Tuesday, 19 September 2017

nonchalant in a boat on a stormy sea

Note : The preposition in the topic is wrong.
            It should be "being non-chalant, on a boat at a stormy sea"
            But then I just leave it like that without edit.

Sukhoi Su-33 and Mig-29K on board the Admiral Kuznetsov in stormy seas
Photo source : FB page Aircraft of the Cold War

Just now I read this.

I followed these guys for years now, from their start in social media, writing and book publishing.

One small thing which I dislike about these guys is about the "menganjing" or "trolling", but then they always write interesting stuff.

And after years, they fought among themselves.

A writer I liked, publicly post in his FB about cannabis, butterscotch cookies, it pains my heart, simply because my childhood friends, and relatives are victims of drug abuse.

It is a bit like diabetes. During the early years, you joke about it, take lightly of the doctors advise.

Then suddenly, shit happens.

For drug abusers, usually something happened drastically, the same like diabetes patient.

A relative of mine had "psychosis", he heard voices.

The problem with us Malays is that we believe in spirits, "jinns", and spent time and effort focusing on that, forgetting that this is actually psychosis that stems from drug abuse.

What I meant by being "non-chalant on a boat at a stormy sea" is, the same feeling of a father, whom found out that his son had this drug abuse problem, but the problem is so severe, the police had come into the picture and took action,
which at that moment of time, the father can't do anything.

All he can do, is just to watch events happen, unfolding in front of his eyes.

The look on his face, is that "one thousand yard stare" type of look.

And truly, all he did, was just to stare non-chalantly in his sinking boat on a stormy sea, accepting whatever fate.

Looking at that writer, and the article by Pipiyapong there, made me feel the same way like that father of the drug abuser.