Thursday, 16 November 2017


There was this controversy regarding certain hotel that discriminates tudung-wearer from holding certain jobs.

I don't want to discuss the issue though. I want to talk about the word "discrimination" and "discriminates".


Firstly, about this Ella - Penawar video clip, I have a certain understanding and view about it, which makes the feeling more tragic and melancholic.

There was someone I knew, quite an old person.

He was outspoken, and he was critical. But then he was too critical, and hurt his family, friends, or those near to him. 

He was being abusive with his mouth and words, whether he realise it, or not, or maybe he didn't give a damn because of certain proudness.

Like the Napalm Death's song "How The Years Condemn", the flow of time is something that people forgets, and truly, the years gone by condemns.

People starts disappearing from our life, whether by death or they chose something more important, or maybe started not giving a damn.

His life too.

Then one day, out of rage, this guy, divorced his wife. 

The kids were by then are teens in University and soon started their own career. What happened was, the kids lived together with their mom, while the guy, had to move out somewhere else.

He lives nearby our family then. 

He soon had problems with my bro, with his words, telling no-good stuff. He was critical. His eyes were sharp but his words sharper.

I was back and forth from Malaysia and outside, then when I was in Malaysia for good, sometimes I met him alone.

With me, I guess he respected me, so I was saved from his critical remarks.

By then, he was quite a fragile old man, who lived alone, renting room with Myanmar and Bangladesh guys, at some office shop building.

He had a heart attack, and my family (without my bro), tend to him and assisted him to hospital. He had few heart surgery before this.

One day, while chatting, he told me something over cups of tea, that for him seems non-chalant, but for me, that was the "oh shit" moment. He told me "critical".

I guess he felt he was being closed to me, and felt relaxed, and somehow he opened that dam of resentment overflowed to those who are near to him.

I never invited him to my wedding some years later.

I'm glad that nowadays, some of his kids do came from far to attend to him while he was sick. Or visited that old man during spare time. The guy even came to my mom's house recently asking advice from my mom about diabetes.

But I stayed away and quiet.


When I read this, I truly agree with it, but would like to made the view more broad.

People discriminates. You and me, we discriminates.

I even thought that discrimination is actually our ESS, in order to protect ourselves from getting hurt.

Whether you agree or not, I don't really want to preach you to change your mind.

The thing is, men, no matter how positive we like to tell about our self, we are actually quite limited.

Our time, effort, health, abilities, friends and folks, whatever we have or own, are limited and bounded within our confines.

So you have to choose the best and make the best with what you have.

With this limited resources, and with time gone by, sometimes we have to discriminate.

And with the increasing petrol prices, (well the crude oil price today is 55.4 USD per barrel at NASDAQ), and all the negative reviews and views in the Net,

I choose happy things to think about.

And I hope you too.

Wish you guys to be happy and healthy.
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Surprisingly, this song is similar to Mortal Kombat game theme song. It was released in the same period too. :3