Saturday, 21 February 2015


When I was a student in University Malaya, I noticed one simple thing.

The student leaders, whether they’re pro government or anti-government, will always promise to “enhance” the public transport in UM, i.e. the bus.

No matter what, it is an empty talk. 

The bus is owned by a public company, and if the students really want to change the condition, they had to pool up money to buy stocks of the transport company, then force the change to happen.

Empty words from empty people don’t change things. As an engineer, I hate talking about “what?”, I’m more interested about “how?”

When I graduated from UM, and went to Dubai, my family member got married to a “political activist”, or so that what he claims.

When I came back to Malaysia 4 years later, I found out he’s not working. His wife supported him. And his children. He spent his time during the days plotting, sloganeering, media social and everything. While his wife went to KTM every morning at 6am to work at KL from Kajang, he’s still dozing off.

To me, he’s an asshole, and one of the reasons why Malaysian politics couldn’t change for the better. 

No matter what, his words are mere empty talk. If one couldn’t bring positive change to his family, can you believe him to bring positive change to his nation?

During 2012-2015, there was a massive advertisement of Islamic products in social media. And there was a lot of people talking religion.

I usually take a look at their physical look. If the Islamic preacher is fat, his preaches will be unusually boring to the core that they had to resort to “singing”, i.e. reading the prayers in melodic verses.

If the Islamic preacher promotes modesty but he himself came to the mosque with a grand Mercedes car, his preaches will be unusually boring as well.

Therefore in life, I will always stay away from :-

1. young people who talks about grand things in life, which you know they could not attain it by themselves.

2. People who talk a lot but are not disciplined in their way of life.

3. People in the religious institutions who are rich and physically fat.

4. Those in the religious institutions who comments about science without understanding it. i.e. this fella.

Simply because you know their words are empty. And empty words is nothing but boring.