Sunday, 3 November 2013


Anybody is replaceable.

You can read the Reader’s Digest article above.

Personally, I had the courage to quit my construction job outside Malaysia last December 2012, after reading that article.

I quit a personal relationship with someone few months after that.

It is because, nobody is bigger than you. Everyone is replacable. Your loved ones, your employer, your friends and even you.

That’s why sometimes, it is best to just do what you do and don;t give a flying **** about others.

There’s a recent article in Malay that I felt very personally, as below.

It told the story of Bai Fang Li, a rickshaw puller that donated his earning to a school so that the children will never be as illiterate as him.

There’s a recent article in Malay as well which I will relate to my gesichstpunkt (pointofview)
(Article in Malay language)

You see, Malaysia nowadays suffered economically, politically and emotionally because of too frequent changes in policy, just because new politicians got promoted and wanting to make their name in their new position.

We even had our Education Policy revoked 3-4 times within the timeframe, after Prime Minister Mahathir step down 10 years ago.

Every politicians that rises, will make its own policy to be applied.

1Malaysia, Islam Hadhari, Education policy, those policies are now mocked by people in the streets.
My point is, in life, just do your best and forget whether your deed is appreciated or remembered or whatever.

Wanting your good deeds to be appreciated, sometimes will make your effort shittier.

Just do it like Bai Fang Li.

If you are right, maybe you are already dead and might not enjoying it.

If you are wrong,then you will wish your deeds to be forgotten, your name’s not cursed.

Henceforth, my favourite Malay sentence “Buat apa yg Tuhan permudahkan untuk kau buat” = Just do what is made easy for you to carry out.

In the end, we are all replaceable.