Thursday, 5 February 2015

This Town Needs Guns - Animals

from Wikipedia :
Studio album by This Town Needs Guns
Released October 13, 2008 (UK)
Recorded The Lodge Studios, Northampton
Genre Math rock, progressive rock, indie rock
Length 43:35
Label Big Scary Monsters, Sargent House
Producer Max Read
This Town Needs Guns chronology
This Town Needs Guns (2008) Animals
Animals is the debut album by Oxford based math rock band This Town Needs Guns. It had its UK release on 13 October 2008, under BSM Records, and on 10 March 2009 in the US, via Sargent House Records. It was recorded over the periods of March through May on a four weekend basis due to financial and personal demands. It was all recorded at the Lodge Studios in Northampton[1]
Every song on the album continues the same theme of being named after different types of animals. During the writing and recording phase, the band named each song with temporary names in order to avoid calling them formal titles, such as "New Track 1", etc. So, they settled with names of animals as a fleeting substitute for the song names, hoping to change them before release. However, the band eventually couldn't decide on official names to replace them with, so the titles remained as they were.[2]
There has been a promotional video made for 'Panda', which was aired on the band's website and record label's YouTube page on the 3rd of September, 2008.[3] However, this isn't an official single.
The album has been listed on the UK iTunes, but the track listing is incorrect; the songs have been listed alphabetically.