Sunday, 7 February 2016

cheong hei writing before CNY

A. Personal stuff

Man proposes, God disposes

 I wanted to go to this bookshop. But I didn't. Instead I went to Amcorp Mall and bought these.
(below photos)

The reason of going to Amcorp Mall : I'm looking for Megadeth's latest album, Dystopia. From what I've heard online, it's an outstanding record.

A great album. Seriously.

Unfortunately, the record have not reached Malaysia yet at this time of writing. 
I think the record will reach Malaysia by March 2016, maybe earlier.

Man proposes, God disposes.

 Kajang town
 Kajang town
Kajang town

B. Two Things you shouldn't tell and comment specifically to anybody. 

B1. Your salary
B2. Your political affiliations

B1. Salary and Empathy

The concept of "those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind" applies here.

Those who are dear to you, shouldn't matter how much money you make in real life. If they do, then they are not dear to you.

And I lost a friend, whom I knew online (a blogger whom lived on northern region of Malaysia), due to this.

Actually I just had an opinion that she should just continues doing her professional work. But my stupid act of voicing out my opinion screws our relationship.

From then, I learnt to keep my mouth shut, especially on money issues.

No matter whatever I think, it's up to each people how to manage their affairs, i.e. you have to put your feet in their shoes to understand it, and since it's troublesome to understand that, let alone your own problems, just have empathy and shut your mouth off.

Man proposes, God disposes.

The benefit of that conflict was, I learnt to shut off my mouth, and have empathy.

As time passes by, this skill of shutting off your mouth enables me to undertake great responsibilities in my job, and it helped me on my romantic one as well, to the extent that I'm getting married this year.

I just shared you one stupid story that happened last Friday.

I just bought a Proton Waja car earlier this year, and somehow to execute the change of possession, you have to send the car for Government inspection, PUSPAKOM.

I applied for an inspection, unfortunately, the inspection was scheduled last Friday. At 3 pm.

And my office hold Chinese New Year lunch for the staff last Friday.

So, I had to go for the office lunch, greet my bosses, then after a short lunch, quickly made my exit to reach Bangi for the Puspakom inspection.

That means I had to skip Friday prayers. Yup.

And I planned to do a Jamak Zuhur prayer and combine it with the Asar prayer.

What happened was, when I made my exit, one of the Muslim staff, suddenly ask me to join them to go to Friday prayer.

When I apologises, he went on a sermon-mode, advising me that prayer is much more important than the whole world, with a loud voice that the whole office can hear it.

I just keep quiet.

What amazes me that, the group that wanted to go to the Friday prayer, instead of making a quick walk to the mosque nearby, they just went down and waited for the prayer calling, while puffing cigarrettes.

What came to my mind was, "Shit, you just now talk about sin of leaving obligation, but you yourself also commit sin", because most Islamic preachers condemns smoking to be unlawful.

I just went on. I didn't preach to them what I think.

I had no time. But even if I have time, I wouldn't preach. Because I knew, quitting smoking is hard, even though I did it.


Thanks to God, the Puspakom car inspection went well.

B2. Your political affiliations

First, we have to have empathy for the normal people., or so to understand this point.

In general, most people, whether natural, pro-Government or Anti-Government, are critical of Governments. Doesn't matter if the Government is perfect or not.

Simply because people want things to improve from the current condition.

But the problem is, politics is not about improving things. Politics is about gaining power to rule, and methods of execution for that particular purpose.
And in gaining power, there got to be losers and winners. It's a bloody war, whether you like it or not.

It's a conflict to gain power and influence.

And so, politics will impose people to belong to 3 side.

Either you are with me, or against me...or do not belong to anybody.

And so, it's Politics that imposes labelling.

If religious people resorts to labelling, know that that guy is playing politics.

Since Malaysia is still a country with a third world mentality, I think it is best not to belong to any labelling or sides.

If you have anything to say, try your best not to belong in any group, and do it with the intent to
improve from the current condition.

What Malaysians and other parts of the World that engulfs in conflicts, do not realise is, you do not have to belong to anyone or any group to improve the world.
Like what Hassan Al Banna said, if you want to see Islam in your reality, build Islam inside your life. Be a better person then the world will be better.

As what Michael Jackson sings, to improve your world starts with changing the man in the mirror, i.e. your self.


C. About Work

I learn one thing from this political issue I read this morning.

If you want to build a good relationship with your boss, do not ask questions or favours which you know will be difficult for your boss to approve.

I do not wish to judge right or wrong about the Kedah's political conflict. I'm more interested to learn things which I can pick out from the incident to make my life better.

Basically, what the Ahmad Bashah asks is something that the PM can easily approves. When the PM approves it, the PM can feel satisfied doing his obligations and so the move can enhanced their relationship. It shows that something is getting done, and the PM is one of the element of getting it done.

Whether it's right or wrong that is for you to think for yourself. I'm an engineer, I'm more interested in the technique, i.e. the way of executing things.

I realised that before this, most of my mistakes involves in causing my bosses in predicament without me realising it, i.e. to give favour/solutions which caused the boss to step in into the problem.

And that's why I stayed in junior positions for quite so long in my working experience. Even though I knew a lot of technical shit or so.

The current project, with me being the acting PM, taught me many things. One of it, is this lesson.

This cheong hei writing is not intended for preaching.

It is here for me to remember later. I hope this lessons can be remembered because it is important.

Whether you agree or not, that's not for me to decide.

The summary of these lessons is, Empathy works. Empathy works even in professional life.