Monday, 18 September 2017

why I didn't bother to comment about the recent Tahfiz school fire case?

PT-91M Pendekar, photo source :

The answer to the question posted in this entry's topic is : bandwagon

Since I had worked in the fire fighting industry previously, I had friends who shared their opinions on the issue, and I learnt then to keep my mouth shut until the authorities finished their investigation.

By the time it occured, so much noise in the social media screwing the Tahfiz schools, pointing mismanagement, so much bla bla. Suddenly everybody is concerned. Suddenly everybody criticise. There's a newspaper which did a study and showed that more than 200 fire cases involving tahfiz schools, with the effect of indirectly implying poor safety. 

Everybody with their chicken noises. Bandwagon.

And somehow people started checking out fire extinguishers price. Some did buy. But some of them, after knowing the price, I realised that their intention was "hey the fire extinguishers are so damn cheap, why didn't the Tahfiz schools bla bla bla....".

I thought due to this Tahfiz case, the people will suddenly realise and had this awareness of fire safety.

But I was wrong. It was just in their lips. Nothing deep really. The tahfiz case, the fire safety are just something to talk about in their idle time.

When the investigation concluded that it was an arson case, those who criticise like a concerned fire safety activist, most of them didn't apologise but still talk, FB post, and tweets about fire safety in tahfiz schools.

Do they really care?

I think actually most people are just following the bandwagons. By few weeks people will just forget and return to the same old shit again. It is just hype and trendy.

To those who really thought of installing fire extinguishers at their home, here are some contacts of KL fire fighting equipment suppliers.

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Fire Fighter Industry Sdn. Bhd - 03 7962 9999

Just my opinion. Whenever you read the latest news about something, try to exercise some prudence. Try to keep your mouth shut and observe. You think it's clever to be critical.

But then, at the end of the day, you are just hyped by what you read or watch on TV. You are indirectly affected actually. Somehow, it will burn your emotion and you feel unhappy.

So relax, just don't get affected. Sometimes it is best to let few days went by and see what happens.

By this, hopefully you can discern the truth from the fictional reality created by the media and the society's "chicken noises".

Crisis feeds the lunacy
All fear the new machine
Consumed democracy returns a socialist regime

It's laid to rest without contest
All hail the new incompetence
Making you see what to believe
A drone in the world of anarchy

Treachery, mysery, violence, insanity
Scavengers closing in
Covering the truth again
Castrate society
Fictional reality

Insecurity afraid of things you cannot see
Words become the image of the enemy
You cannot dissect what is correct
Vengeance based on how things are said
Can't see your side - conflicts with mine
Frustrations lead to complete demise

Treachery, mysery, violence, insanity
Scavengers closing in
Covering the truth again
Every trial conspiracy
Compassion is the enemy
Paralyse, criticize
Breaking through the wall of lies

Suicidal hierarchy racing in reverse
Everything that's done today will be tomorrow's curse

Screams in my head preceed your death
Can't hold the rage when the truth is shed
Blind lead the blind line after line
In a world too shallow to defy

Treachery, mysery, violence, insanity
Scavengers closing in
Covering the truth again
Castrate society