Friday, 5 January 2018

Life is but postponement of defeats

Someone I knew is in a predicament, which I could not do much help.

I knew he wanted to vent out his frustration, but I kinda cut the conversation, and just told him my idea how to solve it, and not to think so much about being failures and those negative thoughts, because I don’t want him to turn up depressed.

When a few people, close and personal to me, died, passed away throughout my life,

after the prayers, the Fatihah, Yasin and tahlil.

I will pickup my acoustic guitar (gitar kapok) and play this Carcass - Polarised endlessly in repetition, to cope with the loss.

In this video, the minute 1:56 above is the beauty of this song. Actually I could not play that part as perfect as this fella, I improvised a bit to get the sound closest to it.

The feeling is what Chairil Ahmad said “Life is but postponement of defeats.”

.And after that, you got to rise and continue on with your life.

This too deals with the same theme of feeling "hollow".