Wednesday, 25 March 2015


PUTRAJAYA: Four construction workers were killed after the elevator they were in fell from a height of 13 floors at an apartment construction site in Precinct 15H.

Putrajaya OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Razak Abdul Majid told The Star the elevator fell after an apparent mechanical malfunction at about 10.45am.

“All three Indonesian workers, aged between 20 and 40, died on the spot from injuries to their head and body,” said Abdul Razak.

He added that the fourth person in the lift, a Bangladeshi national in his 20s had died at Hospital Putrajaya on Monday afternoon.

Incident happened last Monday. News like this broke my heart. I even thought of this when I was inside a passenger hoist in my construction site today.

I work in construction business. Sometimes in office, sometimes on site.

You know what.

Even if we construction people died in accidents, yes, our news will be on the media, but our names will never be mentioned, and we will soon be forgotten.

Currently I’m involved in a project building a Hotel in KL, Malaysia. I’m with the M&E team.

You know what.

Even if we completed this, I deeply knew I could not afford to stay in this building.

You just look at it. You will feel proud of your effoft, but deep down, only the young beautiful ones will enjoy the building.

You are just forgotten. Like those workers who died in the lift accident on Monday.