Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Green Tea served in a hot cup

The story above revolves around the murder of Chao Zhong, the youngest son of Cao Cao.

You have to follow the whole 43 minute of above episode before you can fully understand what I'm about to say below.

During my years working in consultant firm 2010-2012, I've had a few people who treat me with enmity.
In work. Or what you may call as "office politics".

Today at 2015, I've fully understand why.

Actually, you cannot show to the world you are a outspoken smart aleck like Chao Zhong.

Otherwise you will attract attention and attract people to despise you.

If you think you have capabilities, if you think you have determination, sometimes the best way is to play like Sima Yi.

Always be relaxed and not be provoked. 

If you ever had Chinese/ Japan dish, you will realise why people seldom stir the green tea.
Because it is usually served in a hot cup.
If you felt you are always being provoked, it is because most of the time people will benefit from your clumsiness.

Sometimes, you have to learn when to adresss conflict with inaction.

Or so the strategy, meet action with inaction.

There's a certain reason also why Cao Cao didn't do anything to Cao Pi.

It results in Cao Pi became the next emperor of Wu in the history of Three Kingdoms in China.

Being a team leader/acting PM now in my project, really taught me how to view things in terms of result.

Result oriented.

To find a strategy/tactic to ensure result is achieved.

Most of the time, it's best to support your team-member to rise rather than being the one leading everything.

And another point,

Anxiety is always defeating. The anxious one will always look guilty.
Therefore, be relaxed.

Be like a green tea served in a hot cup.


Napalm Death - How The Years Condemn

We are not invincible
Nor are we indestructible
There are choices - points of return
Will the path be easy?
Nothing is easy, but that's reality
For the sake of my loved ones
I will remain on this earth

It's the last chance to face the fears
I have always known 
Better that than
to fear the unknown
How the years condemned my
heart to a plague of madness
How the years condemn

I think back on a life of friendships
Now, more than ever I cherish them
Was it you that had my back,
my absent friend?
I have to take these challenges to head on
No more excuses or fragile promises
I hope now I finally understand,
my absent friend