muslims (3M) in my country, almost all, who had access to social media, give their outmost critic. Their outmost passion of hate.

All because one Korean guy hugged one Muslim girl in an event.

The thing goes on until I read in Facebook, some comments of comparing pe8is sizes between Malays and Koreans in Facebook.

The 3M’s felt ego-screwed and now using religion to give their outmost passion of hate.

Meanwhile, Korean corporate chaebols, Daewoo and Ssangyong are building tall buildings in Damansara City.

Daewoo E&C is now also building a tall building within the vicinity of KL Sentral.

While I watched Korean making their efforts building high towers, I also watched my people going all rage against “morality” issues.

I know what the girl did what “religiously” wrong. But that’s it. You ain’t getting even a miniscule of positivity bashing against issues. Furthermore going all effort to it. It all will end as chicken noises.

Because by the end of the year, we Malaysians, despite our “sizes” being bigger than the Koreans, had to look up to the tall towers they built in KL, while we forgotten to build ourselves.

(The writer works in the above Project with the Koreans by the way)

I fully agree with this guy's article.