Saturday, 20 June 2015

ramadan 2015 - lessons about being kicked

Serbian “Tiger” Paramilitary kicks a dead woman’s body in Bijeljina, Bosnia, 1992

First thing first, it's Ramadhan season, and so this blog might not be uploaded with new stuff for some time.
Malaysia is still as it is. No significant changes despite prayers or cries.

One simple thing I learnt during this Ramadhan is, oppression lives. 

If you are weak, people will kick you.

People, when in power and advantages, oppresses the weak. They can chose not to. 
But history and Real Life that you see out there will show you statistically man will choose to oppress.

Yes, people will preach me about paradise and the hereafter. You can preach about patience, perseverance of Ramadhan, etc.

But I’m talking about the present, right now

Religion is not an excuse to make you being kicked by others. Blame your poor misunderstanding.

Please. Get strong and do not get weak.
Being weak is allowing yourself to be kicked like shit.
Bomb Plot Of The Bombing Of Verona, 1944 [1700 × 1760]