Saturday, 6 June 2015


Note : Above photo is a recent accident in construction in Malaysia.


My parents named me Firdaus, which is an Arabic name for Paradise.

Teachers and adults raised me up telling me Malaysia was such a great country.

It is Paradise, they said.

Yeah it is warm and hot with occasional rainy days in between. Malaysia is a fertile land. There shouldn’t be any starving cases in Malaysia.

But there was. Baling in 1974. It wasn’t reported in mainstream media, for fear of “public security”.

It’s only when I started my job in construction business that made me felt, Paradise on this living earth, is nothing but a class struggle.

The workers, built screeded floors with finishes, only to find that these majestic floors will be walked upon by the other people who are economically better.

The workers, built brickwalls upon concrete slabs, creating space to be filled by other people who are well-better off.

And these workers, some died in their jobs. I’ve seen it, I’ve heard it, I’ve lived through it.

If we learned Heat Transfer in Physics, the greater the temperature difference (delta T), then the rate of heat transfer increases.

Can we imply and conclude that the greater the income difference, then the rate of migration of people to Malaysia increases as well?

If we intend to make Malaysia to have higher income by year 2020, then shouldn’t it cause the greater economic disparity between us?

Then I realised.

If Paradise to exist, then Hell is required, isn’t it?

What is the cost incurred to make Malaysia a Paradise then, and could you afford it?