Saturday, 30 May 2015

be honest

Understanding Chinese Business Behaviour: A study and interpretation of the Three Kingdoms novel

A lot of Chinese wisdom and philosophies were based on this Chinese novel : Romance of Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong , which describes in great length the Three Kingdoms era, when warlords fought for supremacy in China.

The Three Kingdoms period is the bloodiest period in Chinese history, even is considered the second bloodiest period in mankind after World War 2.

There’s the 2010 film version of the novel.

I personally recommend learning this Chinese philosophy.

Europe only grasp some of this war philosophy much later by Machivellian book The Prince.

Religion, riches, technology, political system is much better but still we shed bloods in battefield.

Result is important, words don’t matter.

And humans are born competitive. We should be, if we were to survive in nature.

I personally feel this kind of philosophy is more honest than religious and political preaches I read.

People preach and preach, but in the end, man in the higher echelons will use power, guns and suppression to make others obey. Let’s not deny it.