Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Great Slimming Tea

This morning, during breakfast, my junior engineer proposes a product to me.

“Abang Firdaus, you have diabetes right?, you see, this product good for you. Belalai Gajah slimming tea, this tea can reduce your blood pressure, bla bla bla (product preaching sermon)”.

My supervisor then interrupts, “Aiyah no need those kind of tea. I know one tea can help you, can reduce body weight effectively!”

“Wah, what is that?”, I asked anxiously.

The supervisor shows me a glass of crystal clear plain water.

“It’s called GST hahhahaha”, my supervisor answers happily.”

Malaysian government will implement 6% GST (Goods and Services Tax) on all products and services this April 1 2015. We Malaysians are hateful of it, hence the birth of the stupid joke above.

“Membangun Bersama GST”

Malaysians reading this can do thumbs up like the Footos video above, and join this Membangun Bersama GST shit.

Do not hang yourself after reading this stupid joke. Malaysian rope manufacturers already reduces the rope’s strength to compensate for GST. Hence the rope will snap easily.

Even if you are successful in your suicide attempt, your insurance company have to deduct 6% for GST before paying the insurance amount to your family.